VIDEO RELEASE December 2, 2016 Restoring the Stars and Stripes to its rightful position Mandan, N.D. – This week, members of Morton County law enforcement near the Cannonball protest camps on trespassed US Army Corp of Engineers land observed a universal "sign of distress" in the form of the United States Flag being flown upside down near Turtle Hill. Officers – to include a military Veteran – retrieved the Stars and Stripes. THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE Title 4, Chapter 1 states the US Flag should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property. It would be quite the stretch to make an argument that any type of political purpose would constitute “dire distress.” Our flag represents the government of the United States and all of its policies. It also stands for our freedom of speech, our right to practice or even not to practice the religion of our choice, and it represents one united nation in all its glory and the American values. Most importantly it stands for the sacrifices made past, present and in the future to protect our freedoms. This flag has been restored to its rightful position. Images obtained via screenshot of the Morton County Sheriff's Department Video Obtained from web: Comments: Billy Merryman I agree with the veteran holding the upside down flag. Morton County Sheriff, I'm sorry, but I believe you are on the wrong side here and will likely go down in history as being those who supported the corporations over the people. AJ Bread Burn it Corey Walkin what should be burned is all the clothes those stinky hippies are wearing. i thought it was the lagoons here in west fargo but it turns out it was just a stiff breeze blowing in from their camp. good lord shower much? Marcia Anderson Corey Walkin so thats what i was smelling Kimi Gray Corey Walkin imagine what everyone will smell like with no clean water to bathe in Rob Clarksen Corey Walkin What you are probably smelling is all the BS spilling out of MCSD officers' mouths. Tasinasapa Thunder Hawk Marcia Anderson I'm pretty sure it was your upper lip Tarah Martin You guys seriously need new PR staff. Michelle Stella You kind of missed the distressed freedom of speech message there. But do carry on. This new video series is very entertaining and definitely landing on a lot of lawyers' desks. Jennifer Shafer Wood Please. You guys should be standing with the water protectors. Your drinking water is in danger too. We see you as you are! #NoDAPL Bobulus Smithers It should bother you as veterans and Law Enforcement officers spraying people with a water hose in freezing weather...but that's just my thought on it. Too bad the Geneva Conventions don't apply in America. Hollie Rowe Sterling 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙💙💙 Catherine Mize They are so disrespectful. GO HOME #backtheblue Tom Kruesel Did not work. Kimi Gray please stop with these vids... you are perpetrating division Pam Kingfisher It is a legitimate Distress Call. because of you violent oil police. Brandon Proctor These videos are just making people hate you idiots even more, it's quite fulfilling to witness honestly Jenn Maloney ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙 Del Thompson GoDapl! GoBlue! I like this sheriff, keep up the good work! Thanks for rescuing the symbol of this great nation! This veteran stands with the Morton County Sheriff's Department! GoBlue! Kevin Brady I swore I saw on news stations where you are going to let them die of starvation because you are blockading any food or supplies being sent to them. Melissa Neuharth #BackTheBlue #IStandWithMortonCounty 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯💯✔✔💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Peter Dutile MORTON COUNTY MONSTERS, CORPORATE PUPPETS FOR BIG BANK. Sandra Barnhouse The upside-down flag is a sign of distress. That's the measure of the Standing Rock people's protest. They are in deep distress. Why choose to read it as disrespect? That's the ex-marine's read on it. I"m sure there are veterans among the protestors who know what the upside-down flag represents. Jason Walter Stupid cops u will be judged for your crimes Carmen Carpenter Get off your self-righteous high horse! You people are the last ones to lecture anyone on what the Flag represents! And you want to refrain from using the word 'Freedom' in connection with you guys and what is going on. Hypocrites. Surely I don't need to tell you what you can do with your 'White Colonial Values', do I? LaVoy Todd Wakinyansapa Your the reason for the upside down flags protecting a oil company Peter Dutile “It is written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer.’ But you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’ Jesse R Yazzie Says the guy who bullies women Peter Dutile Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Chris Jourdain Custer flew that same flag as he went in to massacre the Sioux and it was flown over many other massacres of Native people in this country. Donna Rudland Hebert #BACKTHEBLUE Tammy J Schmitz It bothers you because a piece of fabric has been taunting you? STF up. You are treating a piece of fabric with more respect than you are treating actual living and breathing people. That is so messed up. Matt Heath Thank you for standing up to these out of state agitators and rioters! James BO Huckabay STAND your ground LEO's... we support you and what you are doing! RESPECT! Chris Bear The veterans will outnumber you 20 to 1 and they will show you how to protect and serve against all threats foreign and domestic! Nicole Valek (The only thing stopping you from going over there are the barricades and wires YOU put up between you and them. They keep asking you to come down and join them, "you are our brothers and sisters, we are one!". The only thing stopping you from going there and helping them is yourself...) Crystal Jackson Your very being is to protect and serve not bring your desperate egos into this situation or any other at your job get some cit training please Rick Kasson Oil Enforcement Brenna Faker I'm glad it bothers you so much. Kevin Imsland Can't wait till this cold weather blast hits next week I'm pray for-60s if people would open their eye and learn the truth it wouldn't be so bad. They won't win against the government history is going to have a repeat every soon Sarah Dominguez #OilEnforcement Nicolae Bookwyrm Holley #IStandWithMCSD Brenna Faker This is hilarious! Twila Benz Thank you officers for respecting our flag. Barbara Froehlich Great job. It will be interesting to watch when they are in trouble and call you for help Lynn Clarice #backtheblue Thank you for all that you do today and everyday Frank Walker Awesome, god bless our police officers, Amen Kimberly Lund Now that is respect! ✊ Travis Parker You guys should probably learn the first amendment.. Eugene Wilkie You have physically attacked Americans I would say that is just cause for showing distress. You will go down in history for atrocities committed against Americans. I am a veteran and am appalled that you have attacked so violently those we fought to protect. Syree K Syree Beautiful Horses!! <3 Portia Fieldstad Who are you people? It's amazing how completely out of touch you are Travis Parker Hypocrites Jesse R Yazzie I Jesse R Yazzie Smell Krista Vessell Morton County Sheriffs 2.0, now featuring "Know the Truth." 😂 Jesse R Yazzie Bull Matthew Sheldon Morris Why not protect the people? They mean no disrespect! They are clearly asking you to do what's right. They are clearly asking for your help! Michael KV If your getting terrorized by a terrorist group like Morton county sheriffs department then you are in distress . You should be ashamed of yourselves . You make all police officers look bad . Putting all other police officers at risk because of your actions . Nicole Valek Sooo, it bothers you that they are stating there is great immediate distress and you're the cause of it, you realize that, right? Honor the treaty that our constitution tells you to honor. If you love the constitution so much, why are you going against it? Kyle Gordon Won't be long for you guys. Niki Robinson A flag "bothers" you? What about spraying people with water, mace, bullets and grenades? What about beating people? What about putting people in dog kennels? Does any of this bother you to the same extent? Think about it. Jennifer Webb Just wow... the destruction to life and property you've shown is disgraceful. You are an embarrassment to this nation. Martinez Chris Get out of here with that.White people all around here flew theirs upside down when Barry was elected so get of the gas. Terry Dawn Wensman It's a International Distress Call, get educated Morton County you act like they're burning the flag. While thousands of Veterans are scheduled to arrive shortly I'm sure they will agree! Barbara Long THERE IS PLENTY OF VIDEOS AND EVIDENCE TO WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING THERE AND THIS COUNTRY IS IN DISTRESS Susan Laubsch-Robinson And you retrieved it at the same time you stole private property (canoes) and help in damaging said canoes! Your department has no business posting about values, sacrifice or freedom Matt Glazier I'll be sure to have mcso pay for a new flag, theft is against the law, law enforcement :) Doris Boepple As a retired Veteran of 38 years. I salute you!!! Walter Rus Meyers Another comical post from MC...... Ken D Sharp Awesome great job Morton County Sheriff's Turtle Abrahamson #fuckmortoncountysherriffs #MortonKKKountyCopsLie #standingwithstandingrock #NoDAPL Keoni Carvalho You know what's disrespectful you guys standing on turtle hill where there ancestors lay to rest. Roxy N Love Infinity #MORONcounryPIGdepartment just looking for any way possible to make them look disrespectful. Therese Crawfish Haha. A threat to our water supply isn't a threat to lives?? Forget the law. Where will it be when your family has no potable water? All officers should take this into account before working for this dept. As an officer do you really want innocent blood on your hands? Lee Thomas Great job Law Enforcement Larry Wise II Y'all gone think flag if you don't leave them native Americans alone..All us southern folks are watching and watin..They will b Rebel flags every where!! Turn in your badges God will forgive you!!! Nicole Daigneault They are flying the flag in distress because of you. If you want to help..go home. Also stop disrespecting our veterans. Morton County you are making yourselves look so bad. I pity you. Juli Oates You guys have been causing extreme threat to life for months. Sherri Stone M My veteran dad would roll over in his graves if he knew what these VETERANS are doing. Stay strong officers. Carol Poppe It's hard to deal with people that don't have a clue. Prayers to the law. Me'Lanie Barnhart Marquez Oh Morton county sheriff department STOP your Nonsense! Your making the please force look the bad in general!!!! Liz Bunya They ARE in distress of life and property and the only people playing "political" games is you corrupted racist hicks. Whom have been STEALING MURDERING and Raping Natives since your grand pappy's grand pappy. Vile Blood lust is in your veins. Allan Albrecht It also stands for the first amendment. Ever hear of it??? Mary Northrup Breen NoDAPL ✊🏻💦 Jennifer Cole How exactly are you upholding and defending your oath by assisting a private corporation in stealing land from Indigenous People? Jeffrey Kocher So you stole property? Isn't that against the law? Jamie Lynn Keep up the good work Sheriff!! #BACKTHEBLUE #VETSBACKTHEBLUE 5 Replies · 13 mins Karali Mae William Larson check out their airboat! Jamie Lynn Dear squatters. That is the symbol for SOS...that is what that is! You morons! That means you need help and need to be evacuated! No way any terms was that flag to be flow upside down for your political points or gain or agenda!! You disrespect the fl...See More Garrett Cournoyer Your trespassing on army corps land? Michelle Sotero This is very serious bias from a public agency. Morton County Sheriff's Department, it isn't even about you, but you are making it all about YOU! Try just doing your job of protecting and serving citizens before you all land in prison. Bettina Marie Hornsby Thatll make the thousands Vets arriving this week very happy im sure 😑 Neil J Chaske GOOD JOB #MORTONCOUNTYSHERIFFSDEPARTMENT AHO Dévi Olga Its because of you its flying upside down Jonathan C. White NOW LOOK AT YOU MAKING LITTLE VIDEOS PRETENDING YOUR INNOCENCE WE ALL SEEN THE VIDEOS! Pamela Frost Your new pr firm makes you look and sound.....Insincere. Acting classes perhaps? You cannot feed pearls know the rest. Carolyn O Halvorson Great Job Morton County Sheriff's Department we are so very proud of all the work you are doing and greatly appreciate everyone. Jeremy Bryant "Irony is the purest form of satire" Suzan Clark ... it's value fought is for the very people that placed it there. Chris Matta This is that guy with Mandan police chief that threaten them 2 girls at a restaurant with arrest Paul Belden Didn't you technically steal someone else's property? that flag belongs to someone, if I leave my property somewhere does that mean its no longer mine? If someone else is in possession of my property is it no longer mine? Renee Shawnda Thank you LEO! Velvet Jones-Krueger I think they are in extreme distress! Erik Blair Egads, the dreaded upside down flag horror! Is that really a big deal? Get over yourself Chris Matta Also the flags upside down is the way it's a sign of distress Sue Buerkley Hats off to all law enforcement protecting us Ena Morada Del Mar we citizens are not stupid, but this sheriff's department certainly is! Terri Franssen Corp property is public! And jurisdiction....hmm?! Kevan Fitzgerald Morton County law enforcement job well done. That flag should be respected. They disrespect it they disrespect every man & woman that died for that flag. Shawn Lanka "Taunted by that flag every single day" - seriously? Are you that fragile? Joan Roche There is only one truth. Oil and water do not mix. what will your families be drinking. Jose Antonio Rubido The right position at this time IS upside down Lindsay Pastore #VeteransAgainstDAPL stop protecting oil and start fighting for the people and our water! Zach Jackson God Bless you guys and what your doing. Thank you for your service, your restraint, and your protection. There are a lot of people out here praying for your safety. Alice Esquibel Well, what your doing doesn't sit well with most of us in Americans either, so get out your feelings and do right by the native Anericans. Angie Shinos "It would be quite the stretch to make an argument that any type of political purpose would constitute 'dire distress'." Weren't you and the rest of the goons just hollering about the threat to the safety of the people out there at camp, that they're going to die? That seems pretty distressful to me! You guys are full of 💩. Sabrina Newcomb There is extreme danger to life and property. Morton County Sheriffs department disgusts me! Mike-Cherie Jensen Thank you for your support and respect for our flag. To many have paid the ultimate price for that flag to be disrespected. Julie Ann Wilson Burton I stand with the blue. And I appreciate all that you do! Amy Thompson I'm very proud of that too! Thank you! There was no reason for this flag to be like that. Standing up for themselves.... nothing wrong with that at all. Everyone else can do it so can they. Everyone needs to stop being so petty! Steven Bassett You are protecting BIG OIL please don't lie and please stop hurting people. The American flag is meaningless. Ill burn one everyday until you stop. BURN THE AMERICAN FLAG IT IS ULGY. Tracy Hill He just said exactly why it's appropriate to fly her in a position of distress Heather Karlovich Your videos are once again more antagonizing evidence. Im still waiting for the video explaining why you are on & have established a base camp on Turtle Island. It is ACE land and a burial site. Why are you there illegally blocking the land & at the same time claiming to uphold the constitution? Anna Marie Kirkpatrick Thrives! God, what are you gonna steal next? Their right to good water? Jon Lathrop I can't think of a greater threat to life and property than at that camp... I Hope when they fire you and jail you, because that's ultimately where you're headed, you get the same treatment from other inmates that you have shown people who just want to protect the environment Michele Hernandez So interesting that he seems more concerned about the treatment of the flag then the human beings… Jennifer Fleming So youre sure you want to keep this video up???? ...... You just admitted to theft and trespassing, and all without cause or Warrant as well as jurisdiction? OK I'll see that it gets to the proper place. Tracy Hill Morton county is at it again!!!! Liars that lie anytime they open their mouths!!! I back the blue but NOT WHEN THEIR CRIMINAL Willy Horsefly Francis Yet you cannot honor your oath Debra Latour boo Greg Whalen Many Thanks to Morton County Law Enforcement William Ferguson This Deputy is talking like an idiot. They are not asking him to come and help. They are flying the flag because they believe America is in distress. Don't fall for this ridiculous explanation. They are working for the oil company. They want extra jobs for the next 10 years protecting the oil company. They are not protecting the people. They have been assaulting the people. Raia DeVine Many thanks, prayers and love to all Water Protectors... bravest mass of people I've ever seen, willing to tolerate the violent psychotic attacks from these treasonous cowards. <3 Shaylyn Cadorette Wow......protect the people from domestic, environmental enemies! UPHOLD YOUR OATHS! Get your priorities straightened out! #WaterIsLife Patti Mejorado You, Morton.are disgracing the flag by violating their constitutional rights Lisa Stewart The nation is in distress, the flag belongs upside down. Kyle Shores So you say the flag stands for free speech yet you infringe on someone's free speech by telling them how to fly a flag Aletta Waite Lol metaphorically your being is made by that flag but literally your being is made up of water. So you better protect and serve EVERYONE in this country and protect our land, because it is your children that will suffer. Me'Lanie Barnhart Marquez They flag was "treated with respect" umm tossing it in a boat isn't treating it with respect and admitting you are on the hill lol please keep this up!!! So they can get your ***es haha Gretchen Koehler Non-violent PROTECTORS. Respect them. PROTECT them. Collette Kelly Earley Morton County you are known as the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT! Josh Mounts Hell Yeah . Carry on Sir. Ashley Wynn Did i just witness the oil police steal a flag? Theft was aginst the law last time I checked.. Brenda Snodgrass Thank you for retrieving the flag! We support law enforcement!!! Aimee Williams Lehman I see right and I see wrong on both sides the protest... they fly the flag upside down as a distress signal ... they have the right to do that... I don't feel law enforcement had the right to take it Michele Hall Morton County Sheriff's Department - you know, that silly thing called the constitution gives the citizens of this county the right to hang a flag upside down. You want to live in North Korea? Then you should think about moving there. After witnessing the events unfold on Nov. 20th, I would say they're are justified in flying the flag in the distress position. Nicholas Boyer Thanks for taking care of that flag. #BackTheBlue 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Alex Kassian Very awesome officer, keep up the good work. Larry Correia You are in the pocket of big oil and should all be thrown in jail for you actions against protestors. Susan Feller So you get all emotional over a piece of fabric, but it does not bother you to hurt innocent people? You flaunt that you stole someone's property? That you wasted tax-payer resources on a personal vendetta? Good lord, man. You need help. Pattie George Kiemele Good job Delayne for getting the flag stay safe and warm Matt Grove So you are proud that you went and stole someone's flag. You are the reason that it was flying upside down to begin with, because you and your violations of the Constitution and Human Rights has caused dire distress. Bunch of thieves. Brenda Snodgrass Go Blue!!! Duncan Badine Oil poses risk to life and property. Treaty land does not belong to US ACE. Those in distress are free to claim so in America. MCSD is far out of line. Stand down. Suzan Clark "Most people are not aware of US flag code, and most people, when they see, like what many call a protest, and they see an inverted American flag, they see that as a desecration or as a disrespect to the American flag. I've only done that at specific t...See More Paul L Vasquez Your PR firm is not helping you come off as believable. The flag is upside down because Native people are under attack by goons wearing a badge. So obvious Mortan County Sheriff are agents for big oil, which humanity has figured out is poisoning the planet. Bev Breivik Thank you for your services. There is freedom but then there is respect. Our American flag should be respected regardless of your right to protest. Thank you all law enforcement for your efforts in this crazy protest. I do not understand all this disrespect in our country. Matthew Bruening Keep up the good work👍. The real people of this great nation stand behind you. Nicholas Franklin Intervening in freedom of speech again I see. Wish someone would spray water on you in the middle of the freezing night. Angel Sully Our nation is in distress if you haven't noticed. You are a huge part of the problem. Alex Kassian Sub zero next week!!! Looking forward to it myself. Mari-Ellen Cain FREEDOM OF SPEECH! DEAL WITH IT!!!! You have caused this Distress. You are disrespectful BULLIES paid for by the OIL industry! Kim Drury Sheriff, thank you and your Officers for efforts at retrieving the Flag. #NavyMom Dale Binde Thanks for rescue the flag!!!! Guy McBride Didn't i just watch Law Enforcement steal propety with out permission? Last i look that was theft and it all on Video Donna Perone I stand with Morton County Sheriff's Department. Patricia Palin Sewell Apparently, you have lost track of just who it is that your agency is "supposed to be" protecting and who is under distress. As a Veteran, I can tell you exactly why that flag is being flown upside down. Genevieve Gatch Aren't you the officer that threatened women in a restaurant after calling them over to your table?!? Bubba Fleenor You need to be arrested for stealing Arin Shawn Blaylock Yep thank you so much for proof you are thieves, I as a citizen of the U.S.A. want to press charges against the officer that stole the flag. Miki Jackson If you are desecrating our grave sites, hosing down water protectors in freezing temps and threatening water for millions of people, that is dire distress to land and life. ... just because you are a domestic enemy does not mean we aren't in danger or or lands Charles Howe How comforting that law enforcement is on the job. Bradley Fried Your gang of uniformed thugs drawing public salary and attacking citizens exercising their Constitutional guaranteed right of free speech at the behest of a corporation is a situation of dire distress. The display of the flag is entirely appropriate. We live in a Republic, not a police state. Leah Riddle You are harassing native Americans. You don't belong there. You just trespassed and committed theft. Scum. Rachel Kot Chief of police Gordon Ramsay has a fb page. He left the Duluth Police Department last year to lead Kansas city PD I believe. Go to all the old posts as examples of how he reached the community including the indigenous population to create healthy di...See More Santi Schaner Yeah. They look in distress. They are under siege from a hostile force bent on refusing them their right to assembly. Kevin Lewis Fougerousse Hypocrites / liars / bullies / thieves / criminal cops Coddy Battin Lol you are very proud that you are a thief? Seems to me that having pride in our flag would also mean respecting Native Americans right to choose if they are in distress and not telling them you are going to do them wrong and brag about it and they just have to accept it. I support good law enforcement but what you show yourselves doing is is being criminals, that I do not respect at all. Jeff Wyatt "I may not agree with your decisions and choices, but I will fight and die to protect your right to make them" Semper Fidelis Ty Thompson So should people and their rights. It's a piece of fabric. Symbols and fabrics don't hurt people but laws and people with clearly visible biases do. There are several articles that show veterans who go into law enforcement are more likely to overact and react due to their prior training and personal beliefs. So yeah kinda makes sense John W. Montclair I fought for that flag! As a 26 year veteran they can fly it any dam way they want! Charles Hamilton Outstanding! Judith Watson Thank you Morton County Sheriff!! Terri Jean Incredibly petty. They are in distress BECAUSE of you. And THAT bugs you boys for a week? ...See More Kevin Lewis Fougerousse You need to pay your new PR firm more money... these videos are just stupidity lol Jamie Mitchem It seems he cares more for the flag than the people who live under it. People have a right to live which requires clean water. Nadine Boomie Bones Meredith WOW Ryan RedCorn I honestly thought this was an internet parody video. But then it wasn't. Which is simultaneously funny and sad but then funny again. Terry Marie Varela Liars!! Christina Calvin Alivia Thorton A. Maurano Shane Chatfield Good luck with that argument :) Leah Snyder The upside down flag represents severe distress . Judy Kaskiw Mayo This country is an Oligarchy. Your Democracy is dead. You are working for big oil interest on the tax payer dime. Militarized police against peacful protectors is an abomination Karla Meikle Thank you not only for your service to our community but to our nation! Patrick Melville Thank you law enforcement we got your back Tori Blair Thank you! You are doing an amazing job! Barbara Lynn Gravatt He has to say something about the flag because the veterans are coming. Still proud of the veterans no matter what. They are standing up for what they believe in. Rick Bak Officer, you took an oath to defend citizens and the constitution from all enemies, foreign & domestic. These people are trying to defend lands protected by the Treaty of Ft. Laramie from enemies who are trying to despoil their sacred sites and water s...See More Tyler Adams This is what doublespeak looks like. Leksi Tanka It was there for that particular reason. Kari Reim Thank you for protecting the rights of the residents here, and for showing respect for the flag my brothers and grandfather fought for. Tom Vivier How bout the video of the young women you harassed and threatened with arrests if they didn't leave the restaurant because you didn't like the answers they gave you?? Brett Scott Mr. Sheriff. You say the word Respect in relation to a flag while a whole tribe of people and their land are being disrespected. A little concern for what really matters would help rite about now. Use your badge for the good of the people instead of just your ego. And thank you for your service. Native Americans are Americans too. Hence the name. Native Americans. Karen Lillis Bravo Trying to discredit our veterans is awful - you should be ashamed. If you're going to make these claims, back it up with something that proves it - not just a couple of your officers giving a "scripted" account and a shoddy video. Who are you people, and why are you so willing to let the corporations buy you out? You are not Americans, you are bought and paid for multi-national loyalists. Jazmín Aguilera When they write about this in history books as yet another atrocity of inflicted on indigenous peoples, I hope they use this video as evidence of how strong denial is. "Just doing my job" is not an excuse. You're shameful. Lucretia R. Banks Your trespassing on land that you have no rights to. You are not welcome here. There is nothing for you and you must leave. Your own ancestors will be watching you and you will have to stand before them one day. Barbara Lynn Gravatt But they can stand on a burial site! Where is the respect for that. Yvonne Jean Is this the real Martin County Sheriff's Department or the fake one? Because they all look like want to be actors that wanted a roll in like NYPD Blue or CSI or something but instead got stuck being mall cops in a low budget film that didn't even have ...See More Christa Duncan Phillips Thank you for your services. Barbara MorningStar Paul You are and you know it Barbara MorningStar Paul Lying James Moody There is already a pipeline through that area. They are running the other one next to it. Its all about how much money can they get on both sides. Cheri Williams What about Title 4 Chapter 1 sentence one do you not understand.... stolen lands citizens attacked by there own law enforcement with "non lethal weapons" ... obviously you do not "stand for the sacrifices made past,present and in the future to protect OUR freedoms"....this is a situation of dire distress Dave L Ezelle You guys are doing a very difficult task and doing a great job. Yes those who oppose will try to distort and twist the truth but stay diligent! Respect to each of you - Keep up the great job! Jason Dunlap We are one.... except all you "other" vets who don't agree with us.. Brothers can disagree and still be brothers. Mindy Stone about disconnect. our country IS in distress! Real patriots work for protecting clean water and human rights. You should be proud of human rights and not corporate greed! The language this Sheriff uses is absurd. So we have the right to...See More Eltina ThreeStars Did that other officer really pull out his rifle and stand guard as the other officer retrieved the flag??? Marissa Escobar #Mortoncountylawenforcementhypocrates you aren't protecting freedom. Matt Grove Video downloaded and saved. Nice work providing evidence of trespassing and theft. You even started out the video saying that they do not allow you there, it is their land and you trespassed, a willful, blatant violation of the law. Charity Kamla Who cares about the flag. Let's talk about the fact that your police are terrorist. Juan Ortiz Eventually, the ladder you have won't get you out of the hole you're digging yourselves into. Connor Roo Eigenmann THEY BLEW A WOMANS ARM OFF AND THEY THINK THE NATION ISNT IN DISTRESS? THESE COPS ARE SOME OF THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE IVE EVER MET Kelly Ivo Ramussen Restore your Oath! CHAPTER 109-02-05 PEACE OFFICER CODE OF CONDUCT AND OATH e. To willfully lie, provide false testimony, provide misleading information, or falsify written or verbal communications in reports when the information may be relied upon b...See More Joel David America is being raped by oil corporations. Dire distress would be an understatement! Charles Richards That flag you hold so dearly to your little if you even have a heart. That flag got captured when Custer and 7 th Calvary went down. The native american peoples fought for freedom which we shouldn't have to but we took that flag as ours long ago Jeremy Simmons #oathbreakers Sherry Marmon 💦💦💦❤❤💦❤👮🌏🌏stand with us 🌎❤️ Frank Ponciano bothers me how you're spraying people with water in sub-zero temps Olowaan Plain So you are proud that you trespassed on native land and and stole something that belongs to Native people!! Joe Hastings Stephanie Jerome Jennifer Kellogg You guys "Stole" their flag after having first defiled what that flag stands for? Grow up children. Elizabeth Baga He needs to reread what he posted"should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life and property " Isn't that's what is happening 😂 Lou Tee Veterans who served this country are natives, native vets well defend there people the water the land Kelly Hannah Sheriff, we are in distress. Take a step back, please. Open your heart, open your mind. The water protectors are not our enemy. They need your support and service to uphold the constitution so we can move forward into a bright future. Danatello Williams United States of Keystone Sheri Paulson From a proud Veterans daughter Thank you!! Continued prayers for peace and resolution for ALL citizens in ND.🙏🇺🇸🙏 Lizzy Burton Good job following a flag as the embodiment of who you are, rather than the Earth which you come from!!! #WATERISLIFE Julie Kabuli Maybe you should reread the Constitution and speak your swearing in speech again then... Adelbert Johnson Cool story bro Ben Stelio Kontos Allen Thank you very much! We all have family that fought for their lives to keep that flag upright and standing. Ashley Williams Danger of life or property. Well....... Jeremy Curley it's disturbing and bothering me of how Morton County is treating unarmed human beings. We all see that you're protecting the Big Oil company. So stop lying Morton County!!!! I'll be up soon Mandy Lynn Taunted??? Stop shooting unarmed Water Protectors!!!! How bout that?!?!!! Arthur Redcloud They are the ones causing it all Roger Johnson God Bless our law enforcement and are Vets. Austin EndofHorn So they snuck into camp for one flag stole it then made this sob story. Okay so who's agitating who then. Liars cute story tho Frank Brunner Kelly Kellish Meredith Amonson You all are physically harming unarmed individuals. You are attacking peace. You are sending people to the hospital. That is dire distress. Frank Brunner Karen Lynn Svensson Andresen Val Villarreal Cowards. Frank Brunner Kelley Tock Ty Dix RESPECT THE FLAG. Amazing rescue of a flag that was being disrespected. Thank you from a US ARMY VETREAN! Toma Villa Now they are playing capture the flag Joel David If you watch the video the guy takes the flag down and throws it into the boat. How is that showing proper respect?? Isn't it supposed to be removed from its stand and folded before being set down anywhere?? Hypocrites. Vanessa Trujillo My family who are Veterans think everything you do and say is despicable. They didn't fight for this country for you to step all over our First Americans. You have disrespected sacred sites of those indigenous people and you want to cry over a flag. E...See More Josh Barrera If you wanna be honest, why should Natives hold that flag in high regard, when that flag was raised so many times after the US Calvary massacred so many Natives, that flag doesn't mean the same to your people as it does my people. Margret D Kier Will pray for mcpd, mandan, Bismarck haters Jerylin Mae Everything YOU DO.......Bothers Us...... Alexandra Belacqua Smh Pamela Tharp They ARE IN DISTRESS....because of you MORTON COUNTY RENT A COPS!!!!! YOU HAVE THREATENED THEIR LIVES AND PROPERTY!!!! Kellie Trouten Koester If my Dad where alive we would be there. You don't mess with Native Americans. Maaike Hurst Ericson, did you see this? Jenny Lee Ortiz You're talking about disrespect when you yourself continuously, cowardly, disrespect basic human rights for dignity. Bullies. Victoria Regnier They do see it as dire distress to property! It bothers you? Too bad! Welcome to America, your feelings don't supercede their rights. And yes, they CAN even if you don't think they "should". Are you a protection and peace keeping agency or a POLITICAL agency, sir???? JayRock Kingbird You ain't defending the flag... you're defending that pipeline. Get it straight. Jamie Schwartz Good job guys!!! Victoria Regnier You should stay within YOUR limits! Donny Miller If you were protecting their rights you wouldn't violate them. Margret D Kier Its bothering you because people know the truth and your getn caught on LIE AFTER LIE Larissa Crystal Brandom Y'all are making a fool of yourself. Larissa Crystal Brandom #waterislife Ernest Michael Pablo More Native Americans per capita volunteered for all American wars. Fighting for the rights you currently trample on. It's a codified sign of distress, not disrespect. John Parnell It's appropriate upside-down until you stand down. How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history? Vishy Alfy Someone throw a snowball at him. Jason Asenap Give me a break. Misplaced priorities. Evan Sheronas Respect the cloth....disrespect the people Osun Wanica You are the distress, don't you get it? They are asking for help because Morton County are the attackers. Tanner Nuzum You have got to be the dumbest most ignorant police department in this country. The flag is upside down because the land and people ARE at great risk from this pipeline hence why they are trying to protect the land. IT has nothing to do with politics. Michael Reel Just another example of the stupidity with Morton County... Just a further sign of their arrogance and thought process to include the fact that they don't feel what they're doing is wrong in any way... Still violating the rights to freedom of speech and expression... Jacqueline Hamer You haven't been watching the live video......sure as hell looks like distress to know, all those HUMAN RIGHTS violations. But hey, what's more obstruction of freedom of speech? Brett Evan Poop. The cops are a threat to life and property.and corp of engineers land belongs to us! The people. Osun Wanica The oath you took? Shameful Judie Wiltse Stand with the blue. Thank you sir. Sarah SE Desperate are you? 😂😂 Lynwood Campbell Jr. That flag means they are in distress that is correct. Distress in the likelyhood that the environment will be destroyed. And your protecting those corporations that are destroying it. Why!? We are protecting the environment from you. You pose a threat. Destruction to the environment; its not just suicidal, its an attempt to murder. Jack Newton Joel Olmeda Are you keep trying to pretend being the good guys of the story? This does not change the fact of what you have done. Pouring water to people in frigid temperatures. And you are concern about a FLAG? Give me a break. David Silver Extreme danger to life = blowing off someone's arm with a grenade. Extreme danger to property = this illegal construction. Get used to seeing the flag appropriately displayed as a distress signal until this pipeline fails, which is guaranteed. You're on the wrong ethical side of this issue. Jack Newton I WITNESS INJUSTICE AT STANDING ROCK Victoria Regnier Make sure you treat that peice of painted cloth with more respect, rescue it and worship it, better than you do the people or the land. Look up the word "idolatry". Jeffery Morrison-Gill That is not a sign of disrespect... It is a sign of distress because they are under siege by state and local government in violation of a federal treaty and UN protection of indigenous people and lands! Gin Herring So proud of our law enforcement! Carmel Yeater He's a coward that knows Nothing of Flag Code. Loretta Lazore Why do they think thier some type of local hero....😂😂😂😂 Joseph Butler Your an idiot Karen Scott Your not military! They aren't calling for your help fool! Victoria Regnier That kind of idolatry is a symptom of nationalism. Loretta Lazore Officers protecting Corporations "NOT CITIZENS" MaryAnn Armbrust Love this story. Love our troops. Jack Newton Anyone that supports the OIL cops at standing rock are fools I saw what they did to us on November 20th those are not Police Officers Those are CORPORATE OIL cops Bob Knull How about restoring the constitution to its rightful position. These folks are in distress because you are brutally violating their constitutional rights on their own land. Victoria Regnier It's supposed to be a SYMBOL of protecting the land and the people, idiots! Dave L Ezelle These officers do an outstanding job and those who follow the Law respect you for how hard it is right now. Keep up the great job!! Paul F Polson You support the corporations who backs the pipeline. If you don't you wouldn't be there. Josh Romo I have a feeling this page is satire nobody can really be this dumb? Bob Knull Stop destroying our first amendment freedoms . you are obviously bought and paid for by big oil. TJ Plume Lol "we respect our flag, we honor our flag" *rolls flag up around a stick and throws it in the boat 😂😂😂 OKKKAY MARINE Raymond Thompson LOL thief !! you stole some other vets flag you go be proud ... Debra Bear Robe SO I SEE "LORD BUSINESS" HAS THE "KRAGLE" River Jackson it's ok for you to go over & steal their property, but wrong for them to want you off their legal treaty land? Humm...and you wonder why they fly the international symbol of distress? Calvin Harjo Just because you can hurt people doesnt mean you can Dave Cle There all having fun, there playing cops and indians Krashel Burchette Playing capture the flag? Tax dollars hard at work. MERICA! Tabby Asman What is on turtle island that they feel they need to protecting it? From what I can see it does not have the pipeline construction going on. This is a real question. Could someone clear that up forme Ray TA If you believe this, the education system has really failed you. Avery Thompson And you can add thief to your resume. Suzanne Adams Distress comes on all shapes and forms....YOU are bound by the Ft. Laramie Treaty. The Standing Rock Sioux are in DISTRESS if you can't see that you may want to OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR HEARTS to the concerns of THE FIRST PEOPLE Dustin Shaffer You guys are goons for big oil. Injuring innocent for profit. You're the worst. April James You can protect the flag, but not our land!! I have family an friends who fought an served, some came home an some didn't. Sorry my concerns are more towards the water an land. Loesje Vervloet Cowards...Just protecting Kelcey Warren's oil profits! Noelle Witcher You're bothered?! What ignorance. This is all so crazy. Stevi Rai Red Bird As ifffffff lmao ....too much call of duty . Morton County I really don't believe anything you say or have to say. Your just wrong so just stay over there in your wrongness lol.. police are suppose to protect the people not big oil ! Leo Andrew You are so ignorant...Native Americans serve at a higher rate in the military, per capita, than any other race. You can have that flag, we still have the 7th Calvary one hanging that sucker upside down and prolly got Property of the Lakota Oyate on it haha!! Susie Centeno-Cannon You STOLE a flag that is not yours? You let it touch the ground then tossed it in the boat? Whoa. Max Scotto These civilians are also veterans! They serve this country and you police officers are hurting and maiming them because they want to protect all of our drinking water! They are calling out to their fellow brothers and sisters to stand up against your Tyranny! The original definition of Tyranny is government by force, which is what you are doing! Chris Matta It bothers you because you know that what you are doing is wrong Lynn Clarice #blessthebadge #backtheblue Henry Medawis IV There has been an upside down flag flown from the beginning in camp. Flying in a state of distress the Morton County Sheriff's department are the instigating cause of the distress. From your past actions on water protectors tell me why would they want your help? Sam Sutter Like Morton County wasn't allowing people on their side to take pictures by the barricade like it was something to be proud of. Regina Snoderly Fielder I should think blocking food and supplies would constitute distress, but I'm no think tank like the Morton County Sheriff's Dept Love M. Denise He talks about respect but yep he's up standing on their ancestors cemetery. Yeah that's says how much he respects America! Max Scotto You are literally giving credence to the "Blue Lives Don't Matter" feeling going across this country! When you stand against the people, you become an object of disdain and resentment! And at this time, we the public would literally have nothing but pleasure from any personal misery that Karma would happen to dish out to all of you tyrannical abusers! John Henry Ellis One person opinion, here's another: Perhaps a lesson in constitutional law was missed at the academy. Please pay particular attention to the First Amendment to the US Constitution and refer to US Supreme Court decisions in it interpretation regarding...See More Douglas Oppelt Well, sheriff, even I know about what it means to fly the flag in that position.. you're making yourself look stupid if YOU don't know... Dean Ritter The distress is poison water, law enforcement is just not smart enough to see the risk of polluting the water for future generations. They just get to excited about cracking a head with a stick. Mike Arpan Someone shut this stupid cop up Sarah SE Everyone needs to report these posts as offensive and defamatory. Penny Wolfe Oh bother I am sure your presence is bothering the protectors. Lori Ann Mansfield just admitted to taking someone else's property!? Not to mention how your tactics have changed since the law suit. Trying to make your selves look good....the damage has already been done. Water is life!!!!!!! Sandy Bones Ok Joe Mathewson Sounds like he needs a safe space and a professional hugger to sooth him. Stand up for the flag then you cowards at MCSO. You don't work for the oil companies and they won't pay you to be there. We the tax payers pay for you and have put in our request for you to leave and force the pipeline workers to leave. Matt O. Pekah Actually it is a historical document called the constitution that gives them that right not a flag. Veronica Twofeathers Your bothered by your own guilty violent behavior! Those protectors are in distress because of you! Yvonne Wadinski Is that really all you've got! WTF! You didn't like it! It bothered you! It bothers me that you keep being overly aggressive with American citizens! Debbie Sherr The land...It IS distressed! The people...they ARE distressed! This is no political statement. Where have you guys been hiding??? Mary Brown Put down your weapons and find out about the distress. Your weapons and us against then won't solve anything. Jennie-Mae Nisbet While you stood on their burial grounds! Chuck Shaw I thought police officers were suppose to be apolitical while on the clock. This is scary. Shane Page Nice to see someone showing pride in their country for a change. It would be nice if other people understood that your right to voice your opinion is provided by the country of that flag and the constitution. If you are truly a veteran these kinds of...See More Doris Scia The Flag does NOT represent the Government, It represents the PEOPLE of America and our Soldiers who served and fought for our Freedom... Barbara Anne Kirkman Yes, you are so proud of treat no one with respect, you are standing on our ancestors graves, stomping on them, driving your vehicles over them, you speak with a forked know nothing about honor. GO HOME and look in your mirror...look into your eyes and into your hearts...And then ask yourself, if you are a honorable man, truthfully. Tamara Hinckley Ummm, 1) When you took the flag down it touched the ground. 2) The proper way to transport a flag is NOT to roll it up in a pole and toss it in your boat. 3) Distress is relative to the person or people flying the flag upside down - not your perception...See More Tim Vine Sara Charlie Wiegand Tasha Nicolle Not allowing food and supplies to be taken in absolutely constitutes as distress!! They have every right to be flying it that way!! TracyEllen Carson Webb Why does the video look like it skipped or something from an old movie that was edited badly. Maybe because it was? But I must say you read cue cards very well. Noah Sugarman Just because we can is the whole reason we should! Freedom of speech includes symbolism. This country is in distress and you all would know that if you stopped and looked around. Arin Shawn Blaylock Seems to me he just admitted to theft Treyc Fowler People like this guy, have the mind of a peanut. They can't see beyond them selves..... Or they sold their soul to the government store and now can't speak the truth. Katrina Farnes You idiots just keep digging yourselves deeper and deeper.. the really sad part is you are so blind you cannot even see it. I am truly sorry for your handicap and hope you get better someday. Doris Scia The Flag does NOT represent the Government, It represents the PEOPLE of America and our Soldiers who served and fought for our Freedom... Joshua Mangold Great job! Keith Light "It also stands for our freedom of speech". Robin Sparrow Ivy Wow, ballsy, North Dakota, since I've been pushed down twice and maced by your finest. No distress? Travis Murphy North Dakota State Statue for abandoned property for all you uneducated self entitled people 👏 47-30.1-02. Property presumed abandoned - General rule Judie Wiltse California nut cases haven't a clue what's going on. The elders have asked them to leave they refuse a bunch of criminals Merry Leigh Wow! your such a hero! Your service to that flag, while you support the polluting of the land it represents. David Aramora So you're proud that you treat a piece of material better than you do human beings? Americans pay taxes for you to protect and serve actual human beings. No law was being broken. Part of your job is to check your personal feelings at the door. Time to put on your big boy pants. Lissa Merritt Can you please explain how this is not a state of distress when y'all are blowing peoples arms off and trying to give them hypothermia?! Hollie Jenkins I love how he makes the assumption that they don't know the meaning or that they mean something different than they're in a state of distress! They do know the meaning and there are also many, many veterans that are Standing as Protectors! You think ...See More Traci Ball I agree Chris Cherie Patterson STAND DOWN Officers. Rachel Brevik Shooting water protectors and helping a greedy corporation rape and pollute the Earth IS "extreme danger to life or property". Brittney Jo Seems like Morton County Sheriff's Department values the flag like NoDAPL folks value water... get real people :( Al Fredo Silva Ayala capture the Flag wow CTF Dawn Marie Clark You sir, are being hypocritical. They are flying the flag upside down because we are a nation in distress. And Standing Rock shows that clearly. You do not seem to understand what is going on. And your participation in the tactics of the Sheriff Department etc. clearly show that. Jeff Hahnen Hmmm ... Stealing millions of acres, destroying sacred burial sites and injuring hundreds of water protectors .. Hospitalizing many of them ... I'd say it is warranted bub Moises Plentywounds If it means so much then ...then respect the treaties witch are protected by the constitution! Scott Johnson Morton County answered your own question in what you posted "danger to life or "property" I would submit to you the Sioux's property an water is in extreme danger.. Moises Plentywounds You're on stolen property! Anne Hedburg So you are saying you stole someone else's property, and filmed it. I hope someone presses charges. Łii Łitsoi Yazhi Native Intimidation tactics spreads fear and may cause harm to the ignorant, racist, bigots of Morton County. It is cruel, disrepectful and unusual punsihment. Using prayers, feather bombs, molitof prayer bags, and casting blessing of love on your brigade JUSTIFIES a state of emergency in north dakota!! Cindy Conwell You can justify all you want if it helps you sleep at night! Sally Belk IT MEANS "DISTRESS, COME HELP US" . You said it yourself, Sheriff. Stick to the truth, please. You are a pawn. This is not a sign of hate. Thank you. Mike Sizer #backtheblue Caleb Comito Dude who's gives a duck you flipped a piece of cloth around Terry Knepp What part of "Freedom Of Speech" does the N.D. police and their Governor not understand while violating citizens rights to do so? Daniel Mitchell America can continues to treat Native Americans with abhorrent display of fascism. For example The Dakota access pipeline...See More Stella Azul Mestre Wow...feeling all manly now are ya? We are a nation in distress! Morton county and all hired are #onthewrongsideofhistory Darla Ruff Weird how you utilize force to deny citizens their right to freedom of speech. Hmmmmm. Idiots. Too much hurpadurrr duh durrr going on, here. Trevor Emmett McCurdy Wow Morton county digs its hole even deeper. the bane of ignorance Diana Therese Clearly the people are not as stupid as your officers cause none of us are buying your bull crap Lex Pelle Sir, you see what you want to see from that side of the line. From the other side, they are pleading to protect their land. they see militarized police intimidating them, and not to defend the USA, but to defend business interests. Put that pipeline in your back yard, in your aquifer. Chuck Shaw I wonder if he is also proud that they just violated someone's First Amendment right, while they are suppose to uphold the Constitution (and remain apolitical while on tax payer's dime). First Amendment - Religion and Expression. Congress shall make...See More Jessaca Lugo It is sad that a law enforcement agency is this ignorant. They may want to stop with these "fact" video's it doesnt help their cause, it actually is working against them. It is easy for the Sheriff office to say no one is under distress, they are the ones with the freaking guns. Patrick Costa Where is the evidence Cora Peirce Do you not realize that your actions are causing the distress? Mat Bunjil Dorey The man behind the barbed-wire fence protecting a pipeline is upset about being taunted? Mate, take a long hard look at yourself... Sharlene Tourond They are not showing any disrespect. It's a sign of distress. They have more veterans on their side than your side. Even the veterans realize this isn't a sign of disrespect. Educate yourself sheriff because you have breaking more laws on your side than these peaceful people. Chris Brisson It is incumbent upon law enforcement officials to do a better job of vetting their recruits to ensure that people with such a low emotional intelligence are never allowed to join the ranks of those who are employed to protect and serve. Sandi Kirouac They are purposely disrespecting and destroying the burial ground because they think they are superior. Mother Earth sees what you are doing and she does not forget Pam Fox Lance That flag was being used upside down becausse the water protectors are in distress from you people. Patrick Costa The country is in distress. Their culture is in distress and being disrespect. You guys are creating a fake truth and that's why a lot of veterans is coming to protest because they know the truth get into reality and get out of denial Jimi Watusi Forget the flag...restore this nation to its rightful position Loretta Lazore Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for construction of the hotly contentious Dakota Access Pipeline, has another controversial pipeline project with the potential to contaminate drinking water and the environment and destroy an area in T...See More Allen Roach THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE Title 4, Chapter 1...See More Bennie Young Lmao at this when live video is out all over the place showing what thugs the sherrif dept actually are Jack Paar Drop your weapons Morton County Sheriff's and walk away. By posting these videos you just look like idiots. You have a long road ahead if you plan on polishing your reputation. I have absolutely no respect for the Morton County Sheriff's and the government that governs you. You do what you did on the 21st to any more innocent people you will have a million people in Standing Rock against you. Pathetic! Mary Rybarczyk Guilty consciences! Bothering them because they are not upholding the oath they took! They traded their oath in for the almighty $! Susie Centeno-Cannon You say you are not allowed to go over there to help them, but you can go there to steal their flag? I want to call you a bad name while I throw a snowball at you. Crystal Benally They violate so many thing and he is talking about violation of the flag. They are the ones with the fire arm hurting people they should be arrested. Or native have fight in them they are the ones that save this country if it wasn't for the Navajo co talker we wouldn't be here. They are doing what is right protecting native of this country. Sarah McCulloch You can't demand respect. You command respect. And clearly none of you mercenaries posing as police officers with your fragile male egos have earned respect. You're not upholding the law. You're breaking it. Jennifer Vannurden Way to go LE! Those morons should have more respect for the symbol of our nation. If they have a problem with our government move to another country! I guarantee most countries wouldn't let them act like this, because they are built on communism or socialism not democracy. #backtheblue! #freedomisntfree! Donna Stewart Pickup Hey if they're flying that flag in distress help them!!! Chris Matta I wonder if you guys will be stupid enough to raise the flag on that hill you're on. Alexandra Steinicke Wow that is the use of Tax dollars? Christy Werre Thank you for your past service to our country and continuing to uphold the law and protection of the citizens of North Dakota. Colleen Rosenberry Of course the water is in distress, land is n distress, our future is n can you see It being dispectful to you? If Vets are willing to to stand by this symbol ...than how confusing is this? Standing Rock and all who are standing for the protectors are trying to help the water, help the land and help us from more future poisoning. Peace to all who standing for water protectors! Donna Barr Thanks for the laughs......... RL Turney Police no; terrorists yes! RL Turney Action speak louder than symbols!! Diana Parmeter Too bad you all can't treat the water protectors with the same respect as you do the flag. This struggle is not about the sheriff's department. Katrina Fletcher I think you think your readers are idiots. Seriously... Dalton Sanchez You are the extreme danger to life and property. Elizabeth Stanley Wow these videos are not helping you! They just show more of your bigoted biases! Dalton Sanchez Now if you could restore those ancient burial grounds to their rightful position... Oh wait. You can't. Eliott Kasnow Isn't the water in immediate danger? Way to be on the losing side of history Janet Stoner May God bless you all for what you are doing and what you have gone through. I am from Williston and want you to know I appreciate all the men and women that defend my freedom. Thank You. Barbara Wallace You are ignorant NOT to realize that this IS a distressful situation. Are you too ignorant to realize the oil companies are poisoning your water. You may not see it right away because the Bismark people wouldn't let them put the pipe line there BUT you WILL be poisoned! GO TO STANDING ROCK... TALK TO THE PEOPLE THERE. or are you too afraid to learn you've been lied to! Nancy Holgate Unarmed people are being shot at and rights are being violated. The upside down flag is appropriate for this instance. Allison DeDecker With all due respect, I would say this is the perfect time to put the flag in that position. The only reason someone hasn't been killed already is because the water protectors have been holding firm to their purpose without violence and without weapons. Johni Nichole Get bent sheriff!! U seen something u didn't like and u did something about it, same as they're doing, but in ur case ur right and they're breaking the law.... Shut up! Valerie Vandaveer Hypocrits Thomas H. Joseph II It shames you out because you are the ones causing the distress. William Ferguson Stevie Dee III Cody Hubbeling "Extreme danger to life or property" Hmmm I believe they are actually flying it the right way! Morton county sheriffs are just a bunch of 3rd graders getting their feelings hurt! The last 2 videos all they are doing is crying! You of all people mister officer should know the code and know that they can do this. Dawn Eliza "and we are standing on the hill looking down....blah blah" YOU FORGOT TO MENTION YOU ARE STANDING ON SACRED BURIAL GROUNDS! Dalton Sanchez Multiple sheriff's departments around the country refuse to help you for a reason. You're mercenaries, not cops. Sandra Sternadel Buckbee I see nothing but evil in this man's eyes. Lex Andria Ramirez The Morton county sheriffs department should be ashamed of themselves Sucely Lucifera Hernandez Wow, what great police work there. Turning a piece of fabric "right side up". Why don't you just stop your terrorist tactics against peaceful people? That would be even better. Wendall Butler Not from what we seen from your officers. Resign you have disgraced your badge Paul R Smith The tanks and chemical weapons tell a different story. Brian Briese Maybe the natives should understand that their people asked for more money and when they didnt get it they started protesting.. Burning tires amd setting vehicles on fire isnt good either but they do that and its ok not in my book.. Sally Belk EXTREME DANGER TO LIFE! Do you not get it? And a Merry Christmas to you. Think about it. Jack Paar Thousands of veterans are coming to Standing Rock to defend against the enemy. America will not stand for any more harm to innocent people. Fannie Lucero You are the reason it is flying upside down. Rachel Pirani They might want to examine how they respect human beings as opposed to a piece of cloth.... Joel Jackson Wow again I'm speechless talking about disrespect , the constitution and being a veteran , talking an oath to serve and protect the citizens against foreign and domestic no where does it say to protect oil companies , there in so deep their grasping at straws Ray Champagne There is more than enough evidence of extreme danger to life And property. Get these Morton county idiots out of the pockets of the oil industry Bianca Tashina Cook So you took a flag like Custer came and snuck in and took their surrender flags? I fee like this video campaign is like that that abusive relationship everyone's been in that was horrible and violent and after you tel someone they try to cover their tracks to explain themselves for all the horrible things they've done. Maria Long This guy is an idiot Blau Feuer I can't believe how you break the law and brag about you people are terrorist Donna Crg DiBianco You and your goons have created this distress, can't cope? Stand with them! Jack Paar America, the Morton County Sheriff's and Isis have a lot in common. Marjorie Foster As a veteran myself, you should realize that this country is in distress! Look who is in the POTUS seat! And those of you swore to protect citizens and country, not oil corporations looking to make MORE money! You are ridiculous!!! Jeff Moore The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 Donna Crg DiBianco Defending the flag? Do they realize they're defending China's oil supply? Gary Libertas Coufal You treasonous clowns cannot pick and choose the parts of your oaths that you CHOOSE to uphold...its all or nothing...this is a nation in distress...which is what flying the flag upside down means. Tommy Tomczyk Your whole department should be shut down and prosecuted for acting as mercenaries of private interest while still collecting tax dollars for a job that you're failing to do! Marck Rolon Incoming snowball!! Hit the deck! Diane Johnson-Barefoot Our country IS in distress you douchebag Marjorie Foster Do you notice your not getting support? Patricia Burke What about respecting the reason WHY THEY are flying the flag upside down. They are not trying to taut you (don't flatter yourselves) they fly for or to others who may CARE. Donna Crg DiBianco Another trespass on sacred land! Tracey A K Snyder Lay aside your claims of the meaning of the inverted flag, how can you care about that piece of cloth so much more than the humans you have been terrorizing, or the future children who will have poisoned earth and water because you protected the wrong side, the non-human side, the $$$$ side. What you are doing has nothing to do with love of country, it has to do with love of money. Jordan Alexander Vincent Who are you to say it isn't dire distress? That's your opinion; it is not based on fact. Your law enforcement agency is bound to big money interests and disscontempt for Native rights. You hold your interests above theirs; you interests include money, ...See More Crissy Elliott Can you please go back and re read that and think about what you guys are doing!?!?!.... There are 2,000 Vets that are standing with the water proctors, because they know you are in the wrong and they wouldn't be there if they didn't think the water proctors weren't in distress. Sarah Walker Ew, listening to this guy makes me feel sick Fermina Stevens There is MUCH distress there!! Caused by YOUR "law enforcement!" There has been threat to lives if you would open your eyes. You are obstructing their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion when you water and taser during prayer. Just because you stand on the wrong side of this issue does not make you in the right. Yes, remember the sacrifices made by vets for the freedoms that you are trampling on!!! Amy Underwood Coree Adam Underwood Kim Koch "People have fought for the freedom to to fly the flag upside down", but now these people are doing it and he doesn't like it . Maria Marco Stupid liars America Miranda They are in distress and I wouldn't want the people causing distress to come help. They are calling for the right people to come help. Chuck Shaw Some legal eagles need to copy this video as evidence of a police officer acting in a political fashion (while on the clock), and bragging about it, after violating someone's first amendment right to freedom of expression, when they tore down their upside down flag. Elizabeth Haskett " Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" take you're own advise jokers! Stop with this blind patriotism! You are the unlawful ones, you are the ones protecting CORPORATE INTERESTS OVER HUMAN LIVES. All pipelines leak and these brave people are doing the RIGHT thing, whereas you are just following orders from your owners, the oil companies. Lx Lewis Someone needs to get the real Law enforcement to North Dakota now Audry Wilson Wade Splitting hairs and grandstanding. That's a lot of hoopla over one upside down American flag. Not very convincing of their perfectionistic patriotism though, in light of their well documented recent activities. Phoenix Deveroux THIS COUNTRY IS IN DISTRESS AND MORTON COUNTY ISNT HELPING IT Traci Phelps I love how he mentions Veterans. Like there aren't hundreds of water protectors there who aren't Veterans, and the thousands of more who are going to be joining them over the next few days. There is actually a Veterans camp in Oceti. Morton County knows the public hates them so they have to release this kind of BS to get people on their side. Maggie Couch How the hell is the pipeline not an extreme danger to life or property?! Re Sp #backtheblue Janet Homza Morton County department all should be ashamed of themselves. The politicians and judges who failed their country should keep quiet about the flag. Melanie Boston You are an extreme danger. Don't you get it? You are a terrorist on behalf of a foreign, private, for profit corporation. Your militarized mafia trumps up charges on people. And intentionally commits crimes against humanity. You are the lowest form of...See More Tom Kirby ....."trespassed US Army corp of engineers land"??? Are they kidding with this??? Caroline Lamont B S Sharon Knight What ;the pipe line is doing should bother you, but you are paid not to be. I am ashamed of you. You are not a lawful person. I pray for your soul. Chele Turney Selma Melanie Boston Morton County Mafia is brutal. And does everything they can to hide that fact. Your trumped up charges are going to back fire on you. You will be facing your own charges now Deborah Christman Who is the sheriffs dept to decide what others consider distress? Lee Rogers Flag code is NOT LAW. Flying that flag upside down is NOT FOR YOU TO DICTATE. Windi Robinson You do Realize it was a Veteran who put it up... Toby Vanlandingham Holy crap, you took video of yourselves stealing private property? Aren't you there protecting private property? Gwen Bowyer So, water cannons in sub freezing tempratures isn't a dire threat to life? Inyan Eagle Elk You're on the wrong side sir Dee Horten You stole it once again thinking you are above the law.... Last I saw these people are in distress David Bostic I will go to Morton county and give you dipshits something else to worry about, besides what's happening at Standing Rock !!! Matthew Salinas I thought the Flag was for all American Citizens? Oh.... AmeriKKKan. Got it. Smh. Rudy Twomoon Maybe they should have burned the evidence Hahahahaha Dan N Charmaine Wilson So now you have committed theft? Monica Perez Yeah you treat a flag with respect more than human life that is trying to defend our water Tammy Yuth I would say both is happening, their land is under attack and they ARE in distress Deb Fitzpatrick-Zahursky If you cant protest peacefully, GO HOME!! Stop with all the violence and fabricated stories. Proud of our officers in handling these rioters! Backing the blue!! Ted Thompson You are so wrong, sir, and exemplifying the reason you need to TALK to these people. They see no disrespect, they are signalling distress, and I think, in your heart of hearts, you may know this, but are looking for an excuse to feel put-upon. That mak...See More Vincent Spean Morton County Sheriffs have always been the aggressors! thats why they are being sued! They are not fighting for America! they are fighting for corporate greed! Paula Sayles Standing on Turtle Hill? You are standing on FOREIGN SOIL, sir. You stand on land that does not belong to you, on your HIGH HORSE, lecturing about symbolism that now represents a government that is TRAMPLING the sovereign rights of a sovereign nation w...See More Dee Dorsty What right do you have to interpret the law at this time or at any other time? You're not lawyers. You're suppose to enforce the law. Rather, you make the rules as you go along. Scott Burke This video public relations campaign by Morton County Sheriffs Office indicates they are concerned they are losing support among the people that were once supporting them. More and more, those people are self-educating themselves to the real truths sur...See More Neyom Friday If you choose to see it as a sign of 'disrespect' that is your right. But it is also our right to fly it upside down. You dud's went through so much trouble to scrub your facebook and image only to come back even more ridiculous. Here's a clue, no one is buying it. Please. Stop. Or dont. Cause we are all getting a really good laugh out of this and you. Simon Washee Cry babies Frank Shoshone So I stole someone's property that's a crime Tasha Renee The way your officers handled a peaceful protest has BOTHERED US!! Shane Johnson Theft of property and trespassing on video pay attention to these guys can break their own laws when they see fit Jon Tupper I guess you just dismiss history when the US government disrespected Native Indian Tribes by violating the treaty of 1851. Elizabeth Dovre-Kokinos You're so stupid. You really think Natives need to respect that flag....? You're so stupid..... Maria Salazar They are so full of crap, Alex Red Prue Now your interpreting the constitution and telling people what distress means, who the hell do you think you are, God? Your so wrong and you been wrong all along, you must think Im stupid, for not believing in what you say, but you are oppressing so many humans that i doubt if you will ever fully see yourself. D'Quillon Morgan Bro.....he puts the flag on the ground.... in the boat. That's way more disrespectful then having it flown upside down Shane Johnson Standing on burial ground Chandra Lisota The dire distress is obvious to some and others who chose to not see it, never will. I've only seen flags upside down at camp when placed that way by a veteran in camp. I have watched what has happened there in person and live through many feeds. I was...See More Megan Jones Such BS. You can go down there. You need to get off that hill. You are standing on graves. THAT is disrespectful as well. You are protecting a CORPORATION who will destroy not only the Standing Rock reservation water supply but your own as well. Come down from that hill and join the PROTECTORS! You are standing on the wrong side of history. Jodee Brekke Here is some basic and free PR advice; delivered simply so as to not confuse you: "SILENCE IS GOLDEN" Rene Solis You cops disrespect that badge.... Marc Jackson This is the type of logic you get when you give the football team from high school a bunch of guns and don't ask them to go to college. Theres a reason these types of guys n gals are hired thugs...they dont think for themselves and they follow orders no matter how awful they are. Lets ask more of our police and make sure they have a college degree BEFORE we trust them with weapons. Shannon Decoteau Wamsley Wendy Blakeman Micki Utz #TheWorldIsWatching Lucas Stiles Morton County Terrorists Cindy Edwards We ALL know you are evil, cold hearted LIARS!! Sonny Escalanti We've been in distress since 1492! Also the NATIVE people's have always used tthe upside down flag has been used forever ago...Wounded Knee in the 70's. Tina Borrero They are in serious distress created by the Oil Company a d the Law enforcement, Sheriff's Department Katrina Mikkelson Thank you! The people of North Dakota support you! This is true honor to our country. Traci Christine They abandoned the flag. Our government abandoned them a long, long time ago. Ginger Lee That's awesome North Dakota take your state back! I back the blue! Deb Simeral Lawhead Is this what you are are spending all your extra millions on? Traci Christine That there is tresspassing and theft. Zach Mckinney Rogue agency right here. Summer Wesley You are advertising & providing evidence that your department went on land that is outside of your jurisdiction, and seized private property without proper due process; but this clear violation is ok, because you divined that their stated intent is not...See More Jolene Conley That's native land and the us is in distress. Because of monsters like you. Will Adams They are in destress, they do need help, they are fighting for the rights, you should be over there protecting them from big oil...dumb video AZ Smiler You are not preserving the PEACE as stated in your: AZ Smiler The Sheriff's Department's duties are defined in NDCC 11-15-03, Duties of sheriff. The sheriff shall: 1. Preserve the peace. Terry Knepp Please share the link below to all activist friends. It provides free resources to download in several languages about how to start a non-violent revolution for change. Jacki Young Thank you for your service and for protecting our flag Shane Johnson Should use this video as evidence against them they can try to justify all they want theft of property is theft of property don't tell me how to fly a flag Olena Owens I wish he'll protect eyes and arms of alive people The world is watching - German major TV station reporting about Standing Rock. 03:18 Watch More 24,137 Views Eagle Spirit Like Page Yesterday at 4:00am · The world is watching - German major TV station reporting about Standing Rock. Nicholas Hardy Protect your constitution? You're protecting your money 💰 Christina Hammett-Laughton How ignorant of the human condition are you? I mean ignorant in the intelligent form of using it. Stop making yourself look like you are doing little stunts to get attention. There is extreme suffering everyone can see it. You are supporting it. Stop. Go home. Stand up for the right side. You will be provided for for doing the right thing. DO NOT HURT THOSE VETERAN !!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤😘 James Leitess All Morton County LEOs are "just following orders" at this point. They clearly have no heart or independent power of thinking. We've got an out of control State govt running roughshod over our citizenry. So, they're criminals, and armed/dangerous. E...See More Gloria Arellanes It bothers me that a woman suffered injury to her arm, it bothers me that a woman has to have surgery from the tear gas, it bothers me that many people were hospitalized, it bothers me that people have been bitten by dogs, it bothers me that people hav...See More Tawny Corpuz They have the right to fly flag the way they feel . Just like you do Morton County sheriff's it doesn't really mean anything to them because the have caused it all . Personally I feel the same way If I had a flag I would fly it upside down. Gibby Carter Morton County 911 the new comedy show replacing Reno 911 Lynn Miller You are so wrapped up in your self rightousness and adrenaline you can't see how badly your actions are hurting what this flag symbolizes. It does not stand for "might makes right". It stands for "One country, under GOD, with liberty and justice FOR ALL". What Morton County PD has done is inexcusable. Barb Bosch Proud of our law enforcement and veterans!! North Dakota Proud!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Allan N Tris Reno 911, 😂😂😂😂 someone said it, someone said it!!!! Karin Marie They are distressed by the fact that you are standing on their deceased relatives and on land you have zero legal right to be on. I pray for all of you-I can tell that you really feel as though you are on the right side of this movement as do alot of t...See More Jessi Mrachek Jeremy Mrachek Melvin Bryant Standing army for corporate interests...yeah they have a right to be distressed facing that Mary E Pennington Rushing Planet earth is being destroyed little by little, I'd say that qualifies "extreme distress". TonyaAnne Springer Liar Bineshi Albert Hhhhmmm let's see: 1) your water supply is being threatened; 2) you're under physical threat of harm by the local police force; 3) public safety services such as ambulance and fire department are prohibited from helping you; 4) you are prevented from p...See More Ginger Lee The land the sheriff's are on IS NOT RESERVATION LAND!! THE PIPELINE IS BEING BUILT NORTH OF THE RES!! People really need to do research because you're all sounding like idiots. Anthony Zabala Your only purpose is to protect that oil company interest. Oh it hurts your feelings let them run that pipeline thru mt rushmore or arlington cemetery.. Candy Dahnke Support law enforcement Margaret Tuka You pissed on property. Ruined personal property, and hurt humans...for oil. You are gross. Mike Braddock You said it tough guy. They have the right. Change your panties if you dont like what someone does within their constitutional rights . Just like you! TonyaAnne Springer Oh so using military force against innocent people is not a sign of distress. Wow David Rodriguez HOW DARE YOU steal an American Flag because their views for flying it are not in the same path of struggle as yours! Brenna Johnson You, Morton County Sheriff's Office, are ridiculous. You are violating a treaty that our country made with this native tribe and are protecting lawbreakers, creating distress for these water protectors with harassment and provacateurs (look it up) to c...See More Dustyn West-Payette Well. Now you hate the first amendment too Arik Williams Doesn't he have crime to fight in Cass county. Shannon Decoteau Wamsley Wendy Blakeman Patience Rogers It bothers me that as officers of the law. You are not truly protecting your people. They would never had gotten to this point had you had the backs of the Indians. Kelly Matthews You are the one that is causing the stress so shy would they want you to come and help hurt them more. Cara Parrish They are veterans calling for more veterans against you! How can your police force be so ignorant? Jenny Richards This isn't about "protecting the constitution" as he said. The constitution says that "treaties are the supreme law of the land." It's documented treaty territory and that's a verifiable fact. There are veterans (from all races) who have commented on the appropriateness of the upside down flag in this situation (more coming this weekend). What makes you more fit to define "distress" than other veterans? Dewey OQuinn we Kathleen Dana Lenz The flag isn't sacred. It's a piece of material. What it represents and symbolizes is sacred. Freedom of speech is sacred. Water and people are sacred. Mother Earth and our environment is sacred. Quit protecting big oil ! You are a shill for Big Oil. Stop it! Grow a pair and stand up for the future of your children and children's children and our land and water. Byron Hegstad Good on them Avery Boone This is ridiculous. "Taunted by that flag," is your life so hard and unjust? Did you lose your land, rights and security? These guys are blind to the real curtain in front of their face J Linden Rose Don't let these degenerates stop you! You're heroes of the republic up against a degenerate, and creepy mob. Stewart Thompson Veterans are coming to do your job. TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE PEOPLE. Not the corporates. Marjorie Foster Not police but #bigoilprotectors is my new name for you! Kyle Hanson OUR WATER BEING THREATENED IS A REASON TO BE IN DISTRESS! YOUR WATER IS BEING THREATENED! Wake up Jody Gzhadawsot Mattena The flag is a symbol. It's a message. Right now the message is clear, the people and country are in distress. The flag is a piece of cloth. It's a symbol. I believe in what it is supposed to symbolize but do not treat it as an idol. I think you have bigger concerns in your department. Flags should be on the bottom of your list. Cultural sensitivity and human rights training should be at the top of your list. Desiree Running Bear Quit trying to play victim. your job and protect people not the pipeline. Sherry Drobner The upside down flag may bother you, but how about endangering the lives of so many people, how about taking away illegally the land of those who resided before you, I suppose that doesn't phase you? Grateful to those who are protecting the water and not the oil companies. Kris Green So, let me get this straight. You EXPECT people to handle the flag in this way because it is SACRED to you all but you are standing on top of graves of the Ancestors of the Standing Rock people? You take the SACRED ITEMS and put them into dumpsters and throw them on the ground? Same thing. Same thing. You are upset about the same thing. Put yourselves in the shoes of the people you are calling disrespectful. David Rodriguez And do NOT just shove it back in the ground. YOU personally need to hand it to Tribal Chairman and Apologize for your lack of ethical behavior in Dishonoring their intended presentation of the Flag, and as a result the US Constitution! Apologize for your thievery of their Constitutional Rights! Debbie Braun Back the blue. Nicole Jordan It is you who is trespassing. You have no jurisdiction on that land, whether it belongs to the natives or the army corps. And I'd say the looming threat of poisoned drinking water is quite distressing. Tell the thousands of Veterans that are there that the flag is wrong. Just because one of your officers is a veteran doesn't mean you are in the right. Noble Monyei Just because you can doesn't mean you should. If only the man talking was true to that. Adrianne Plenty Holes Cool story, bro. Justin King The country is in distress, you traitors. Sev O'Haire You guys are the biggest ignorant police department/ humans I have seen yet Tasinasapa Thunder Hawk This is clearly evidence of trespassing and stealing from the Standing Rock Tribe. Chelsy Olson Really wish people would do hardcore, extensive research from both sides of this story. 😑 Robert Phelps Your duplicity and lack of empathy is laughable. Protect and serve your masters. Jus doin muhjob Rick W Miller As a veteran it offends me that you police officers think you have the right to treat citizens the way you have been treating these peaceful people. I did not serve this country to protect your twisted view of democracy. We do not live in a police st...See More Tasinasapa Thunder Hawk Best comment ever: So, let me get this straight. You EXPECT people to handle the flag in this way because it is SACRED to you all but you are standing on top of graves of the Ancestors of the Standing Rock people? You take the SACRED ITEMS and put th...See More Raymundo Valentin You cops are just blood thirsty cavemen who use patriotism as a way to justify your thirst for violence. #fuckyoflag Bernadette Shryock Barber It should bother you, but for other reasons. I think you stole someone's flag and should return it. You can't drink should be helping the natives and if you are a law and order kind of institution - think of the TREATY that should be upheld. Chris Smith Rock Steady Morton County Sheriff's Department! Shelley Tellez Once again, how telling it is of your cultural and sensitivity incompetence. I find it disgraceful and distasteful. Stephanie Perez-McDonald Out Of EVERYTHING that has Happened and the MISTREATMENT OF HUMANS!!!! The distress signal in the form of the upside down flag is what BOTHERED YOU?!?!?!!! Material and the TRUTH BOTHERS You!!!! You SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO WEAR THAT BADGE!!!!! Sharon Sherwood Looks like you eat well . All that big oil money,? Ion Vladutu Oh is that flag sacred like the rivers and lands you want to desecrate? Weird Frankie Sallee And how many people, when all is said and done, are going to be lining up to move to your state to be protected and served by your leadership sherrif? You are making a rough bed to lie in officer. James Marshall Restraint? What exactly would the Morton County Gestapo do if you had no restraints? Murder? Mayhem? Laura Brauner You need to listen to the veterans that are there - you do not offer them assistance just violence. Taunted by the flag - not a reason to hurt peaceful people. Listen to the veterans that are standing with the protectors before you make such blanket statements. Larry J McNeely "Our flag represents the government of the United States and all of its policies" ... and broken treaties. Darci Bennett The reason it bothers you, is perhaps deep down, way deep down you know in your hearts that you are NOT living up to the oaths you took when you became public servants. You are NOT protecting the constitutional rights of anyone. In fact, it is just the opposite. At the end of the day, you get to go home and look at yourself in the mirror. I hope you are ok with the reflection looking back at you. Louis Gordon Are you going to fire on the vets in a few days? Better think of your answer now. Amalia FourHawks You sheriffs are in sooooo over your pay grade. Go home and read a copy of the constitution. Or maybe a copy of the Fort Laramie treaty...,, Kristine Watson Again you are really struggling with the meaning of TRUTH. Look it up. Steven A Morrison You stoop this low when you get a pay check , Training , Retirement from tax $ and then get a 2nd paycheck from a big oil company at the same time . Emma Lee Way to uphold your oath there, Officer. Just admit that you illegally stole property by force from those who you were sworn to protect who were taking pictures as a way of creating a free press while excercising their rights. You sure you want to repre...See More Dazie Moonstone Yep distress we are all in distress over our government being controlled by big money oil interests! Steven A Morrison Sue them ! Deb Hop You are a bad person! Lisa Spanjers-Moore DISRESPECT? REALLY!! YOU NEED A MIRROR!! Nellie Jo David You are guilty of multiple human rights abuses, Morton County Sheriff's Department, and you will be prosecuted for your crimes to the fullest extent possible. Your disrespect of people who were here before this country ever existed is unacceptable and ridiculous. It is also well known that the rights you speak of didn't apply to Indians in colonial times, please get your history right, or get a proper education. Judy Ann Wells Nope, not gonna work. Should have stayed off line. We have already seen you in action. You have lost all credibility. John Marlon Uphold the constitution? How is that being done when the constitution declares the 1851 as the Supreme Law? Laura Walker U know what? THIS IS A TIME OF EXTREME DANGER TO EVERYONE. Including yourselves. Choose your sides. Our Mother is in extreme danger whether some see it or not. The wise of us can see this and are trying to fix this problem. The light versus the darkness. Some are just too self willed to see it. Jeanne McGee-Pulliam They are distressed and signaling so, and there is nothing wrong with that! Strange that the men in blue have more respect for a flag than they do human beings! After all, it is a piece of fabric, it has no feelings, no conscious. We are allowed to burn it if we choose to do so! It is not above human life! Aedin Tyler James Corpe Your department is protecting a company constantly violating laws like [42 US CODE § 300i - 1] , while your own department is violating [18 US CODE § 242], and therefore, it does not matter if people are violating [4 US CODE § 8]. at least they are not legally violating [18 U.S. Code § 700]) Just to make a point. Shena Marie Heidvogel blah blah blah Sarah Holtz Stout Well isn't that special. They are "proud" to save the flag, while they brutalize the people. Michael Chase So you sent a SWAT team to illegal steal someone else's property and their symbol of unity/whatever they choose it to be cause it's their RIGHT to do so. Very "courageous" and "brave" of you... How pathetic. Barbara Hassig Morris And I am extremely distressed with what you sherif are doing.., Joey Karei Kumaha'manigua Prayers continue for you M.C.S.O. Smoke and prayers to the creator for all of you, and your families. Seneko Kakona/Abundant Blessings!!...See More Pat Thompson I think it is very appropriate. Everything you stated it meant was happening to them. This new PR team you have are really making you look dumb. Ashley Moire Garcia Keep talking puppet who's the ventriloquist that has his or her hand up your butt telling you what to say. You are right about it being a sign of distress. You are just blind to see that the citizen are distress, and your oath is to protect and serve t...See More Matthew Horse Violation of the 6th Amendment ... An assault of the Bill of Rights. Linda Hatfield Lawrence Wow..but has 0 problem with harming or possibly killing unarmed fellow human beings AND standing up for destruction of Mother Earth!! I understand the respect of the flag but he doesn't respect LIFE!! Stephen Powell Treat the citizens of Standing Rock with the respect *they* deserve. Leonard Beeman not disprespected. its because the ones that is putting them in destres. get it. that's why you got hierd to be a sheriff. thay thought you would be smarter than now. also you don't belong on thare land. you all need to stay off of it. then nthare would not be a problem that you are creating. do you get that. if mot go back to scool Kim Odom YOU BETRAYED EVERYTHING THAT FLAG STANDS FOR AND FOR YOU TO PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND - THAT YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THAT fLAG BEING FLOWN UPSIDE DOWN , IS FURTHER PROOF YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR WHAT THAT FLAG STANDS FOR .... NOT A CLUE WHAT REAL RESP...See More Michelle K Matthews-Schaad Aww, poor thing. Does it bother you?? That's really sad to hear that something bothers you. Oil in my grandchildrens and children's water bothers me... as I can tell that really "bothers" you as well. Smdh. Your a fool puppet sir. Ben Kimpton Go back to Wisconsin porker Ronda Kuster Mistreatment of humans? You must mean the way you people have treated the people of Bismarck and Mandan. Do you even know the truth of what your supposedly peaceful people have done in these towns. Get a real life Miss McDonald. THIS Will Be OVER Soon. Greg Larson So you're gonna wrap yourself in the flag while you trample the Constitution? Just another nationalist parading about in a patriots clothing. Vincent Willingham Good, then respond to the urgent needs of these people. #WaterIsLife Kim Moorehead Why should we stand for a flag that disregards our ppl who ALSO fought for this nation. After all we are supposed to be united. Only the greedy are united. Charles Olin I guess law enforcement does not follow the law. Fort Laramie Treaty is the law. Jerry Lee Perez Jr This is despicable. The sheriffs department needs to be held accountable for their actions. Jeff Parker Terrorists Zhaawashko Nimkee Kwe Boohoo..Cry more noob! John Joshua Schneider There is dire distress due to your departments amoral conduct. There is a direct threat to drinking water for millions. You are so out of line. Ashley Prendiz I pray for you. I pray that you take off the blinders and see what you are doing is not what you signed up to do. Protect and serve. Who are you protecting? Who are you serving? Who's protecting your water? Who is protecting Mother Earth for you? Creator is with the protectors. Sally Haugen Glazier So, when I see something in "distress". I can take it with no consequences? Thanks for showing how to be a great example, you folks are the laughing stock of so many departments these days, wow. Dawn Mills We know the truth you are on these grounds illegally and should be arrested Vivian Smith Now they are using the word respect to their advantage. Think with an open mind Public. We are not the crooks? Who is the mannyacts or crazy , And yes they could get the flag as they have the weapons to do this. Why didn't they take the whatever and take the weapons they are using and burn them. Kim LilKim Petrillo It should bother you, you are the reason they are flying it upside down. Christine Yager #MortonCountyLies #MortonCountyCowards #MortonCountyLies #MortonCountyCowards #MortonCountyLies #MortonCountyCowards Kamij Phillips Cowards Jason D Tamarak No they are not disrespecting. You are the one on burial grounds atop turtle hill. Christine Yager THEY ARE IN DISTRESS BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Rhonda Retzer Thank you for all you do law enforcement you are the best Christine Yager #MORTONCOUNTYTERRORISTS Jason D Tamarak Wake up officer. They're fighting for their water and their land and you're standing on sacred sites. Yeah I would say they're in distress and you are totally in the wrong Kim LilKim Petrillo Thank you for providing evidence and your admission of stealing private property. DJ Prue I've said before and I'll say it again... MCSO = ZERO INTEGRITY AND ZERO CREDIBILITY... NO ONE BELIEVES ANYTHING YOU PUT OUT SO JUST GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!! Wade Jr Barry Thank you mcsd for showing the flag the respect it deserves, both my grandparents (1 army 1 marines) encourage your department to keep up the good fight! Dawn Mills Greed Keith Turrill Take a big chill pill and go back to running speed traps. Amy Lemmer There is "dire distress" to our rights and to the health and welfare of US citizens ! You are working for your own enemy and you can't even see it. Emily Schultz #MORTONCOUNTYTERRORISTS Dawn Mills My family has fought and some died for the rights in our Constitution I have family that are still soldiers the sign of the flag upside down is a sign of distress by the people that you were distressing a prank trying to protect this country this nation our water Charles Olin "In the 1877 Congressional Act, several million acres were taken by the federal government. Subsequent court cases consistently found that this land grab was illegal, as it violated the 1868 Ft Laramie Treaty and also violated the Fifth Amendment of t...See More William Alexander Durr Now if you could treat the people as great as that material that be something Marie MJ Jaramillo Peterson You all need to be charged with crimes against humanity and attempted MURDER!!!!!!!! I'm disgusted! Bertram Balch Now you have actual veterans of foreign wars protesting against you. Shouldn't that maybe indicate what side you're really on? Jan Opal Hey you guys just blew a young girls arm to pieces, shot out an eye & aiming for pplz heads. Aiming water hoses at them in subfreezing temps causing hypothermia. So I would say yes.. Their lives are in danger. Shelley Means Desecration of our ancestors bones by industrial-scale machinery isn't political, it's cultural and spiritual violence. Nicolle Newman #nativeamericanlivesmatter start lighting up cass county's sheriff face book page since they are all about the pipeline and enjoy harming people don't give all the glory to Morton county Sheriffs department and the cass county Sheriff has been there like their right hand man Derek Giang I think he voted democrat. 🤔 Larry J McNeely Just because you can defend an oil line on treaty land, doesn't mean you should. Doesn't make it right. Jeanne Kay Marshall No need to cloak unnecessary excessive force and violation of citizens' Constitutional rights in a love of flag or flag in distress.. Flag symbolizes the country. they country is the people and the land. People first. Susie Hoskie You must have been there doing them wrong again n again Michael Adams The Morton County Sheriff's Department is a criminal organization, hiding behind the American flag doesn't change that. Marie MJ Jaramillo Peterson I want to file charges against you for you trespassing and theft! Tommy Vinson DISTRESS SIGNAL HAS BEEN HEARD!...WE THE PEOPLE WILL COMPLY...SUPPLIES COMING FROM EVERYWHERE EVEN OTHER COUNTRIES! Valerie Branyan Trespasser. Their property is in danger. Emmalee Simmons We know what's up. Thank u water protectors. Morton county police....we will pray for u. ♡ we know our country is in distress. We don't need a flag to tell us...we see the people being shot at. Sprayed. Maced. Dogs. Arrested. Put in kennels. WE SEE YOU. Honor the Earth. Honor the treaties. We've taken enough. Too much. Jeff Cleveland As a retired police officer, I'll say that was pretty petty. Don Vierstra #MortonCountySheriffDepartmentDisinformation spreading more disinformation.... worshiping a flag over human lives. Worshiping false idols. How about respecting lives? Imagine that. Mickey Schultz Nicely done Sheriff. Veteran Robert Mazerbo But you are harming people for protecting sacred burial sites and water. Not just for them, for everyone. You don't think that's danger to life and property? Steven Michael King Morton County Sheriff, your service and feelings are relates to the combination of legal (Treaty and land stolen-its NOT private land its Treaty land stolen and this is working through courts).......and the use of should...See More Angela Wilkes Why did you people steal a flag from its rightful owners? Vicki Reynolds Fuson You men and women are my heroes!! God bless you and your families. What you go through to protect us and uphold the constitution is incomprehensible. Much love and respect!! Willard White All LEO's are welcome too come into camp. Maybe if y'all came into camp and listened to the elders speak, the stories of the First Nations people, you would view what you are doing differently. Don't forget, per population Native Americans serve in the...See More Corey Newton That was completely illegal, along with everything else you are doing! You all should be ashamed for what you are doing! #fuckmortoncountysheriffs Kay Taylor holy cow sheriff, you think this is a game to these folks? Your hate is so strong that you don't know how to read people anymore,, You brag about a skirmish over a flag when they are protesting for health and safety of people, land and water.. Are they not allowed to laugh with each other without you putting words in the mouths.. You are a trouble maker.. Sheila Williams-Peterson Nice Sheriff Justin Perkins Under North Dakota law, a person has committed the offense of theft by: knowingly taking or exercising unauthorized control over the property of another, with the intent to deprive the owner of that property (i.e. shoplifting) knowingly obtaining prope...See More Rachel Spiller "Political purpose"? I'd say the threat to drinking water is extreme danger to life and property! You all are monsters. Leigh Ann Stumblingbear First tell the truth! Who disrespected whom?! They are saying what You and the Pipeline have done and continue to do is causing Distress! Yet you won't help! Instead you cause more conflict rather than to help come up with a Resolution! The Natives should not always have to back down while you step on them! Resolve issue not commit Military Actions! Bryan Saums Mandan, like the Native Americans, ND?? The irony is amazing... Justin Perkins Guilty! Tom James The Code section you cite is advisory only. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in United States v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990) that governmental enforcement of a flag code against civilians is unconstitutional, so you have no legal authority to enforce the Code section you cite. Congratulations on yet another violation of constitutional rights. You are on a roll. Diana Parks YOU ARE CAUSE'N DAMAGE TO NATIVE LAND-SOVEREIGN-TREATY LAND & INJURING THE PEOPLE-"YOU"GOVERNOR-MORTON COUNTRY SHERIFFS DEPT"SO UN THIS CASE THE INDEGINIOUS PEOPLE ARE IN DIRE DISTRESS FROM YOU ! Lynne Benfield Yes they are in distress from you, the Government, and Big oil. Aaron Buchanan They're inviting help, like actual help. You're not helping them, you're there to protect the corporation, foolishly. Brian Houck The ND authorities are the domestic terrorist of today. May judgement find each of you in the harshest manner. Patte Rae Give it a rest. You all did some horrible things to peaceful people. Only you will have to answer to that. Larissa Tessier I support the Blue! Bertram Balch Aw, this is about the flag now, the indians were displaying it wrong, poor babies! Timothy Ogle Idiots. Why are so many ignorant people in charge. U even give the reason for the flag being upside down title 4 chapter 1 but instead of seeing people who feel that their lives and property are in extreme danger. U see Indians holding theirs and our flag upside down Tim Glass They are in distress, you factionous swine!!!!! Who are YOU there to protect and serve????????? Jill Janezich Is this all you can come up with? They are IN DISTRESS because of YOU!!! Sharon Larson I want to hear the response of a Native American veteran please Rudy Harper automatic support of anything is idiocy. The police in this country have gone over the line to be in service to big money. Have some conscience. You are there to protect and serve all the people. Brian Houck The entire nation finds you repulsive. Rudy Harper Sheriff, how about the soldiers who laughted and posed for pictures with dead Indians shoved into a ditch after having been murdered. Your sense of outrage is idiotic Paul Cole II wait your protecing the constitution? What does it say about free speech? Kathy McCovey Isn't it your job to help people in Distress, not contribute to it?. Jacob Henderson You guys need to hang yourselfs....protect the people not the corporate interest Jeffrey Adrian Delgadillo A bunch of Stepford wife oppressive fools Mike Bassett RESPECT Meagan Steadman So you stole their flag?? Wth you will go to any lengths to hurt these people. Ntm made it impossible for us to add pictures of maps and the treaty that prove that it is YOU that is trespassing taking their flag has only made you look this p...See More Nicole Callahan Kash Jackson did you see this? Calvin Harjo Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin' Nancy Rinell Hayden This must be one of those "fake news internet articles" we've been hearing about lately. Kari Smallwood Wow how do you people sleep at night how do you look in the mirror how do you look at your children Michele Turney you are putting all police officers at risk with your videos Janet Alvarez Get used to it, you will see it all over the US. Tanya Montez how embarrassing for you.. I'm truly stunned about how ignorant and dense you #corporatewhores really are.. true redneck hicks through and through.. Red Miller The American flag belongs to every American so it isnt stealing Nathaniel Bruce Political purpose? Fire your PR company now. They are making you look even worse than before. Ruth Marie Bertrand Extreme danger to life and property at the hands of law enforcement. Way to choose your battles er men? Kathy Smith so, no more freedom of speech then? I would say with what happened on 11/20 there is cause to believe the protectors were put in a situation of "dire distress" Gale Michaelsen Be bothered all you want you have no right to shoot unarmed people in'll have to learn new ways to handle your emotions.. you're narrative is psychotic and you have no business being a police officer Nyshele Mishalow You are the ones putting them in distress!! Alexandra Albright Hey sheriff, they people are in grave danger from you and your minions. Chris Mills burning the cross bothers us, but that never stopped your ignorant butt from doing it Kari Smallwood I will pray for your rotting souls you all need it! JoJo Kae Thank you for protecting us and our flag! RL Turney We need to get the sheriff fired immediately! Angiek Johnson Thank you ... my daddy would have tears in his eyes. He loved that flag and fought beside his friends in WW II for me and you. God Bless America. Matt Harrison Martial law in pre-packaged PR-approved kits. David Lopes Don't be too hard on these Uniformed "Patriots".... They're just trying to " Make America Great Again" in their own little RACIST way... Dawn Rae Scott As Tom James said in a comment above, "The Code section you cite is advisory only. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in United States v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990) that governmental enforcement of a flag code against civilians is unconstitutional, so you have no legal authority to enforce the Code section you cite. Congratulations on yet another violation of constitutional rights." Ben J Wolf Necklace This bullshitter is one of the worst worst ones. How can you stand there and talk about your flag when you are in that uniform protecting an oil company! Jen Wehrle It's still the satirical version of their page, right? ...Right? :( Joe Vivier Morton county is the reason the flag was flown like that, and now Morton county just showed everyone that they broke the law a went stole a flag and now they should charge the sheriff for theft of property Kathy Ann Our country is in distress along with the community of Standing Rock. Donna Hart Liar liar pants on fire. Rasta Foo The flag is being flown upside down as a symbol that the country is in distress by YOU AND YOUR DEPTS! Militarized police protecting the interests of big oil committing human rights abuses against unarmed water protectors! Guess what? 2000+ US veterans are on the way, they must have seen the flag in distress! Ben J Wolf Necklace Apparently, that flag now stands for the oil companies who have terrorized the globe. This cop needs to be educated about what that flag really stands for and he needs to be fired! KaiNalu Kauai Wow Laurie French Im praying for all that you are inside will be given back to you...our ancestors are watching and im praying Drew Baconeater Good job Morton County SD Ky Wald AMERICAN POLICE = #1 DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Carol Speakman What happened first ,this has been months and months ,and those people have been in dire stress,my mother's maiden name is Morton ,I always felt good about that and I never thought I'd have a bad feeling when I heard it . I am 68 and I have had law enforcement in my family,i was always proud of them but I would be so dismayed if they ever took part in an operation like this. Kathy McCovey Well, if you are tired of the protectors, maybe you should just re-route the pipeline back through Bismark. Eileen McGinley Nypower Having water sprayed on you on sub freezing temps is "extreme danger to life" and from what I've seen, anyone in your jurisdiction that disagrees with you is at risk of being in "dire distress." Lee Tursso Cowards Vickie Hawk So this is about the flag?...All of the assault's streamed live via Standing Rock mean, "... they don't need help?!"...? Ben J Wolf Necklace Him retrieving it is just another attempt to cover up what they are doing! Justin Bauer That is awsome! Thank you for your service and for being law enforcement! Layla Yamabe "THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE Title 4, Chapter 1 states the US Flag should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property." You are actually right about this because PROPERTY is in extreme danger and shamefully, MCSD has put LIVES in extreme danger on several occasions. Melvin Caldwell Mother Earth is in distress you idiot cop!!! Cassie Viele This idiot doesn't realize they are in distress due to the Morton county monsters? We will see how the next week plays out. Michele Turney NEW: Actions by North Dakota Authorities Resemble 'Genocidal Acts' Under UN Analysis Framework Alec Clelland #waterislife Erika Mo'rales YOU BOTHER US. that flag represents the people. YOU REPRESNT OIL. YOU DO NOT REPRESENT AMERICA! YOU REPRESENT OIL. YOU REPRESENT GREED. YOU REPRESENT OIL. YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT ARE IN DISTRESS BECAUSE OF YOU Sean McClutchey The Baghdad Bob of the midwest. Erika Mo'rales YOU REPRESENT OIL. YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Melvin Caldwell That's theft! You took something that didn't belong to you! Dirty copper! Jim Schatte Extreme danger to life and property. Sir you are that danger and my fellow Veterans are coming to put a stop to your terrorist activity. Zach Simpson You are liars and THUGS of Dakota Access and Energy Partners. Dillon Anderson I'd say there is some extreme danger to property in these circumstances. Darrel Kolb Wow way to filter your comments Brenda Klimpel Lokken Good job!! I am proud of the job you are all doing and think you are the best of North Dakota!! Thank you for all you do!! Zach Simpson I hope you thugs are ready to meet 2,000 veterans on the front line. You'll get to see what a REAL HERO LOOKS LIKE. Erika Mo'rales Don't say you're a Marine. You are an embarrassment to the USMC. Darrel Kolb How much are you being paid? Mary Magpie Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.... Josh Ore it's a little to late for you people to look like the good guys Andrew Turnbull You should be ashamed. Wolf Fogarty YOU KNOW WE'RE ALL SHARING YOUR POSTS SO EVERYONE CAN GET A GOOD BELLY LAUGH, RIGHT?! Mario Garcia We have died for that flag and we're we killed by the vary same pepole that flew that flage don't say a word Gage Whiterun We are not ok. Nation in distress. Morton country police, you are part of the problem. NataLee DeMichele WTH???? Letting the flag lay on the floor of your police boat is not how you handle the flag. Mickey Campbell Your just trying stir the pot up! Brew some tensions so you can justify your attacks and assaults already committed? Now it's clean up time? We are not blind buddy! Sharolyn Maleport It should bother are defending the wrong people. And did you just break the law by trespassing on Tribal lands..? Mickey Campbell Just bunch of thugs! Julie Davis The local law enforcement has done everything by the book. It's the rioters that have broken the law again & again! Debra Squillace Nordgaard The flag is being flown upside down as a symbol of our nation in distress! Dawn Pohl So if you are protecting the constitution and the freedom of speech and to protest, why are you on the wrong side trying to take that away? They are in distress from the tactics you are putting on them. Also in regards to the flag being at half mass, upside down, etc., it happens all the time now. This country is in a constant state of distress. Wake up sheriff's department. Davina Terrases How about you stop standing on their families grave sites that you bulldozed over!!!! 😡 Raymond Johnson You..have violated the oath you hurt American citizens..some so bad..they might never have an eyesight or a hand anymore...that's the reason the american flag is upside down...if it bothers you so can leave my country.. I'll even h...See More Patricia Trefethen That is not YOUR flag. You have no right to claim it! It doesn't sit well with me is your excuse to behave in conflict with your directive, to protect and serve. You did not protect and you serve only yourself and your opinion of what that flag was representing. There was no threat. No eminent harm to come. Yet, you recorded your own crime of stealing that flag! Maggie Lorenz So you just made a video of yourself STEALING someone else's property?! This is so bizarre. Heather Danielson Touche Native Americans have the highest rates of people in the military and I think we are in distress. Water is sacred and please protect it. People are far more important than money. Can't take it with you when you die, but remember we have to answer for everything we do. How are you all going to explain your actions on God's people. Remember Jesus especially with his birthday coming up. Mike Loftus Just because you can shoot unarmed protestors with water cannons and play army, doesn't mean you should. Mistery D Mitchell Flying an American flag upside down. ... The practice has its origin in a distress signal; displaying a flag in this manner is "a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property"; it has been used by extension to make a statement about distress in civic, political, or other areas. Tee Jay wow!😂😂 protect the constitution huh? 🤔 Doug Laber Thanks, again, and keep up the good work. Rudy Gerdeman Hey..when you sprayed me in the face and tear gased me...that seems like we might be in distress a bit. I'm a field reporter for a radio station and i have it all on video,which has been shared and backed up many times. Also..the F.B.I. has my report of your assault on me and hundreds others. Time to stop being uncivilized people hiding behind your metal badges. Dawn Pohl I think someone is going to get voted out of their office and position really soon. Dave Roggenbuck Pretty sure stealing a flag is a crime. One of many Morton County Sheriffs have committed. Hope you all do the time you deserve. Jay McKay You cops are cowards. Your mother's should be ashamed of you Patricia Mckay You are the reaso for that flag being upside down, you need to stand down. Carrie Tevoc So you stole someone's flag.😑 You recorded your self doing alot of self righteous yapping and then proceeding to record yourself stealing someone's flag. 🤔 That's literally all this video shows. Way to go. Penny Hickman OMG!!!!! Anything else they THINK they can throw the blame away from themselves. What an embarrassment to law enforcement and military officers. And to me sir YOU are the ones who drew the line in the sand. By taken away from my relatives by shoving th...See More Sunny Jarrod-West The planned forcible removal of THE PEACEFUL protestors at Standing Rock by militarized police units is JUST PLAIN WRONG. Moreover, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. These people have a right to protest secured in the First Amendment. They also have a RIGHT to...See More Cynthia Hilliard What an idiot. They are signaling distress. Just not to you but from you Jorge Cortes Cant do much but im at least reporting you on facebook for harassing other people. Get your misleading information out of here Treva Vigil-Sisco So, you ordered your men to go onto Reservation Land and steal. AND your proud of that? Way to uphold the law!!! Caren Diamond Your a sniveling coward. Dezbah Jolene Meh. It's just a flag but I can see how you would take it as a sign of superiority after your ancestors came and stole land and then forced your religion on us all at the expense of our survival. It then drives this insane "nationalism" for the u.s. w...See More Orlo Johnson When you said "OUR FLAG", who is our??? shouldn't we all be included?? Or is your thought JUST-US. Robin E. Kingsley A woman heard me about the Buffalo she's ahead the preservation of the Buffalo and she's coming and she's pissed. Brighid Bowman Denial is not a river in Egypt. Megan Gillis So they stole someone's flag, decided they weren't in distress (even though the law enforcement are largely to blame for said distress), and then brag about it? They look like such jackasses. Give it up Morton County Law enforcement and those that are assisting them. Travis Murphy You're talking about your oath, yet you destroyed that once you started using your sheriff's office as an extension of the fossil fuel industry. You're not officers, you're terrorists. Justin Mcquistion Great job!!!! Now time to get them of corp land and send them home back our blue all the way Stephen Powell ...with liberty and justice for all. Dana Mackenzie You "police" are the distress! Ivan Hermse You guys are out of control.. stealing property because it didn't sit well? you are crazy.. Winston Wharton I hope everybody noticed that this "officer of the law" just admitted to the theft of private property. Gwen Cowan I'm with them, From NZ Gwen Cowan I'm crying buckets of tears for you, Dawn Stark Your upset Ok Stop protecting the oil line.....See More Zia Gypsy Oh brother Lizzie Espinoza I have a citizen complaint. I just saw someone steal a flag. They literary just came in and took it. They looked like they belonged in a gang. They had altered egos and white privilege. Very dangerous mix. There's video of the crime. The sheriff of Morton county has viewed it. Please follow up! Gwen Cowan You dont earn respect at all. aload of BUMS Lisa Staton Thank you for putting the flag back in proper position. #backtheblue Cindy Edwards Evil liars! James Assinewai It just shows the government can get away with anything , people hiding behind the badge , being superficially tuff Tammy Yetter Dear Morton County Sheriffs, from what I see your the ones in the wrong here. Land is being stolen and the "hired help" is causing injuries that could result in someone's death. So worried about the flag but from the videos I have seen and friends I ha...See More Gerie Guptill Sad that a flag gets more respect yhan any of those human's! That you plan to poison the river with oil and don't expect to be haunted for such a heinous act to mother earth!! We all should be upset that the Indian are being treated with such disrespect! ! Quincy BadMoccasin That is a theft pure and simple...Like you said earlier just because you can do something doesnt mean you should....and in this instant, you basically filmed the police department stealing someone's else's property because you felt it was the right thi...See More Brandi Miller Also by stealing their flag you have just violated their First Amendment rights! Loretta Benner Goodwin 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Ross Hayward I would say that using water cannons in below freezing temperature, use of dogs, mace, flash grenades and tear gas is am immediate danger to life and limb to fly the flag upside down. Carol Morgan DiPirro They are in distress. They need their clean water guaranteed Punkukante John Jorgenson You say your here to protect this and that how about protect the people of the United States? Steve Butler I support the police on this matter overall, but that was pretty silly. Carol Morgan DiPirro Please respect the people the same way. Everyone deserves respect Cindy Henry You have a funny way of showing that you uphold the Constitution. I wish you would treat US citizens with as high regard as that flag. Aj Janssen Stop acting like terrorists cops and maybe the flag will be turned around, oh wait you are sell outs to the highest bidder, never mind you are also traitors to that flag and the people it represents! Karen Lone Fight Lmao Teddy Kmiec The people's rights of this country are in distress, it's fair to fly the flag upside down, just don't burn it. Jennifer Boothroyd 'The United States Supreme Court in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), and reaffirmed in U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990), has ruled that due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipality) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to its status as "symbolic speech." Aj Janssen So you and your sheriffs are thieves as well. Cecil Sheppard there is extreme danger... And the Morton County Sheriff's Department is the cause....See More Christy Wood Their property is in extreme danger. The flag can and should be flown upside down in this instance. Nathan Edward Seaver You should turn in your badges... You are attacking the unarmed citizens for an oil companies profit... You are employed to uphold the law and protect the constitution... You are breaking both, you should be jailed and tried as the terrorists you are. Charles John Flanery Way to go you have my vote Lourdes Escalante Haha! Is this all you have to show for? Waynetta Dee FlyingHorse 😂😂😂. No one is trampling the flag, no one is burning the flag... From what I see you left these people is distress. Trying to fine people for bringing supplies. Telling stores not to sell certain items. Those are just a few examples. If you respected the flag and constitution, you would stand behind the people fighting for their rights instead of trying to take their rights away... Raevyn Coel Smh "our flag stands for freedom of speech"......and you morons just violated someone else's right to free speech. Pretty sure flying the flag upside down would equate to burning the flag when it comes to freedom of speech. I.e. Pretty sure the cour...See More William Rooney It comes to something when a flag is more important to this "person" than the people protecting their water Teresa Naill The veterans that are standing in support of the indigenous people at Standing Rock are the ones flying the US flag following the distress protocol. Those veterans feel that there is serious potential to harm the lives and/or property of the Sioux tribe. That is why the flag is upside down. It is not being done out of disrespect! Stop spreading hate Meggan Buchannan Wow such courage to help a flag after you desecrated a burial ground of the native Americans. The innocent people you pepper spray and use water cannons on in below freezing waters. I feel so proud that you protect the interests of a company that is endangering millions of american citizens water source. Stephanie Wall Wow. You are a pathetic person. You have dissrespected the very lives of people there. Harming them and laughing aboit it. Norris Wakefield political purpose? Clean water on native soil is only political because government rubes like you no longer represent or serve the interests of anything more than profits for corporations....See More Britta Aldridge Wonder how these terrorist cops will feel when the veterans show up to defend the water protectors Jackies Ulestad Thank you for your service Chris Kniesly There is a danger to property and life and expressing that is part of the freedoms the flag represents. Calling someone unpatriotic because you disagree with them doesn't make you a patriot. #NoDAPL Josiah Melissa How about treating people with respect? Gabe Caballero A man too stupid to actually know the reasons plural for a flag being flown that way. Seth Long 'The United States Supreme Court in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), and reaffirmed in U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990), has ruled that due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipality) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to its status as "symbolic speech." Katherine Van Zanten I recognize you from the restaurant video, the one where you called two women over to talk to you only to then order them to leave the restaurant when you didn't like what they said. And now this video. Seems like you need to start listening because you are on the wrong side of history here. Shaunice Headbird First of all it means something to us too fool! Ask them why its not disrespectful y'all is the ones disrespectful Seth Long Morton County Sheriff's Department you continue to embarrass. This is another display of your pettiness and small mindedness. Indigenous people's sovereignty is being violated and millions of people's water is being put at risk and you're worried about whether a symbol is upside down or not. When the hell did it become the job of the police to make sure flags were right side up??? Michelle L Kuntz Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. Michelle L Kuntz Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. Seth Long When did it become the job of the police to make sure flags were right side up??? Michelle L Kuntz Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. Todd Deringer You broke the law by stealing the flag Brian Houck And you conspired to commit the crime Cherokee Roberts The whole country should hand every flag upside down! North Dakota in particular. #Nodapl #standingwithstandingrock because #waterislife Scotty Guy Morton County Police shoud all be fired, fined, and jailed. Danny Wayne This video is Evidence somebody save it before they remove it. Seth Long You treat the a piece of cloth with more respect than you treat the native people's of the land that you're on. Anne November Rain Bismark didn't want the Black Snake why should Standing Rock? Brock Marquez I could be wrong but I would say that is theft. You would think LE would know you shouldn't take something that doesn't belong to you. Scott Kraiter Arrest the rioting trasspassing people and be done with it already. John Rivera Oil Company puppets that's all James Slemp Those officers act like there playing paint ball and enjoying emptying canisters of pepper spray in as many people as they can when there on the otherside of the razor wire now there trying to change public opinion, little late after all that they have done. Vania Todorova Pathetic Nate Schweppe Thank you Morton county sheriff's department, it's nice to see someone still respect the flag!! Maria Elena You're also a thief for stealing their flag on their land. For you it's business as usual stealing their property!!!! Boohoo for you!! it's a flag you big walrus crybaby man... DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!!! For cri sakes!!!! Gibby Carter Colonized brain disorder - maybe an oil enema would clear things up as u only seem to know how to speak from your azz. Cindy Lu 'The United States Supreme Court in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), and reaffirmed in U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990), has ruled that due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipality) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to its status as "symbolic speech." Danny Wayne How about I go to your house take the flag flying off your porch , then what will happen is I will go to jail for theft! What gives you the right? Megan Doherty Carlock The people who placed the flag upside down know exactly what it means. It seems you aren't receiving the message you are being given in a multitude of ways, including the flag being inverted. The people protesting believe there is extreme danger to the...See More Pamela Walters Martin Many are in extreme distress. Patti Leahy Why if you know this upside flag is a sign of distress, are you continuing to disrespect our planet, by supporting the destruction of the land and water for the profit of corporations. They did not abandon the FACT that this situation is a severe sign...See More Aubrey Lauersdorf So are the oil companies going to pay you $$$ for being their mercenary force and assaulting non-violent, Indigenous people? You do not protect and serve the people. You work for big oil. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I don't know how any of you sleep at night. Vic Fedorov It protects the people under the flag Not the government that rules the people Brian Houck You are a provocateur! Jaces Muhma Wait a minute!! Is this the "real" sheriff's fb page? Eddie Winters Obviously native burial sites do not count as "property" Tami Zurek Please pray for our nation, mother earth and our water protectors! ! ! ! Orrin Tall Red, white and brainwashed. Danny Wayne There are more Veterans at the camp then on your police force, And they approve it is Appropriate! They fought for it. Katey Milton Wow, really officiers stealing on their land and proud of it? You should be thanking them for that flag silly rabbit... David G. Doores David G. Doores Protect them from the pipleline~ you speak English correct. Yes you do. Theodore L. Means Jr. Flag code isn't the Constitution, that's it in a nutshell. The just stole that flag!! Hypocrites Stacy Petrek Thank you Ixaru Torres It's says it is. Jaces Muhma. But wasn't their page taken down the other day? Keri Fonder Let's see how some of you feel about officers when you need one. Bunch of hypocrites. Angel Marie're proud of the fact that you stole someone's Flag??? Linda Goodrich There is no rioting unless you look at the law enforcement actions! Don Lane Well said. And great action. There are ways to protest and this is not one 🇺🇸 Amber Rayle they took something that didn't belong to them because indians weren't using it in a way that the white man liked... I have seen this before, can't recall where ;) Jen Shrestha Good Lord! Turn around and protect the people! You swore upon that flag to do so. Not on a stack of money! Wade Sundeen God bless you and everyone that out there serving thank you Rick W Miller I thought the cops down south were stupid but they got nothing on you guys. smh Tyrra B Meserve Just wanted to let the Morton County Sheriffs Dept know, I grew up RESPECTING our Law God Father IS one. I have NO RESPECT for YOU. You DIShonor the Badges you wear. You are NOTHING but HIRED Security guards for Oil Tycoons. I hope you one day gain a conscious before its too late. Sandie Watson I noticed as they stole it, the thieves had it touching the floor! Also a big no no if you read the flag etiquette MCSD! Nicole Lynn Janes You guys blew off a woman's arm?!?! 😳 Maȟpíya Lúta Littlebear Read the beginning of genesis carefully. God saw the light was good but never qualifies the darkness as bad or evil. Man and his desire for comfort have created the culture of fear that dominates our lives. This culture of comfort is brought by rigid ...See More Laurie Hanson You sir are a thief and should be arrested. You say you respect our constitutional rights of free speech, But what your doing is exactly the opposite. You don't agree with what they are saying so you have the right to steal there flag? You should be in jail. I pray for your ignorance and indifferent. Jostein Nibben "US Flag should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property" Water is Life and the property of all living beings! Nadine Vaughan D'Ardenne The flag is Not what gives us our rights to life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is the constitution of the United States. It is our constitution that guaranteed our right to peaceful assembly. There has NEVER been a greater outcry for just...See More Patti Leahy go back and rescue the people! The flag did not need your assistance. The land, water and people who are in real distress are why the flag was in that position. Only an idiot or barbarian could think to respond in the way you did. Do your job as a defender of life!!!!!! Deon King EXACTLY. FALL BACK MORTON COUNTY. NODAPL Katey Milton The Daily Show - The Dakota Access Pipeline's Reservation… Nicholas Roche They ARE under distress. Someone is poisoning their well, and the cops are protecting the perpetrators. You say you are bothered, and you should be bothered and 'taunted' by it. It shows that you still have a conscience underneath that bully-boy ext...See More Karen Lone Fight One is that stealing? Two if a vet puts it up sidedown should u ask him? Gabriel Keesic Water is life. Bryan Clifford sounds like the Morton County Sheriff's office has been...triggered... Jerry Garcia My great uncle was the 1st Latino police chief in Oxnard Ca. I respect those who serve and protect the people NOT the Corporations who dishonor Native Americans and the land. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?!!!! How can you live with yourselves.😞 Gregory French Sometimes I get my jimmies ruffled too. Wish I had a safe space to cry in. Jerry Garcia You are seriously hurting people!!! It's wrong!! Gabriella Townsend They're asking you to HELP THEM to preserve the land, not help the people who plan to defile it!! They would not be flying it upside down otherwise. Hasani Gough Liar. The upside down flag is about the danger to Mother Earth from the corporations. It's not about you helping unless you're willing to stop the pipeline which will poison your water & land, too. Join, don't fight. The corporation doesn't care about you. It's only about lining their pockets. Gina Lee .I mean your releasing a press release about the American Flag being turned upside down, but not a one on your mistreatment of the Native American Indian? Jeff Moore The only people disrespecting the flag are the hired oil thugs. John Adams I wonder how much money that little operation cost the taxpayers of South Dakota. Michael Fisher The flag belongs where-ever a citizen wants it displayed not some half-assed sheriff that's been bought off by oil money. Debra Kay the flag is upside down because they are asking for help, for protection, and we have seen why. #PeopleOverPipeline #GetInvolved Gillean Na Tuaighe Oil under a river constitutes extreme danger to "LIFE" - Water is LIFE - danger to water=danger to life. You are so stupid. Philip Adrian Booth Treat the Native Americans and their treaties with respect , this is what the flag represents , I myself find it quite distressful what is happening up there. It's their right to fly it that way,America is in extreme distress over this situation it's certainly not your right to treat them the way your department has been. You are simply jumping on the flag bandwagon after trumps speech on it . Patricia Dowling This guy is a real bully! He is more of an instigator than an officer of the law. He appears to enjoy it, too. What is this - some kind of dog whistle to other oil lackeys? Is he trying to get more money from Energy Transfer Partners? Whadda creepy guy. Joshua Parish So you trespassed onto land that wasn't yours in order to retrieve a flag, that wasn't yours. Took said flag because you felt that the rightful owner wasn't treating it accordingly. Sound ironic to you. Morton County Sheriff's Department Julie Elijah-Barker Thank you! Kelly Dickey I am sure that many of the officers in Morton County are good people, who decided on the career in law enforcement out of a desire to protect and serve the community. I am also sure that the assaults perpetrated on many of my friends and family members...See More Carol Singleton Hudson I'm sorry sir, but they have the right to fly the flag as a distress signal, and you do not have the right to take it from them. That is theft. Lenin Neger Isn't it the exact opportunity to fly it upside down. There IS an extreme danger of life an property. Michael Gillman Morton County Gestapo Department paid thugs of the Oil Barons. Stephen Powell From my perspective (as a veteran, older than you) the actions (as seen in videos) of Morton County Law Enforcement do more to desecrate our flag than flying it upside down. I found your picture of the flag (before the SWAT team arrived) to be poignant. Joshua Parish Jerred Johnson how do you feel about this. I'd like to hear from Waylon Charles as well. It's interesting to hear from both sides of the argument. I personally feel that taking this flag, which did not belong to the Morton County Sheriff's Department, shows just how ironic all of this truly is. Furthermore, just because one of the officers was a veteran somehow makes this ok? Jessie Bower Keep worrying about that piece of cloth over human rights and water safey.. Yeah, cuz defending the flag is more important than the humans it keep systematically abusing! David Ames You are an idiot...😒 Buddy Medawis How many deputies attend your church? How many share the same financial institutions? I bet you and Sheriff Kirk intimidate your very own organization. Your words are weak! We stand for resolve, and you know it. Rodney Blaec Rainey "Question the authority's legitimacy. We often give too wide a berth to people who project a commanding presence, either by their demeanor or by their mode of dress and follow their orders even in contexts irrelevant to their authority. For example, on...See More Obeying and Resisting Malevolent Orders We did not need Milgram's research to inform us that people have a propensity to obey authority; what it did… Laura Schad Does he understand that natives have the highest rate of military service of any group? Thomas R. Dyer I believe you are saying that you are proud of trespassing and thievery. Nice, now arrest yourself, you have the evidence. Julia Ann Landry Breaking the law trespassing on Treaty Land Jeanine Bordeau Dire Distress. Yes, that would be correct Karen Lewis Oh I see now, your department there doesn't want anyone to know people in N.D. are in distress ? Jonathan Blaze Jason Burge The land you idiots are on was promised to them by that flag and not delivered. Morton County Sherrif's office. is just more proof that "Merika" is a land of ignorant hypocrites. And the "Rescue of the Flag" was a symbolic gesture that they are the real "Merikans." When the leaders of that flag honor th epromises of their forefathers then this idiot can pitch a hissy about the colored cloth before him. Julia Ann Landry Sad you like brutally attacking the very people that have remained to have compassion in their hearts for you donating to your emergency list, the young youth left the donations dispite your refusal to meet with them. Brandon Loos What a nationalistic piece of crap. Dale Overby This should be over anyway. They should take everything Bridget Elam maybe you need to retreat from that hill since it is causing you and your officers such distress to be there spying on peaceful people..I don't know what to offer to you other than that simple observance..if something offends you be an adult and move o...See More Erik Schnabel Soli Goodes It is completely appropriate that people signal the distress of peaceful protestors being injured and harassed by law enforcement and that the threat to the clean water source for people be considered a threat to property. The water belongs to all peop...See More Laurie Lee Lacey Honestly the protestors need to go home!! Jennifer Johnson I wonder if they read these messages. Power to the people. 😊 Juju Williams Roy So the flag only represents the goat? I thought the flag represented the country and it's inhabitants. Jennifer Brown There is exactly an extreme danger to life and property. There is no better example, in fact! Sandra Ballew Posey If it's government lands... Then "We The People" own it. Bruce Ronald Hourn U r unfit to we're that uniform. U are not a law enforcement. U dont know about law enforcement. U shoot innocent people who care for mother earth and for water Peggy Christner then its time to arrest em n be done with it Cath Denison They are in distress. Lucky the Veterans are coming to be by their sides!!! Debra Kay So people can burn the flag but when the Protectors can't fly it upside down when they are asking for help from anyone. #PeopleOverOil And a question. It was okay for you to bust up their canoes & razor blade wires around them to keep anyone from getting them to repair. #OilWhores Betty Blazer Did some of you watch this video? They abandoned camp & left the flag.... Patti Leahy The truth i have witnessed in viewing this video is this: You Morton county are arrogantly stating you know the meaning of an upside down flag, yet YOU choose to add brutality and more distress, rather than send in emergency help. YOU, have chosen to...See More Michelle K Matthews-Schaad When I see distress, I help or at least do no harm. You, well you sir get butt hurt...sounds personal and there's therapy for that. Alicia Lyons It is more distressing to see the lack of respect for any person opposing this pipeline. Corporate greed is fueling this divide between the people and Morton County Sheriff's Department. We must understand that there is more which unites us than will ever divide us. #WATERISLIFE Katey Milton This the same 'peace officer' here?--- Police Order #NoDAPL Protesters to Leave Restaurant Under… Joshua Lehman Great more flag stuff Nancy Tietz Cerkon Thank You! Mark Button It's a piece of fabric. Stupid cop. It means nothing. Zinn Adam Morton County is the reason for the distress. In this video they are admitting to stealing the fag and again stomping on the right of free speech the people flying the flag are displaying. Round of applause Morton County enforces the law by braking the law. Christine Scruggs Marsh Greehy They are still defending ALL of this country's citizens against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC! Thank you for your service, HOWEVER, now YOU have become a domestic terrorist and those who do not feel their oath ended with their separation from their mil...See More Lisa Fleming You are the reason! You took an oath to protect citizens from foreign and domestic terrorist. Instead you protect the interest of big oil over the interest of citizens. Shut your face about your oath you are a traitor. Michael Lauinger Armed robbery is a felony, is it not? Johanna Sophie Rahf You are not supposed to protect a rag of fabric, you are supposed to protect the people that are hoisting that flag!!! uspide down or not. They do have all right to fly that flag upside, they are in distress, they fear for their future, because it is u...See More Davina Terrases First of all - GET THE F**K OFF THEIR FAMILIES GRAVES SITES!!! 😡 Second of all - If you can steal our flag, can we steal your barbwire cause it appears it is in distress out there in the cold and it's making me feel disrespected..... 😂 Blake Ludera Morton County Sheriff's Dept., your actions are despicable and an insult to anyone who truly understands what that flag stands for. Meanwhile, you puff out your chests, throw on your totally unnecessary riot gear, attack peaceful people who have done y...See More Leanne Toohey Still trying to polish that turd, MCSD? You do know turd polishers just end up with dirty hands, don't you? Kitty Colbert The flag was in the correct position. And I'm pretty sure it will be replaced accordingly. You and your henchmen and goons are in no way heroes Morton County. Get over yourselves! Katey Milton\ Marco Chavez Liars Carolyn Bruyere RESTRAINT???? LOL MC Sheriffs, too funny. You guys remind me of monkeys and I do respect LE officers when they do their job without shooting people in the backs/groics and laugh as they do that. One more wrong act in my many is that now? Max Mencke Stop acting like you're the heroes. The flag is upside down for a reason. Christy Addis-Gutierrez might be a good idea to show as much respect for the people as you say you have for the flag Austin-James Hanson You are defending an oil company, not the United States of America. Judy Caldwell Your behavior is a sign of disrespect as where does it stop? Please wear that badge with the pride worthy of it. Don't wear it to protect big oil profits. You guys are better than that, I'm sure you must be. Paul Dc The Veterans are defending America's CLEAN water, MortonCountySheiff's Department, you know the job you're SUPPOSED to be DOING. Pilot Nicety Lmfao 😂😂😂😂 Lily C Kay First of all, that flag was brought to the camp by a veteran who saw what's happening there as citizens in distress and you are the ones causing that distress with constant surveillance and noise and lights, not to mention your militarized attack on pe...See More Rita Enno Shut the hell up M. Eurydice Mixon #OilPolice Kimberly Wagner They have their reasons for flying the flag upside down ... minor issue relative to the brualization of hundreds of citizens by the Morton County Sherrifs Dept. in response to prayerful, peaceful protectors. Are you truly serious? Thousands upon thousands of people have seen video of the unwarranted actions of the police and your focused upon the flag? Tracy Beeler It bothers you because you and your cruelty are causing them to fly the beloved flag upside down. You are bothered because your soul is rotting. Rita Enno Lier M. Eurydice Mixon Morton County Sheriff's department is ATTEMPTING to look all American and stuff lol Brenda Philpott you people are acting like thugs to American citizens..I hope the ACLU take you all to the mat.. Taylor Foster Ohhh u need a safe space. Your argument is completely emotional!! God the irony Neola Peterson If you all hadn't have put the Protectors in such a danderous life threatening position the flag woundn't have to be flown ipside down . You all from Morton County caused it Lizbeth Orantes So it's ok for you all to trespass on their land for something that bothered you (wasn't hurting you or killing you) but they can't trespass on turtle hill to stand against what they believe in??????? Hypocritical much? Taylor Foster Why are you not allowed over? Oh maybe because it's there sovereign land? But somehow private companies can bulldoze right through? Brian Phillips If they read what they wrote and understood what they wrote they would understand way distress. Then again their very statement shows how little they know or understand anything to do with the law of our nation. Makes them sound, well, stupid. Morton County needs to return to school. Chevi Shosomelove Tucker You're speaking for self...shut the f up!! Melanie Schott Willoughby GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!!! Michele Ellen Why don't you guys listen to this! Maybe you can send Car 54 over to handle it...ya know arrest the actual lawbreakers! Rik Parpana Terrorist trying to be upstanding Americans Randy Rogillio Is this clown serious? He suffers from delusions of adequacy. I wouldn't be surprised to find out this barrow beats his wife routinely. Vaughn Mojado Defenders of oil. Amelia Malka Sohler you disgust me. #nodapl Melody Girty Extreme danger to treaty land, burial grounds, drinking water, and yes physical brutality by Morton County police they have every right to fly the flag in distress John Neville I'm going to plow up your grandmother's grave and see if you feel and distress. Send this guy to Gitmo with the other terrorists. Marlinda Omaohoya When you going to stop these happy you got snacks from the youth Randy Rogillio Cops are tools who have sold out their moral code to politicians. Their actions aren't based on morality but upon orders which are political in nature. Morally bankrupt, order-following tools. Yana Freeman How people get so bent out of shape over a piece of cloth, but not over the harm coming to people. Beats me!! One day when they have nothing to wear they will make clothes from those flags and no one will care because they will be more concerned at being clothed and warm that what a piece of clot stands for. Justin Compeau Sorry to break your heart but this is NOT the only place in America it's free and this upside down flag is everywhere! ! Good luck Katey Milton Lelah Allen-Lucas We wouldn't be in distress if we didn't have to fight for clean water, and the militarized police weren't brutalizing unarmed people and creating trumped up charges to people who stopped an active shooter from killing innocent people. We Are In Distress!!! Wini McMath-Hotere Cheers for the laugh Morton County. Love and light Sarah Mathews With all due respect, it is an act of protected free speech, and however distasteful you may find it, is still legal. If those veterans are coming to protect lives and property, it's more than just a political statement anyways. Le Malone They are in distress. You exemplify macho cop mentality. Pity on you. Travis Blair Thank you North Dakota PD, SWAT, National Guard and all other special teams on this situation for upholding the laws of the land and taking care of the stars and stripes. For the land of the free and the home of the brave. Dusty Dionne Awwwwww. When you are the reaaon the flag is upside down, it can really feel like crap. They arent disrespecting that flag, they are calling out your actions. And "Just because you can, doesnt mean you should"? Tell yourself that in the mirror. Vincent Venditti You don't get that they are fighting for their and their children's lives. Jessie Wagers Wow thieves and trespassers AGAIN!! And you guys are AGAIN stupid enough to provide your own video evidence!! Clapping it up for the mentally challenged that make up you crew of thugs! 👏👏 🖕🙄🖕 👍 Louise Gourneau Well duh! You guys are purposely injuring unarmrd citizens to protect a pipeline and all you can cry about is how you 'rescued' the sign of distress flag? Unfrickenbelieavble how dumb that makes you look and you're patting yourselves on the back for it. Madisen Funk Any veteran that works for Morgan County should have all of its military honors taken away. You have not served and protected people and you have not held up or protected the Constitution. Jeffrey A. Cox You are an embarrassment to what the flag represents. Turning a flag up right does nothing in the continued face of wrong doing. You can't ware your false mask long, it will destroy you, those uncomfortable feelings you feel deep inside that you don't understand - pay attention to them. Yes you have a soul and your soul knows the truth. Kathy Cook Rezpect ??? Really your proud of being part of Morton County and all they have been doing all this time to bring trauma to these people and walking above the law to do self service bidding and not caring about them w/ false demise just as you did this ...See More Gab Levesque youre a pathetic sorry excuse for an officer Denise McCallum You have apparently forgotten (both as a veteran and law enforcement) WHO you should protect and serve. It is citizens, not corporations. The flag IS being flown in accordance with code. You sir are deceived. Kelsey Schumacher Lol so brave, so heroic. Kyra Rachel Last I checked their is an extreme danger to life and property, flag code really?! Clearly people don't care about your magic cloth code, therefore upside down is correct. Talon Lonebear JoRee Vi LaFrance Craig Smith You guys need to check your spelling and grammer- these videos are "No truth" not "Know the truth" . They're actually opposite. Go back to 4th grade! Shawna Lee Starr Yeah, I can't believe how really stupid they are maybe they would learn something if they came and joined the other side yeah..... Tony Clarence Herz Semper Fi Marine. Lisa Richmond You dumbasses of course they know your not going to help so here come the real men , welcome America's vets from all over to stand with the people Stephanie Magera Carron It's a sign that the nation is in distress... how do you jump from distress to disrespect? Disrespect is stepping on it, burning it outside the traditional ritual, spitting on our soldiers and most importantly PROTECTING A CORPORATION OVER THE PEOPLE!!! Janet Lee Bunderson Awwww, poor babies! You do all kinds of things to you and get pissed when they show signs of protest... Hanne Espeland just sad listening to you, because you a big part of the WHY! Courtney Glendenning Walsh Yes it's a sign of distress. A sign that they need help and protection from you. Rhonda Marrone Looks to me from your own video like your men stole the flag.... Yasharahla Kalaya Gad Gabar Woe unto Morton County and Kelsey Warren! Woe!!!! Erin Aleck You are the evil of America. You are the reason I don't trust. Your words can't change what I saw live. Liar!! Samsara Driftwood It is dire!!! Joanne Farage From my understanding you can still burn the flag and what about the 2nd amendment. John Morgan So you stole some bodies flag and violated there first amendment right because of your opinions? That's illegal Georgia Bissonette Trying to butter up all the vets arriving to little to late Michael Dimitri Go hide under a rock you lying no good excuse for a policeman Shannon OHaire Let me get this straight. Morton County Sheriff's Department deployed a SWAT team member to retrieve a flag that no one was guarding and they're so proud of treating that flag with the respect it deserves that they made a video about it?! Imagine what they'll do when they start handling real live humans with that same respect!!! (don't hold your breath on that one) Samsara Driftwood Vomit bag please Robin J Zamini When you stopped becoming the protectors of civilians, and instead became the slave to corporate greed, you lost all credibility as an honest and incorrupt institution. You took an oath to protect and serve the people of Morton County. Foreign interests came in flashing a wallet and suddenly you are standing against your own people. This is truly sad. None of you with a conscious is sleeping peacefully. Andrew Joseph Mao Ciara Tiffiny Carter We still know better. I hope you guys remember your human and not gods, realize your wrongs, change sides and start defending the water protectors. Wes Martin III The truth is you are & will always be standing on Native land. Lara Pearson Chilton Wow! You guys and gals are really reaching. The flag you speak of was displayed that way by VETERANS choosing to stand on the right side of history. I spoke to the veterans responsible, highly decorated I might add, and they state that they have neve...See More Becky Potapa Gallinger Sir, the hate in your heart is palpable. You should get that checked. Mj Lamb You have no souls MCSO. Christine Monahan What your goons have done to these innocent people is an act of extreme and ongoing danger. Joel Kelley And the pipeline being defended by Morton County does not constitute extreme danger to life and property how? Nika Backbone Paul Gilbert Well the pipeline will be completed and then everyone will go home and ND will have to pick up the pieces and try to repair relations with the Sioux and other people that these agitators have broken. Brad Mourningstar Wonder how many babies that guy killed when he was in the military Becky Potapa Gallinger Get off treaty land! Get off burial grounds! There's not ONE WORD coming from your mouth that I believe. Barb Gullikson Duhhhh.... Marvin Chasenah That doesn't give us the right to do that we give us the right to do that 0:48 Barb Gullikson Lmao 😂😂😂😂u didn't help earlier n your still not helping...paleeeeees! Omg Dawn Perkins There is extreme danger to life AND property. You sir, are mistaken at it being held in this manner out of disrespect. It's being held in this manner due to the pain and suffering you have caused them. They are asking for help. Katie Sioux Lamoureaux Morton county needs revamped send em to git mo w the other terrorists Leonard PF Medina If they were stomping on it or burning it, then you can mention disrespect. Its a nation in distress! There are 2000 veterans on the way to educate you on the meaning of it all. Lol Barb Gullikson Well u take it however u wish to take it, maybe your thoughts would be different if u were the one w your arm to pices, ya think! Cmon get real sheriff! I can't believe your even a sheriff, I try but just not happening any way I look at it. Barb Gullikson Just because u can....doesn't mean u should....think about that one sheriff, those words coming out of your mouth! Jahellion Whiplash You are trying to murder unarmed people at the behest of an oil company. If that doesn't constitute dire distress on the behalf of the people you are trying to murder I don't know what does. Jorge Villalta Oh my god what a hero, need a medal of honor for that? Rebecca Robles The best they can do is an upside down flag? #policeliesmattertothem #theyandthearmycorpsneedtomoveout !! They are treaspassing!!! James Zenidog Yet police around the nation desecrate our flag by running a blue line through it. Talk about hypocrisy at its finest. Tanya Werman The pipeline is a threat to water. Water is life. Put the flag back the way you found it traitors. Katherine Kurner HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT! April Scott That is the stupidest video I've seen to date. Your department should be ashamed. Use your resources to HELP these people. And did it ever occur to u that they ARE distressed so that's why they're flying it upside-down?!! #boneheadmove Diane Dondero Green When indigenous people are attacked in their prayer circle would that not be dire distress? Duane Lopez say all you like but nothing that comes out of your mouth can change the way we feel and look at you morton county and cass county. You blatantly lied to everyone and once is enough. Go home!! Jonathan OldHorse As a veteran then you understand that right or wrong you fought and defended the right for others to do that, no matter how mad or angry you get we fought for others to have a choice . Marvin Chasenah Alright thats enuff FARVA from you N rest of THE SUPER TROOPERS tell the truth Katherine Kurner PERHAPS THE THOUSANDS OF VETERANS ON THEIR WAY TO DEFEND THE WATER PROTECTORS WILL EXPLAIN IT TO YOU! Christopher Newell So you guys stole a flag? Isn't that against the law? And you're advertising it on Facebook? Way to go Enos! Katie Sioux Lamoureaux Gee he doesn't look like he misses any meals bet he can't catch me tubby wubby Jake Hollidge Wait u basically just said u swore to uphole their right to fly that flag upside down. How can u get mad at ppl for doing what u say veterans fought for? Katie Sioux Lamoureaux How did he pass the physical Lisa Mccall I do believe our country is IN DISTRESS! Lorraine VanDorn Best Awwww! Isn't that sweet! A dyed piece of fabric made in China is more important than honoring a treaty and peoples safety. I have a family of vets that have their flags inverted right now Betty Price You don't know the truth if it smacked you upside the head! Paulette Allman RENO 911, at it again!!! Lmao!! Dwight Harborne You disrespect your badge you theft.Your father should have spat you out on the sheets Ann Marie Brewster extreme danger to life or property...what part of that don't you get? the pipeline is an extreme danger to both! Ans de Groot Respect you have to earn as politicians, law enforcement and citizen. The most of what I have seen was disgracefull behaviour and discrimination. William Chico Goodpaster I served. I am saddened that your dept. is putting these people in distress. Ethan Waldo Deikler I am so proud to live in the same country and be fighting for the same values as these veterans and natives. Daniel DC You should be ashamed of yourselves. Mike Walsh All you protester people sound like little kids demanding more recess time! They ALREADY HAVE A NATURAL GAS LINE in the right of way they are using. Meanwhile you morons cost we the people millions and spend millions at chief standing rocks store. ...See More A.R. Flair You bunch would make excellent storm troopers. Paul Friederichs From MN - What is the right level of force to deal with an upside down flag, blow somebody's arm off? Anne Rubin Clean drinking water is worth standing up for, and the only ones being political here are the oil companies, their investors, and their hired thugs. Ivonne Blas I thought it was the constitution that gave them the right to protest not the flag. Erin Baker Really. .... so you obviously don't follow those standards Todd Standing Cloud And that means honoring the treaties!!! James Woods The flag will only ever be a pattern on a piece of material, the values that the officer describes as the ones of the American people and the flag is exactly why the officer should have gone to the assistance of the people. Rescuing a pattern on the p...See More Melody Ellice This man's an idiot!! Steven Christofferson Nice PR attempt to shield you from the thousands of veterans descending on Standing Rock to protect the Natives from thugs like you. Your theft of the flag simply proves how wrong you are. Lester Coulter Jr. Morton county openly admits to theft. Nice. But they are "upholding" the law. ROFLMAO! This is another text book example of what a HYPOCRITE is. Jillian Adams You stole a flag. You, if a veteran, understand you fought for our freedom, whether you agree with what we do with it is not your choice. Jeff Saulteaux Morton county law enforcement you guys don't know how to respect the USA flag by protecting the oil companies maybe you thugs want your kids to drink oil Heather Marderosian They ARE in DIRE STRESS.. DUH Jessica Vigil We are a country in distress. Linaka Leonato DA!!! YA THIS WHOLE COUNTRY IS IN DISTRESS!! ESPECIALLY OUR INDIGENOUS PEOPLE!!!!! László Kojak Juhász That flag was made in China on synthetic fibers and as a veteran feel such is distressful and should be flown upside down and on Fire as the law permits. Tracy Ochoa You don't know the first thing about honesty and integrity since that was the exact same thing that got me kicked out of the marines. I showed them honesty and integrity and in return, I got walking papers. Get straight in your own head, think for yourself and quit being a puppet. Donald Wright Didn't the supreme court say it's ok to burn the thing? Do you lot think you know better than the supreme court? Vernon Whitehorse You say you have respect for the flag being up side down, yes we are American we were in desress and what is respect which u don't have while morton county driving all over a grave site and decorated the site, so how much do u have respect that u don't know. Jackie Lee Black Feather Jr. A video about facts seems to have a lot of opinions. Vicky Fitzmaurice Goofballs Amber Rayle He filmed the crime of theft and bragged about it on Facebook.... yesterday you said that was a bad thing ;) that blue line is getting blurry. Connie Webber A vetern placed that flag in distress lol Also by your footage shows how you come across. Wonder how much you all came across to plant things js As your statements you spoke exactly who are you protecting corporation. ...See More Sharon Stone Kortright Water is the key to all life. I learned that in elementary school science. For the Native Americans the land is their issue. As an American, I am ashamed that my government doesn't honor our Treaties. I was under the impression that a treaty was a ...See More Samsara Driftwood Niki Wippel Sarah Freels They are trying to provoke the vets to get mad at the protestors because they don't have footage of them actually doing something wrong. They can do that! Matt Smith bwhahahahahahhahahahaha Kyle Bradley seems you morons missed the part where courts have ruled it could be flown upside down as a form of protest and was protected under the first amendment. Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 , 404-6 (1989) and Congine v. Village of Crivitz. What you did was...See More Sarah Freels Vets are on the water protectors side #pipelinePIGS you are welcome anywhere as long as you aren't violent and disrespectful Melinda Mindy Rice Maybe you should treat them with the rights of Americans... Kimberly Amiotte "Know the truth"... In other words, Follow Kevin, Dallas or Standing Rock Facebook page. Misty Murphy You didn't try to help them from the beginning! You almost killed people!!!! Sarah Freels Oh no! The water protectors flew a piece fabric upside down?! And that taunts the Morton police? That alone right there shows they are unstable to protect people Mike Amato Do you hear yourself?!? You and anyone not denying orders involving engagements against those people are exactly why that flag was inverted. You and the rest envolved in this debacle disgust me. Cheri Sanders Dawkins You need to quit spinning stories Morton county you are spinning out of control Melanie J Benoist It IS extreme danger when u idiots don't care how you "defend" yourselves from non-existent weapons. Alexander Munson So glad you value a symbol over the rights that it represents, or the lives you are supposed to protect. Jen Abreu What a colonized tool. Silver Moon When the symbol means more to you than the rights that it stands for, you've lost your way Polly McLeod The U. S. Government has made it clear they side with big oil and thumb their noses at the .constitution. Richard Mccahey Cut it off when he started the flag in distress....please. Sarah Freels Wow they stole their flag. S.m. Alexander The police dept. proved that the people were correct. Not only are their lives in jeopardy by the pipeline but they are also put in dire jeopardy by morton county's police dept. Harry Om Thugs..... Warren Scott Ross they are americans in destress from you Jeff Redbird Langston So who do Morton County residents call when their flag gets stolen?? Obviously not the Sheriff. Chris Harper How can a sheriff be this stupid Reva Seay they are in distress you are the terrorists Phyllis Stone I guess that memo got lost on that sheriff of nuttingham's desk! When a flag is flown upside down the ppl are in distress! I,bet they dont even have any kind of rule/law books! But then what does it matter, they make up rules as they go along! Hokulani McClane thieves Lisa Ganser The flag is a symbol of colonization Angie Louie Stop talking about how you're protecting the Constitution! You're Protecting big Oil and that is it! And you're only fooling yourself if you think our people are not In distress because of YOU and Your LIE ENFORCEMENT! Lois Jordansky He is trying to provoke, rile up and divide people. His words come from a dark place to bring negativity! John Delaney Flying a flag upside down is a recognized symbol of distress. By doing that, they did a patriotic act, by drawing attention to the fact that America itself is at risk in this situation. A thinking policeman should recognize that. Warren Scott Ross and there will be more veterans coming that are not on your side wait and see Jim Kathy Seykora Good job I am a vet makes me sick Cathie Havlina WE KNOW THE TRUTH AND WE SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT. THE TRUTH IS THE MORTON County COPS ARE COMMITTING HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND ARE ENDANGERING NATIVE PEOPLE. GO BACK TO EUROPE. Pansy Wilson If you think this isn't a nation in distress you better take another look Sarah Freels They took the flag down because they don't want people knowing these water protectors are in danger. Especially with the police cutting off their supplies to survive in the camp. It's Inhumane. And they will have lives to be accountable for because of this. Leo Gunner Baker Video evidence of a theft. Decker Loren Lol, you do realize morton county sheriff's have lost all credibility do to serious alagation against the water protectors. There is no evidence supporting your delusional accusations. Watching your Facebook videos are quite humorist and very entertaining. Terry Weber So he admits it's there's that. Amanda Lucky Bothers you because you are statist psychopath Kerry Jensen Right on!! Inshirah Mahal Stop working with mercenaries to assault and abuse our water protectors. American water is in distress. Indigenous people are in distress. Your job is to serve and protect American People, not International Corporations. The land is stolen, broken treaty land. You are betraying The Constitution Of The United States Of America. Terry Weber So...he admits it's political. That's interesting. Inshirah Mahal Thank God for the Veterans Of Our Fossil Fuel Wars. Tim Smith You also do realize that the "Flag code" is a set of guidelines suggesting proper use and care. It is not punishable or enforceable. You have clearly committed theft of property that was not yours, enforced an unenforceable law, and have gone rouge. Dee Oliver dont matter..your still getting sued ..they must have been flying it when you terrorized them with 6 hours of water cannons and your bombs Bina Sampson-Kramer He's a disrespect to the badge. My internet is very slow so I watched less than a minute 😡😡 Daniella Rouzier Brissett They don't have the right but you have the right to put people in the hospital for protesting to protect what is important to them an I missing something here 🤔 Eddie Hewitt His he really????? Zephra Gomez Liar liar! Your nose is growing sir! Heather Cheslin What a brain donor....tragic 😣 Scott Fulford To uphold the law... did the department just ignore the fact that this is land of the native people... assigned to them... ? Do they ignore the fact that this pipeline is illegal? How about you go arrest the trespassers.. the pipeline builders. Uphold your oath. Bina Sampson-Kramer Protecting the constitution means protecting treaties too!!!! Grr! Arrogance at its best😡😡😡 Cookie LJ Sam George Lying as usual. Nice reps of your "law enforcement" 🙄 Setab Krik THUGS wear badges Becky Archibald Treaties are supreme law of the land, it's in the Constitution.... Amanda Lucky The country hates you Scott Fulford " ..the US Flag should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property." Exactly.. this oil pipeline is extremely dangerous to the 12 million people that rely on the clean water. Danger to property.... just look at what the oil pipeline builders have done... destroyed land that is not owned by them. Get your head on straight... arrest the trespassers.. the dokota pipeline builders. Inshirah Mahal There is no consistent logic in your argument whatsoever. You are in violation of The Constitution Of The United States Of America. Gary McNutt You need some serious help, you sound like a immature child. Grow up. Frankie Sinnerceros They did exactly what with respect to the flag they should've done. There's people burning the flag for lesser crimes....See More Don Gibbs To the law enforcement officers who retrieved this flag, thank you. You make me proud to wear that symbol on my right arm. To the liberal minority who refuse to accept the truth you are wasting more time effort and money and apparently have no conscience what so ever for the mass disruption you are causing. ...See More James Pate lol you incriminated yourselves, trespassing and theft, theft of a flag to boot! Michelle Metcalf Yeah, you "officers" are such great patriots. Sarah Freels I could barely get through half this commentary above the video before gagging. #pipelinePiGS LIE Polly McLeod Speaking as a white person, white man has marauded all over the planet killing and enslaving and ruining indigenous cultures. It is unbearable, unforgivable, and must be stopped at once. The younger generation, and a whole bunch of us older people, are ready to stand with all oppressed people against the invaders who never did belong here Loretta Cosner There is a danger to life and property. Jedidiah Hill I look forward to the sheriff and all deputies being jailed soon Jerry Nunley You say you took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution ...THEN KEEP THAT OATH OR SURRENDER YOUR BADGES Shad Bumgarner You're an idiot Mslaurie Mtlock Goes both ways buddy... Miguel Sierra Who are you protecting and serving Corporate profits over the people you are paid to protect Look at your children they are going to suffer from this whether you do or not. Jason Moran So let me get this straight...a police force, looking down from a hill which is a sacred American burial ground & is being desecrated, is offended by unarmed Citizens exercising constitutional rights by flying a flag upside down after being distressed/...See More Anna M. Wilhelmi Lawless Police Department. But we knew that. Robyn Lawson It was brought by VETS. That should be telling you something far more important than your ignorant outrage. Your terrorism bothers all of us. Judy Gary Stearns These people and their land are in dire danger from the pipeline builders Amanda Scantlan Ummm really ... this is a political purpose ?? Y'all are dumber than you sound Morton PD smh Kim Thoms Morton county and the Governor are terrorists,the ppl are in Distress!, and yes some do photo ops for articles being written, Now stop hate mongering and ya might wanba stoo mixing up yer KKK oath,Military oath,and your oath as an officer ,might wanna brush up on that peice of paper camled a Constitution while yer at...jus sayin. Tani Lonetree Did you ever ONCE consider that they had a right to show they were in distress?\ Rhonda Hampson ..but you are pretty frikkin hilarious with your Cathy Sulland Obregon Huge appreciation to Morton County for ensuring videos are closed captioned. Thank you! Ike Furbush The flag flown upside down, a nation in distress!! Kyra Rachel Oh I get it capture the flag, when you steal opposite teams flag. That's cute. King Kels #NoDAPL You so-called "police" are criminals, and your descendants will hate you for what you are doings! #WaterIsLife Steve Branson When did the Sheriff become Corporate Thugs? Honor your oath to protect the people! Heather Denmead The people you've sworn to protect, fly the flag upside down to show they are in distress and you enter their land unlawfully and steal it, pretty sure that's a violation of the Geneva convention, is it not? Owna Fa'agata You sir don't know the law of the flag, you sound,look, are a idiot Rodney Michael Wright-Kenyon MC Sheriffs dept The Elders and the Headmen of the camps is donating. Presented by the Native Youth Council of the Camp's Owna Fa'agata Lol, and veterans are coming because you are a domestic threat to life,liberty......get some knowledge sherif John Buday Can you say authoritarian butthurt? Vernon Haltom Stop putting the people in distress! Stop your violent repression! #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife Owna Fa'agata How much did they pay you this time sheriff Candy Lorene Brockway Are you a veteran lol I highly doubt it Tamara Kuhn Morton County Sheriff has endangered the lives of the peaceful water protector's at Standing Rock and continues to threaten their lives. You are NOT the flag police. You have disrespected the flag by acting as the oil police causing severe injury and damage to the lives and property of the water protectors. Danny Steen God Bless You! Jake Brandt You and every other law enforcement agency who showed up there escalated the situation to a level of distress. You're protecting and serving the bank accounts of the scumbags who gave you your orders. My sources? Honest people who are there who I've known for years. Albeit anecdotal, I trust them more than any garbage spun up on social media. Amy Marie Holland They're in distress from your violent actions. So yes, fly old glory upside down. Eileen Jessop Did you try to walk over to them? You say you're not welcome but I don't think that's true. Just walk over, nicely. Amy Wolf So having your arm blown nearly off like Sophia Walinsky and having a detached retina from assault by Morton County Sheriffs like Sioux Z doesn't count as extreme danger to life? I think it does. And yes, the stupidity of running a pipeline under Lake Oahe for over a mile instead of a few hundred yards crossing at a narrow part of the river also counts as as a serious threat to life and limb. Mike Montgomery They are in distress after they were attacked by the Morton county sheriff's department don't lie we all seen what you did. Danny Steen I want to make this clear---- God Bess those who saved our Flag. God Bless America! America WILL be Great Again!!! Amber Davila Stuttering Stanley lieing out his backside whining and crying again #noDapl Gary McNutt Are you not supposed to be neutral? you sound like your some kind of badly trained security guard. Jae Hawkins They ARE in distress BECAUSE of you!!!!!!! Tabitha Schoenegge Kaye What happened to honor your oath ??? Poor excuse Kathy Rakestraw Praying the law enforcement men abusing the Native American Indians are investigated and prosecuted. John Madsen You are creating the distress by hosing, gassing, spraying, shooting, grenading, blockading and or sicking attack dogs on unarmed peaceful Americans. Adelle Bernadette YOU are showing disrespect by standing on sacred graves on Turtle Hill! Sheesh! How dare you spin the truth Morton County! Your department is a mockery to the US Owna Fa'agata Wow, don't you understand it means help? My hell ! You still see us all as a enemy Amber Dyer Not only is that wrong but it looks like the flag touched the ground after they grabbed it. So stealing someone else's property, enforcing your beliefs on another people and, allowing the US flag to touch the ground is cool with you guys? What constitution did you take an oath to protect because it sure as hell wasn't the US Constitution. Tim Agee What does the flag represent to indigenous peoples? Storm Pusztay Please vote me in as sheriff ... when it's time for next term John Madsen No you are protecting the oil interests. Oil interests. Polly McLeod "America is an oil company with an army", the new president and his administration are neofascists, climate change has passed the point of no return, what WOULD you consider a dire situation?? Allen Reevs Ya wouldnt have touched those Stars and bars with out loseing a life had i been there. Your a Terrorist to the Native American. Owna Fa'agata Yet you dig up our graves and tear gas,hit, mase, us? Sick in the head to think you are in the right? Standing on sacred land Adrian Diaz He acts so proud to have been a marine but in forces laws that herrase and collect from Americans and violates rights daily give me a break they only care when it hurts there feelings Tonya Floyd There is extreme danger for their lives and land Jacquie Mason "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." --Patrick Henry Paul Belden "There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice." Charles de Secondat Mary Olson Diver Isn't this the same sheriff that violated the rights of people dining in a restaurant in Mandan recently? So much for constitutional rights and upholding your oath! Putz!! James Schmidt Whats going on there is bothering people around the whole planet... These vids seem like desperate attempts to win folks over... Not working!! ...See More Paolo Milana Go home you robo cops Brian Nelson Praying that all you bleeding heart idiots get a little karma in your llife Jade Dietz Dance Seriously? You think that it's important to "rescue" a piece of fabric, but blowing a woman's arm off is okay?! Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances! Lawrence Gary Let me see if I can articulate an appropriate response,.. #gofuckyourself Diana Moos Why are you protect a foreign oil company pipe line rather than the native people of ND? Karen Evans How bout treating out Native Americans with the RESPECT they deserve...The Very Natives who fought for your country so u can live free...!!! Craig Painton Thieves!!! Cas A Fras Their lives are at risk. You are putting their lives at risk. Stephanie Dawn Foote Your full of crap!!!! Debbie McShane Why are you on Turtle Hill anyway Petra Brinkhoff Oh boy. Those people are full of learned anger and falso hope. Patrick N Linaya Bishop Turds coming out your mouth!! Carolyn Marsala OH your feelings got hurt!! Jessica Fultz Hmmm... seems like distress to me. Hope someone fixes that. Shawn Ridsdale Buddy, you are so full of BS and your not fooling anyone. You think your the saviour of the people?? You a puppet of the system. Randy Fogarty "when there is extreme danger to life or property" Well, that's the case, since your department is obviously incapable of critical thinking. Mack Buttlier So you just admitted to theft and showed us the evidence, how nice of you. Your hurt feelings don't give you the right to take other people's property. Greg L Cheney I have 6 more that say that you are a dam liar, there is a threat to land and life. Will Drewing You trampled their first amendment right. You, fat sir, are why I can't trust myself to join that protest. As an OIF/OEF who knows himself, I know my anger would cause me to do what the tribe doesn't want done. They're keeping you safe at this point with their request for nonviolence. Zak Swope You sir are a special kind of dumb. Your ignorance is terminal, how unfortunate for you. Adrian Salazar They forgot the laws and the forgot how to RESPECT the flag .they just rolled it up and threw it in the boat. On the hull. THE FLAG IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOLDED AND NEVER TOUCH THE GROUND ! IDIOTS Kristie Colhoff-White Eyes So taking an innocent girls use of her arm isn't "extreme danger of life or property?" What about her property of her arm? What about another lady dealing with her eye being hit? Is that not her personal property? Extreme? Let's talk about spraying water in freezing temperatures. Proudfeather Blue your supposed to protect oppressed people , not oppress them more . Blair Tom So they leave the native American flag behind. Karma will get them Nikki Shinos-Davis So THEY tresspassed...imagine that... Martin Seeger Governments do not give people rights. You got it backwards. People give the government rights. Greg L Cheney LOTS of back lash on here Morton County SD you are not well respected at all. Hang your heads.... Leanne Pate but there IS danger to life and property, and free speech ... Tracy Roberts From my own research, the Tribal Council leaders have refused to talk to the oil company over the last 2 years about all this, not showing up at scheduled meetings, rescheduling and not appearing, refusing to provide requested information. I'm not taking sides because I don't think all sides are being honest. Susie Gazic Sandler The Indigenous People are in distress and you are the problem. How much are the oil barrons paying you. They are entitled to leave the flag standing. Oil Corps have taken over America and human beings don't even matter anymore. I will pray for your rotting soul. SheilaMonique Johnson Thank you guys for all you do!! Susie Gazic Sandler I am calling the DOJ to investigate you sir. Lu Henry B S !!💩💩💩💩💩💩 Xyler Aston You're proud that you broke the law and stole someone's flag? I guess that makes sense for you guys that are shooting innocent people and giving them hypothermia Tom Karey The pipeline will be put through January 20 time to leave Luke Nathaniel Walker Oh no his feelings were hurt 😕 Barb Scott-Rarick According to the United States Flag Code, hanging the flag upside down is a signal that the owner of the flag is in extreme danger. The person's life or property has to be threatened. If the flag is hung upside down, military personnel recognize this a...See More Chilin Drina Say the truth about this!!! Tobias Shinobi Maybe if these jackboots would serve and protect the people, instead if the oil companies trespassing on their land, they wouldnt need to protest. This sheriff is an idiot. This is distress. This is dictatorship nearly to its fullest. Get off of their land, before the "peaceful" part leaves the protest Veruca Salt "freedom of speech" Reyna Crow No, you did not restore the flag to the proper position. Monica Littlegeorge How and where was a Veteran or officer trained to steal a flag and treat it like that? Rena Martinez Neal-Lopez They are distress because of you (sheriffs) this is why your not welcome over to their side.. They don't want to get beat! Daniel McDougle Since when do our police and military protect illegal actions against treaty land?????? Joleen Grussing #nodapl Jemon Honore I hate it when people lack the respect of understanding that the respecting of the flag only is a symbol for respecting the freedoms it stands for. This officer missed the entire point of his service time. We fought for freedom and the meaning of the constitution and flag... not for the piece of paper it is written on, or the cloth it is printed on. Cari Dyni Huber A flag can be replaced and resewn. Once the water is corrupted by oil, or human life is extinguished by big oil's sheriff's department and associated mercenaries it is permanently gone. Anyone who thinks a flag (either flown right side up or upside down) is more important than human beings and the water they drink to survive is an ignorant redneck yokel. Bill Bouschor THUGS with BADGES Lois Jordansky At this point they should apologize! Everything they say to justify their reckless behavior makes them look even more guilty and stupid. Lori Tinkham Flying the flag upside-down is a sign of distress not disrespect. Your an idiot sr.! Susana Carman If our flag represents freedom of speech, why would you idiots right it!!! Morton County law enforcement is a suppressor of free speech and instead chooses to oppress the truth our people on the ground and media outlets are sharing!! But please tell me again how you are justified in shooting people in the face with gas canisters and blowing people's arm's off??? #BringThemToHeel #NoDAPL Josh Tunink Just run that by me again who the f are they protecting and serving looks like you're protecting big oil not the people You should be real proud of yourselves. Joleen Grussing I stand with Standing Rock and the Water Protectors. They are not camped out in freezing conditions for the fun of it - their lives, their water, their sacred spots are threatened. Please open your minds and retreat, or protect them instead. James Magaska Swan Oh Shut the Hell up!... Tina Haverluk JACKASSES Lois Jordansky I mean Morton County should be wearing the orange jumpsuits and free the prisoners! And, yes our country is in distress because of cooperate greed! Heidi Thomas yes! lets treat a piece of fabric with respect and seriously inflict harm on the peaceful protestors who are in distress James Magaska Swan You went down their and stole someone's property? WOW! Kyle Golden you think you can do what ever you want at no consequence, you break the same laws that you vow to uphold, and cry about an upside down flag. All you are is a paid thugs. Mark Lee Isomura KEEP FLYING THAT FLAG UPSIDE DOWN UNTIL THEY STOP THE OIL LINE AND GIVE THE NATIVES BACK THERE LAND WHICH WAS STOLEN YEAH!!! Yvette Neshi Lokotz There is so much Wrong with this PSA, I don't know where to begin. Let's start with there needs to be an in-service about jurisdiction - Corp land is the unceded treaty land, which still belongs to the Great Sioux Nation, DAPL and Morton County Sherif...See More Carisa Wells We are in distress!!!!!!!!!! Kyle Golden Your constitution was based on American Indian great law. Robert Litz So he's now become sheriff, da, judge and nice for him... Pea K Kuneki It was looking in a mirror, that's why the moved the flag. Cowards... Laura Karg Are there really people buying this guys indignation? Wonder how much they played him off with. Sung Gleska Tatanka Nunpa You are more stupid then you look. The distress position of the flag is universal and can be used by all Americans in need of help. When people fear the government; there is tyranny, when government fear the people; there is liberty. David Head Go fight real crime you jerk. Their are people there who risked their lives overseas to protect your rights. Strong Hearted Bear So stealing property is allowed by police now???? How come noone charged them with theft Barney Shpaengles Morton county sheriffs department for GUANTANAMO FOR THEIR TERRORIST ACTS Jay Daigneault This is the dumbest thing I've seen all day. Police officers stealing property.... you should be ashamed of yourselves for protecting big oil and the people feeling they need to put the flag upside down. Colette Quaempts Your not protecting anything there sheriff, just agreed for your pocket, don't you understand, grr, I'm stopping right there, Wanda Lind What a "fast talker". He didn't mean one word; always trying to sound good. Jennifer Mahutga Hello, this is because you have created distress for them, instead of protect them. You don't belong on federal land to begin with. You should be begging for forgiveness for the human rights violations you have committed, you are not above the law. Faith Jenson TURTLE ISLAND GET IT RIGHT John Wittmayer These chumps are politicized. That's not what taxpayers hired them for. They are civil servants and are doing a miserable job at it. They should all be dismissed as the violent bullies that they have proved to be. Lenore Carfora-Nye You guys are grasping at anything you can to try and make you look better in the public eye. It is a waste of time because everyone has seen the videos of how you treated those good people for no good reason. Stop trying to justify your actions and just do the right thing! Richard Bieser Apparently American citizens are of the opinion that they are in dire distress fear extreme danger to their lives and property. Thank you Sheriff for clarifying the Flag Code. Savvy Fritzkid So LE just posted a video of themselves committing a federal crime? Kristian James I find your ignorance entertaining, yu have nothing on anyone therefore yu try to pull stuff outta your buns 😂😂😂 come on now be for real Yvette Hatchere If you don't care about people who only want to protect their sacred sites, treaty land and the rights of having clean water for ALL people, then I suggest that you boycott water and stop drinking it. I guarantee after 3 days without it, you won't survive! Tommy Hebert This guy talks about the flag as a symbol of their right to free speech.'re ignorant...a reservation is a separate sovereign land. I would have shot and killed the cops who came to take that flag...for invading my country Melinda Kelsey Basney I believe a militarized police force brutalizing American citizens, who are peacefully exercising their rights while trying to stop an oil company from destroying the land & water supply of 18 million people is a pretty good indicator of our Nation being in distress. What did you do with that stolen flag? Martyn Lenoble You have got to be kidding ...The flag upside down at Turtle Hill actually seems completely appropriate, considering there is, and has been, extreme danger to life and property. I was there on the bridge Sheriff. I saw it all. Robe Walker interesting.. Melissa Blais The reason why the are flying that flag upside-down is because they are in distress u are standing on their loved one gravesights... now that is disrespectful if u ask me George M. Herriott Stupid is as stupid does. Fear of the government? Seriously, people. I'm all for less government, but the hate you're spewing doesn't solve anything and is divisive. Tyranny? Give me a break. Don't be stupid. Nancy Totherow White So let me get this right. You can stand on, wear, even burn our flag. But you want to waste our time and an insult our intelligence because it is being displayed in the appropriate way. Just stop. Prayers and smoke for y'all. Kathy Hodges Mahan There is a danger to life and property from you and Energy transfer. They are ripping up Native land, and you are shooting, macing, and drenching them in freezing weather. Now that the Veterans are there to protect them, it may be time for the distress signal to be taken down. Time will tell. Harry Ballance Maybe he should take offense to a petrol company that he has whored himself for when they pour poison down his children's throat. If he were a true patriot he would understand that HE is the one trespassing. Joe Davila This guy says about the oath "he" has taken. You dont get to pick and chose when you want to abide by the oath you swore! You sat back idly and let our people get pummeled and treated like animals for oil! Then you have the audacity to call yourself a ...See More Alyssa Wagner 2000 real vets who stand up for citizens not corporations are at standing rock. They remember their oath to the constitution. Kathy Hodges Mahan I do not see this as disrespecting it... you are part of the distress. You are standing on (occupying) and disrespecting THEIR sacred site! Get off! The pipeline is endangering their property and water supply. Buddy Hatch are you going down the streets looking for flags that are ragged and torn..and flown at night?? Are you telling people it is not proper flag etiquette to wear the flag as clothing or as decoration?? or are you just choosing to pick on the Protectors who ARE FLYING THE FLAG in a legal manner...??/ Emmaline Tallman (Eye roll) a sign of disrespect? But yet hundreds of vets are going to the camp to help. You just don't understand the meaning of our respect for the veterans. Sonya Horyna YOU SIR SPEAK AS THO YOUR WORDS HAVE MEANING....YOUR WORDS MEAN NOTHING!!! Melissa Carta Miller You are making such fools out of yourselves MCSD. This goes right up there with, "They want us to hurt women and children." You say you respect their first amendment rights ... but don't do this, don't do that, sure as hell don't say, "I'm unarmed," because that means, "We want to fight!" Troy Hansen Your tears are so juicy sweet Joey Janes You are a danger to life.and people are in distress. So what's your issue? Jessica Henley Danger to Life or Property. They are doing it Right. X( Daniel Cameron Morton Country is the repulsive product of America's gross intolerance for our environment. SCUM! Daniel Cameron idiots Nicole Emery Ignorance! Randy Schlecht Good job guys Laurie Lynn Nash The whole camp is trying to keep our water from being polluted.....I'd say that is a huge DISTRESS..FOR US ALL..SMARTEN UP's not disrespect at all..if anything those who hurt these water protectors are the ones being disrespectful..! Annie Derek once clean water is gone, we will be in dire distress Cecil Gover How sweet are the tears of teabilly butthurt! Celeste Denetso So thankful our true warriors answered our distress! U have thousands of veterans to answer to about our rights! #veteransforstandingrock Sarah Rhodes Free speech may bother you, but it is their RIGHT and to uphold the constitution, you must bear the bother no matter how long- it is their constitutional right to free speech! #NoDAPL Ken Heier Thanks for rescuing the flag from those shitbird idiots, Sheriff. Paula Foster Your pulling Donald Trump tactics. Keep talking, maybe someone will believe you. Damian Gomez you are a piece of cake Mary Renville Foolish foolish goon! Absolutely no understanding of three real world.. Patrick Presley Yea, they are in distress because of you idiots. It's not a sign of disrespect, your department is absolute trash. Susie Warren Silva I would call the events of Nov. 20th, extreme danger to life or property. Justin Cellini #OILPOLICE Poppie Queen You just tress passed on Indian land. Stole property that wasn't yours. The land is in distress and they have every right to display. Criminals you are. Thieves. But you are all above the law. Jessica Wood Once again Morton county Sheriffs department are a bunch of $$$ turds. Hernando Ornelas Amazing job to the police officers! I love it! Eric Krawczak The US Flag Code? Honoring a flag code over life and water, you're sick. Wendy Donohoe Bradley He's a Sheep not a sheriff Poppie Queen Here is the proof. Police stealing a American Flag. Going on to Indian Land and breaking the law. THIEVES. Need to be fined and thrown in jail. Michelle Marie McKinney There is extreme danger to the water ..... which is needed to stay alive .....yes this is a legitimate distress Alison Shaw Shut the hell up. You are the disrespect Alexis Sansaver Garsee Full of It ! Be a human being for a minute ! Your sheriff is leading you to an abyss. Good luck God bless . Right always prevails ! Steve Shedlowski You are not there to help,and your not there to monitor. You are a lousy soul, and should have been swallowed. Jeff Krisel Perfectly appropriate use of an upside down flag. What are they talking about?! Unique Olague Outlaw cops... who think saving an American Flag is a worthy deed all well protecting DAPL who continues to work illegally to place a oil pipeline through treaty land... ummm okay. Michael Boutwell Very well done god bless our nation Angela Lynn Word is " should". But pretty sure the tribal reservation( u know the land that was stolen n then given a sliver back) does not have same laws as the rest. Why would they honor a flag from the very govt that murdered their ancestors, tried to steal their culture, and stole everything they had? Govt has no right to be there. Jezabell Diaz Actions speak louder than words. Their actions have spoken and now the world hears. Their words cannot save them now. Only their actions in closing the pipeline can help them Jezabell Diaz #KnowYourEnemy The police are agents of private interests working under the color of law but actually in violation of treaty rights, citizens rights, tribal rights, and human rights. #noDAPL Jezabell Diaz hired guns for the black snake all acting nice now that they'll be on the defense. keep the cameras rolling and the lawsuits coming.. Joshua Gammon "...our right not to practice religion or even to practice the religion of our choice...". There..I fixed it for it for you, Sheriff. Robert Carpenter Lol.... police telling the truth... 😂👌👍 Chuck Hinshaw "As we illegally occupy Turtle Island." Fixed it! Jesse Lopez Aren't they a sovereign Nation anyway..,, besides I'd say that fact that you are allowing the destruction of sacred land is a sign of distress! Who ever is the county's public information officer, well, they need to be fired. Stop releasing these ridiculous posts. The world knows the sheriffs department as terrible men and women. Freida Lego Alvarez PRAYER'S PRAYER'S PRAYER'S PRAYER'S Heather Jo Morton County Sheriff's Department and those contributing departments are committing human rights violations! Your video is embarrassing and it disgusts me that you could fabricate such a story to try and gain support. That flag justifiably flies upside down. ~In solidarity with Standing Rock~ Kat Mckibben Idiots Steve Rud Ya well so sad as a US Navy Veteran Cory Alfred the flag is calling the Vets for help!! No disrespect intended..they know the real help is coming...TY to the true ppl & real heroes that are dedicated to protect & serve' the Vets standing with Standing rock <3 Heather Bostian VETS are coming to help against your violent , aggressive brutality , HEY ITS NATIVE LANDS YOU STOLE & Murdered like you harass the new leaders of this land now , INDIGENOUS RULE ! .. NOT YOU anymore ! #nodapl , YOU STOLE AGAIN a distress signal f...See More Whirlwindhorse N Pulliam It is distress, from the way they are being treated. Duh Alan Michael Take your posse home sir. Cory Alfred The Vets...the real heroes have seen the flag and are coming to assist..the only ones who know and understand the oaths and willing to protect n serve the ppl; not big oil and greed! Roma Alloui In distress? Yes they were standing against Goons like you! You veteran? I just can't believe you mentioned the 'Constitution' If you really knew the value and the meaning of the 'Constitution', you would've stood by the peaceful and unarmed water prot...See More Alyssa Wagner Your actions to the water protectors makes me want to go buy many US flags to burn. Mary Evenson Good job law enforcement! Faye Thomas The white man, has no ears, and speaks with a forked tongue, lairs, as history tells us. A bunch of thieves, thugs, rapist, to their own kind, with the gun in one hand and a bible in the other. I pity your bred of people, so until Judge Day..good luck. Lynn Sellon Ahearn Pathetic! Gary Bird You noticed the USA flag flying up side down while standing on native American Graves, and you wonder why the native American Indian water Protectors feel that they need to fly it upside down to show that they are in distress, they are in distress bec...See More Bill Klausmeyer Sorry. Not buying it. Corie Wednesday Amundson The United States Flag Code is not a law. Obviously this Sherif is too stupid to know the laws he should be enforcing and childish chest puffing behaviour. Les Nelson Conduct unbecoming Janelle Shepard Matke First 3 seconds in... "Turtle Hill"?? Ugh. At least, if you are trying to give the appearance that you care, fake it by getting the name right. Kyle Spruce LMFAO how they play the INNOCENT good guys and throw that word "DISRESPECT" around!!.. He says "uphold the constitution" but they are violating it on a daily basis!! Cheryl Rogers Wtf are you taking about? Yes, it is a sign of distress to fly the flag upside down. The country is in distress because of you and your unnecessary violence against peaceful water protectors. Go back to school and learn about the US Constitution! Ron Cyr Nodapl Eric Q Humphries They swore to upload the constitution, but someone exercising their 1st amendment just doesn't sit well with them because they don't agree. Stay Classy Morton County. Lewis Lewis So your unlawful actions were respectful? Such an embarrassment to think you are honorable when you caused the distress. Amazing how you can focus on that and not on what pain you've inflicted repeatedly. Leila Barry AND FIXED IT GOOD Ron Cyr Standing with standing rock all over the world Zak Martin You are very sick people. You are on the wrong side of history. You are fooling virtually no one. Janelle Shepard Matke "Very proud" that they violated another's right to symbolic speech. I wonder how the Veteran who brought that flag to camp feels. Tina McArthur What a hypocrite! La Reina That American flag was captured in the battle of little big horn #FACT Ron Cyr Standing with standing rock all over the world Angela Stout-Eveld I'm quite certain human rights violations qualify as a nation in distress sheriff. I'm also certain all of those American Veterans coming to Standing Rock will agree with my statement. After all, they served this country and took their oaths seriously when they swore to protect the US Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Ron Cyr Standing with standing rock all over the world Boni Hester YOU LET IT HIT THE GROUND. YOU SIR ARE A TOTAL HYPOCRITE. Pauline Clement Oh shut up you dam lier. Video's prove what you've done. Your guilty of not protecting them. Ronald Mccluskey Great American, Thank you Sheriff. America supports you and your Officer's efforts. Ronald Lohnes Go back to FARGO Shelly Greer Morton County, I believe you missed the whole point as to WHY the flag was flown in that position. Instead you decided to be a "snowflake" and be offended. Ashley Schiavone Standing with the Water Protectors!!! Roger Gagne Thank you for your service and respect for our flag and country Mike Pampuch You Idiot! A sign of distress, Not for you, but for those who placed the flag there . You just demoralized them and their tribulations by thinking you and your peers are the only ones allowed to show distress in this manner ! Kitty Craig I'm so glad that you are proud to have violated someone's symbol of distress. Their land is in distress. They are flying the flag the way it is supposed to be flying. Their land was stolen from them, then they were told that it wasn't theirs, then big ...See More Kim Jansen You released a video and statement bragging about the courageous act of turning a flag right-side up without anyone complaining about it or asking you to? Well, thank god for brave heroes like you, who come in to save the day from symbolism. God forbid we let that slide. Kathleen McNamara They are under duress. They believe you Morton County Sheriffs are using their power to attack and violate civil and human rights of American citizen. Citizens should be treated with respect, sir. Please stop using your power to hurt innocent, prayerful protectors. Please go home to your family and stop trying to stop what these protectors are doing. STOP hurting people to save your ego. Jennifer Clark You say as you stand on Graves. The land of Sitting Bull . This, I am sure has no meaning for you. Yet it does to many North Americans. Sheriff you are a low life scum bottom feeder. Commiting Crimes against humanity. The hole world is watching. Peopl...See More Katherine Henley Silva #NoDAPL Joseph Gonzales Standing with Standing Rock and our US Veterans Gretchen Graef You are on the wrong side. You are equating external symbols with patriotism. Real patriotism comes from the heart. Daniel Ojalvo This is a gross publicity stunt and your officers department should be ashamed of themselves for such pettiness. Jessica Abrams You guys are just a glutton for punishment. Lol! I do appreciate the daily comedic relief though... 😂😂😂 Kathleen McNamara The veterans ARE under duress. They know what it means to turn it upside down. You, sir, are full of yourself. American CITIZENS deserve your respect. You are abusing your power to violate civil and human rights, we have the videos. You need to s...See More Marr Maureen he should remove his star and quit Michael N Mary Topaum Awww shut the hell up.don't they know by now how stupid they sound and look Joyce Lunde Thanks for respect of our flag. If they want to fly it upside down they better leave Kathleen McNamara I just witness you STEALING someone's property. Marr Maureen hes the one who is not honoring his flag Jeremy Red Eagle Every star and stripe represents land stolen. More native ppl have served this country than all other races combined per capita. And our oath is to protect the water. Pulling your veteran card out just because there are 2,000 of them heading your way. Terry Albright McDaniel It IS a signal of distress not disrespect!!!! ...all humans need clean water and WE ALL need to be doing all we can to protect it........and it's sad that this human, sheriff mark, is clueless. His poison runs deep within him. I am sick with sadness that there are so many that have drank from that same poisonous trough...evidenced by recent events Kathleen Alexander How about treating water protectors with respect? How about not being domestic terrorists? Laura Riddell Flat-lander thinking. "The world is flat and revolves around me." Just more jaw flapping, trying to pull focus away from the distressed people he sprayed with water cannons in freezing weather. Jeffrey Adrian Delgadillo You have no idea what you are doing. Or your just a kid with a badge. Either way have some respect for other people's religion. Get off those children's graves Jose Martinez Jr. Morton county terrorist cops using violence on american citizens and breaking numerous laws of Indigenous Peoples rights also Ceara Woody Common thieves that stole property that did not belong to them and had the nerve to call it "rescue." You are disgraces. Chris Conn Where were you when people burn the flag all over the US of A. I am a vet also . I am also a Native American. Don' t choose your words and actions when it suites you. Daniel Cox Good Job time to take are state back. Garry W Campbell Kirchmeier you are a major liability to Morton County as evidenced by the lawsuit filed against you and pending lawsuits. Step down, you are an embarrassment to the uniform and the badge. Bristy Hiller They are in distress and have been undergoing attacks for months Roxanna Uhlich Thank you Wayne Garmon Just another bad cop Crystal Chavez There's been plenty of extreme danger incidents for the protectors to be able to fly the flag as a sign of distress. How can you not see that, wow!! Tim Miller Good to see tax dollars wasted, joyriding in an airboat, stealing private property. Thats surely defending the flag and all it stands for. Maybe someone should come up to the sheriff's office and steal the flag off your flagpole out front. Coward cops ...See More Cindy Cherokee Waters What an idiot Maggie Rangel They are asking for protection from the inhumane way you and all the other sell outs are treating them!!! My 12 year old son with Autism watched one of the videos and said "Those guys are not Police officers, Those are Terrorists. I have to agree with him Morton County Sheriffs Department!!! Shane Mcmullan So... You went and stole someone else's private belongings? And recorded it and have now posted it on the Internet... Interesting. Know the truth indeed. Clint Tawes If you had even a rudimentary knowledge of the culture of the people you should be defending rather than assaulting, you would know the symbolic meaning of this to Native people that dates back to the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973. Larry Davis Your oath was not to the flag it was to the United States Constitution how about treating that with the respect it deserves? Peggy Rigli What is sad the script readers that call themselves news reporters will watch this and be done with investigating. So this crap is all that is reported on. If any of them would take time to do their own investigation. The USA would not put up with this if the reporting was fair. August Wyeth You flag fetishists are pathetic. These are the same hypocrites who say they believe in protecting private property and freedom of speech all while wiping their mouths with american flag napkins and attacking people who express a political ideal through their privately owned flag. Blind patriotism is the most extremist religion in America. Samantha Leeann Martin Whats happening to them is against the united states constitution. Against their human rights. They have every right to fly a flag because they are in dire distress. Stop ignoring the constitution. B Joan Fure "Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." The people in...See More Bernie Dale He's describing his own peoples n behavior.. Karen Wilson The Truth is, these police are overfed lackeys of the oil companies, and are the reason for the distress flags in the first place! It is their aggression and downright cruelty towards Water Protectors that make the distress signals necessary. They are cowards and tools, and deserve prosecution for their inhumane actions! Kerry Bassett LOL, the people are distressed that the water is being destroyed...the flag is a piece of cloth made in CHINA....and did not need to be rescued. That is down right embarrassing! Susy H-d Wow just because u can doesn't mean u should 🤔 well u have the power of the law and u misused it in every possible way... Stellar Jackson They are in distress. Abused and battered by police. Get off their land!! Bernard Green Most of you people don't even know why or what the problem is, go home and let time take its course, Deedee Lowry-Pembleton American values.... hahaha.... there aren't any American values anymore, except me me me - ness and greed. We're not only fighting peacefully to save water and the earth but also for an awakening of the collective consciousness to return to the real values, the true values of our ancestors, and for everyone, I might add, even all of you me- me- me people who just don't get it that this about your life, too. Patty Teso Mister, you sure are myopic to your view! Try to have empathy and understanding of your brothers pain. James Lee Clark The world has witnessed your crimes against humanity. Seth Turman Pinkerton scum with no honor! Willie Brown You don't like don't look at it Carolyn Jayne Australians Stand With Standing Rock ! ... After your Actions, you whine about a flag ... THE WORLD IS WATCHING ! There is NO mistake who is in the wrong ..... Fix Cain I would say a foreign invasion from the terrorists group, Morton County Sheriffs, is a situation of distress Anna P Tillo "It's not your property, whatever your ideology is" Seems I have heard this somewhere, oh yes, Oct 27 before the attack on the water protectors. I guess rule of law doesn't apply to those who are suppose to uphold it. Hypocrite! Susan Smelden While the officers ate Thanksgiving on top of the graves of the tribe. Sad, that is the most disrespect. You need to learn the culture of the tribes, they are all different. It is their land. Jessica Treble Pitts Kash Jackson Bryden Gwiss Lmao. Silly Morton county. They don't need your help. You have shown us what help looks like coming from Morton county terrorist. In fact it's the opposite of help what Morton county police does. Sick minded people all for what? Money?! Water is the life source for everything on the planet. We are done with oil. Jeffrey Adrian Delgadillo The elders spoke that the couple once buried there had many still born babies. How many graves were moved?........... Bryden Gwiss Oh wow. Great job Morton county police. Excellent work. Excellent human beings inside and out. Just fantastic. I mean they're great. Really great. Not! Marie C Gagnonemeth you don't have it correct........ you are all breaking the law!!!!!!!!!!!!! Collin Daybell If you want to get legal, let's do it! Section 5 - Display and use of flag by civilians; codification of rules and customs; definition...See More Kathy Donnelly "Trespassed land"? Which was stolen from the tribes in the first place! Patty Teso The truth is their world has been turned upside down. fyi, it is your world too. Cindy Wood Schapmire It's just sad u seem to care more about the flag then the ppl in this country Shawn M Schmidt Nice PR video. Actually what they are communicating is that we the people are in distress. You are on the wrong side of history. Gabrial Schumacher Your fellow officers just committed theft. Taking property knowing it's not your right Susan Smith Trolls leave this page! Bigots! Angelika Lindenau look who's talking about 'disrespect'! he certainly is an expert as he continually practices it. Nodwessioux Red Bear Go home and take a course in Indian Sovereignty and Federal Land Trust Policy. August Wyeth A law enforcement video labeling their opinion as "The Truth" is Orwellian. John Nelson Dude cares more about a cloth symbol than living human beings! Lost Peggy Dittus Thank you for having respect for our flag but more so for those who died for that flag! Mary Crumpton Colyer From everything I've witnessed the law has been facing the wrong direction.....DAPL police you need to go forward not back step Dale Knutson They are in distress, they were being attacked by there supposed Peace Protectors! Shot at, water cannoned, tear gas!! Jacob Shipton Nothing about what you are doing is legal, just, or righteous. Melinda Barras You just contradicted yourself. They are in distress they do need help. From you and your army of officers. Jennifer Myers There is extreme danger to lives! Hello? You guys have caused it. Khrystle Rae Dunn Flag means nothing when the country they live in would rather see them die then protect their livelihood. TinaMarie Garza Wesir They are in distress they are being attacked they are calling all vets who will protect domestic land Chetta Marie Is this a spoof? Or is he pretending to be serious? Hopefully most people watching are smart enough to see the real truth about what is going on. Chris Misty Cline If you want to get legal, let's do it! Section 5 - Display and use of flag by civilians; codification of rules and customs; definition...See More Trevor Dunn just a liar! your show your words mean nothing! just a bully! Gooseph Fame Glad you respect a flag but not humans David Baker What are you all doing on Turtle Island? Reda Carr When a sharif is uneducated enough to not know a destress signal, he needs to quit. Cambria Jarrett Hilarious. Anybody read the four agreements? It's a great little book. ...See More Gabrielle Pezely This office has been bought by a corporation in Texas. Rick Boutilier So you treat flags better than people 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Maryanne Cadwell Maybe it is upside down to tell the world how you Gestapo cops are causing great distress to the water protectors Jane Keenan Thats right. These people are i fear for their water and their lives It is correct in this unlawful time by governmnt for americans to stand fast againat this tyranny and treason. America is an with its own armies Christopher James Miller He and his entire department are disgraceful cowards Paul Jesmer Ironic huh? The flag stands for freedom of speech which you just violated by stealing their "metaphorical speech" symbol and changing it. Supreme Court case Texas vs Johnson clearly states that. Lisa Gilham Try and rationalize the irrational. You stand for nothing you are a pitiful excuse for a police officer and a pitiful excuse for a human being. You are everything that is wrong with this world Chetta Marie Good jokes. Thanks for the laugh. Mike Hill Sounds to me like the Water Protectors were following the United States flag code .title 4, chapter1 . In that they saw a threat to property and life and were utilizing the international "sign of distress " to help bring attention to said threat. Brandon Peterson You treat that piece of cloth better than you treat human beings. You guys are scum. Holona Romero Have you noticed how Peaceful the WATER Protectors were. They didn't Shoot them or Spray them with Chemicals or cold water. The Police came and Stole once again from Indigenous peoples like Thieves in the Night. Vander Molen Terry Cry me a river.....lawman!!..your breaking the law and a sovereign will get no sympathy from the masses along with your pinkertons and private security Michael McGowan What about the disrespect for the human life there. Not to mention the disrespect for the cultural heritage and the damage to sacred sites by your lover DAPL. What about the elders and the oppressed people that you laugh at and say wow I really like the way I shot that guy or girl. Come on Morton County Sheriff. Stop lying!!! Adam S. Riggleman How about researching what the flags that are seen in government buildings, police stations, etc with the golden tassels means? Emery Jake Boohoo cry about it and there not trespassing you guys are Emery Jake And I believe you stole someone's property so you broke the law again Andrea Bergstrom This is how your officers protect and serve? You treeze people with fire hosesx damage a woman's eye so badly she may lose sight in it, you blew up a woman's arm, killed a horse,strip searched peoplec arrested for traffic infractions, threatened to st...See More Terry Lone Wolf Swisse You are walking and driving on human remains of their ancestors, you should be really proud of that. Carlie Gayle Tissidimit They are in distress caused by you and the oil companies and now you, a member of "Law Enforcement", have just documented yourself in the act of theft of someone else's property! Wow! You guys just keep digging yourself deeper and deeper. 👎 #nodapl Tcha-Miiko Cosgrove Doofus Giselle Maria Vincent 😂😂😂😂😂 Abigail Bingen Hateful human being. Andrew Harris Stop trying to rationalize why you are on the wrong side. Mike Palumbo Good work officers! Stay safe! Jana Lee Yu are causeing great distress to the people and even more to the land . Yu are killing it.. Solar Leo Here's what a headline should have read in November: "POLICE DEPARTMENT IN ND VIOLENTLY ASSUALTS RESIDENTS RESULTING IN CRITICAL INJURIES & HUNDREDS OF EMERGENCY SERVICE NEEDS" Rand Grogg Yes Brother!!! Johnny Bennett Wow so sad that so many people are commenting on stuff they have no clue about. Yet feel they are such freedom fighters. Once again undereducated people are leading the way. Victor Gilbert Wow what a PR move. I think they just reinforce the call for distress. They are just mad because other sheriff departments won't give them assistance. Lol Marlene Perry Good work Vet's... God bless you . Becki West Calderon Shouldn't you have folded it properly and not just thrown it in the floor of the boat? Laurie Lazore LMAO Debbie Majak Edmondson Sheriff , heed your own words JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD Shae Dailey That's not okay. That is my friend waving that flag, and I support them. And I have met thousands of people who feel the same. Those police officers are breaking the law 24/7. I've been to Standing Rock, and seen it first hand. If they just opened the...See More Sherry Holland Mcdonald So respect is rolling it up and throwing it on the floor of the boat ? Ann Austin The water protectors are in dire stress with the violence and human rights violations you are perpetrating on them. Buddy DuRand Well done everyone. Tonnya Jensen Morton County Sheriff grow a heart for your fellow neighbors. You've done wrong. Karen Lone Fight Natives should boycott joining any military as a protest China Henson Love the are wrong sir April Dashno Morton county Sheriffs you make me sick Rick Brant You sir are a poor representative Warren Paul Moffitt Wow, you committed theft on video. Please arrest yourselves. Is there any wonder why they are flying the American flag upside down? Daniel Lachlan TRI-TRI-TRIGGERED.... Get these men some consolation trophies stat. Also can someone tell me if this is the Krusty Krab. Billie Warren-Dempsey I am a veteran and signed just like you. I would never sign up to protect a corporation over citizens, let alone attack them. No excuse for your black soul. Jeremy Kniffin So basically you boated in there, stole someone's property, with a swat member protecting you with a gun and then drove of with the stolen property?? You shitbags are something else. But I bet you jackboots just love that all black and white American f...See More Tara TeKippe #IStandwithMortonCounty #backtheblue Margaret Passarello They are in distress ,fearful of the government and don't agree with what you guys are doing!!! Let's be real here you guys are military armed and harming innocent people...that's called distress!! Guess your trying to turn the vets to your side...nice media move! Rhonda Marrone You sent a swat team to steel a flag and call it patriotic? Sad. Anee Angel How respectful buy rolling it up and putting it on the floor of the boat Corrinne Sully The desecrating of graves does put people in "dire distress". Sheri Young Maybe 50 flags will now fly upside down to reinforce the emergency call to action for threats against the land and native peoples. Ernesto DelMundo Did you replace them with swastikas? Barbara Vautier FUBAR Jeremy Kniffin I bet Morton county just loves this flag. Which is the biggest disrespect to,the US flag I've over seen. #F=ckYourBadge Challenge!!! Why do you say "Fuck your badge?" Take the challenge, details here: http://copblock.… Joshua Biehler LOL sounds like the snowflakes in the MCSD needs a safe space. Katyusha Elizabeth You are taunted by a flag!!! I mean come on... be honest with yourself and grow up! Don't hide behind some "desire to do your sworn oath to serve and protect" no one is believing your cock and bull story. You have decided to side with greed, money, and...See More Amber BigEagle While he stands on sacred land and disrespects burial sites. Gtfoh. Someone needs to pop this mofo. Lea Burrows More respect than the human being you hurt ,interesting. Merci Ann Hahaha Hahaha Haha Tina Taylor so your proud of "looking around to make sure no one was there..." you snuck over and stole it, video taping yourselves let it touch the ground and then throw it into a boat. You handled it correctly? the way it deserves? Crystal Monette didn't show much restraint here! 😂 Dawn Adams Protect the bill of rights!!! Jason Frost Taking that flag means you've broken the law yet again. You apparently don't know the Constitution and how laws work very well. Shelley Marler Like I said ND has alienated their selves from the rest of America. They abide by their own rules. Have no idea what they are saying and how ridiculous they sound. The only disrespect has come from you towards the First Americans. Dawn Adams Take care of flag more than people... Mary Hale wow grow up, they aren't flying that flag upside down for you to help them, they are calling to the federal government to protect them FROM you! Kay Journey So if someone is in distress we should just steal their flag? That says it all Sheryl Lane Okie dokie then. Heather Chang The Police are the trespassers! Patsy Dykes Shaffer They are in distress! You took this the way you wanted to. David Jorgensen This isn't about your interpretations or feelings. Get over yourselves... you are not only thugs but thieves as well. Sigrid Arnott Maybe standing on their ancestors graves is flaunting your disrespect of them? Maybe you are taunting them by desecrating Turtle Mountain with your militarized presence? Perhaps that is why they express distress? Think about it. Sheila Gray Ford Those of us who have actually respected and served ALL the people of our country find your grossly misplaced pride despicable. Terry Anna Frazier Hood I didn't see anyone taunting & laughing, the flag is a sign of distress WHICH Morton Co caused, get ur story straight feller, the only disrespect I've seen is coming from u guys, so don't play that crap #DAPL Terri Franssen I wouldn't be publicizing what you have done here, genius! Just sayin...may bring the whole gal darn military to your front door! Timothy Shea Are they stomping on Old Glory ? Are they burning it ? They are a people in distress..someone give this sheriff a safety pin and a coloring book. Lynsey G Lagsalot Are you KIDDING me. Jeremy W Hurd Taxpayer money spent to rescue a flag....Wow boys. Keep up the good work on the frontlines. So proud you are....your actions are embarrassing really, to the Native Americans and other human beings as well. Uphold the constitution? Have you read it? Sad is what it is 🙁 Russ Moe you and tiger swan mercinaries are the only distress in the area Seth Sutton Yeah, how's that working out for you?! You really are a turd. Seriously, I thought you were going to cry! And the Oscar goes too... Blake Frederick #NoDAPL Alex Kavanagh What a load of $h&t, this isn't your country, do you think the native Americans had a choice when white people came here, stole the land from underneath them. You're oil protectors, protecting greedy corporations. This is Native American land your stan...See More Sabrina Hill They "taunted" you with a flag? Boohoo. Why don't you land those planes and helicopters that are flying round the clock and turn off the flood lights? Stop attacking peaceful, unarmed protectors. Maybe if you stop taunting them, they'll fly the flag upright again. James O'Quinn Oh. Ok. Hey, all you people can go home now. Seems this pipeline and all their efforts to protect it, its just politics! Thank god this knob was on hand to straighten us all out! Mitchell Eriksen Treated the flag with respect by tossing it in the bottom of a boat? Hypocrites! Angie J. Stewart I'm guessing that you folks are unaware of the fact that it was a Navy Vetran that first walked that upside down flag into camp, after seeing LIVE footage of front line actions taken by the police. It's not about flaunting or mockery. It's about the wa...See More Tina Marie Sulphur That's messed up the first Americans have no protection from their country that is attacking them & taking from them! Their own police that is suppose to protect them from laws of Geneva convention are breaking those laws & they have no protection from them! Kathy Roberson Sooo, you plotted and planned with your cohorts and stole something that didn't rightfully belong to you? And you have admitted it as well as videotaped it? Officer, I believe you and those who conspired and stole with you should be placed under Arrest and should be held accountable by law enforcement outside of your jurisdiction or state if necessary. Ashley Melton Thieves! Brenda White Your actions were performed to encite the water protectors. We see right through it. You taped yourselves committing theft. Someone should press charges. You are proud of your moronic actions. Smh. No wonder yall are some of the most disliked people in the WORLD right now. ...See More Edine Clemente Yet another "Oh woe is me" Matil Cheinnoir you sir have nothing to be proud of standing side by side with paid corporate mercenaries with military grade mace grenades bullets an water cannons against american citizens proud you are an extremely sick untruthful exmarine now an enemy of the people may justice find you soon Chad Walls Wow. How does someone like this sleep at night? Probably like a little baby, as he seems to be unencumbered by a normal Human conscience. I feel for this guy and hope he eventually gets help for his mental disorder(s) before he hurts anyone else. Tina Marie Sulphur Oh how we repay the people who saved this country with their native tongue code talkers. Brenda Sequoyah Again a piece of cloth means more than the human rights of Natives! So ridiculously crazy! Beverly Smith They are almost comical...sheriff dapl reporting for duty...1st important business of the day...lets steal their flag! Todd Stidham I'd like to report a theft of personal property by two individuals in an air boat. There is video proof of the theft above, as well as a verbal confession on audio. This Sheriff's middle name must be derp. Grae Lewis Now you are practicing flag supremacy. You think you have more right to that flag than they do. You claim that they are not in distress because their distress doesn't meet your standards. They are fighting for their lives in fighting for clean water. Stop being so shallow. Jennifer Mendoza You're proud of what your doing here???? You should be ashamed of yourself! Sell out!!!! Isabel Silva He assumes much. Golden Hawk WELL SAID Angie j Stewart. THE FLAG NEEDED TO BE UPSIDE DOWN !!! LIVES ,LAND AND WATER ALL IN DANGER ! THANK YOU TO THIS VETERAN WHOM WALKED IT INTO THE CAMP YOU ROCK !!!!! Beth Witte It was in the correct position from their side. No surprise that the perpetrators of their distress fail to acknowledge it. Isabel Silva Many of them are vets also. They aren't in another country, they have been fighting to be a part of this one, many assimilated and forgot their ways. Coryann Senteno They should treat the PEOPLE as well as they want to treat a piece of fabric! :'( Brenda White You are #onthewrongsideofhistory Martha Grace It's obvious our water and livelyhood are in dire distress. Barbara LeVan Fisher This is the biggest pile of quasi-patriotic pap I have ever heard. Preston Stanke I believe the morton county sheriff department personnel are also humans that are equally deserving of respect as is any person. If we have forgotten that then we can see that we are among the people who have been greatly damaged by our oppressive soci...See More Nina Fivealive Are you telling me you video taped yourselves stealing property that doesn't belong to you! WTF! Paulie Kozay You forget ... what there doing is LEGAL and just because it bothers you does not make it disrespectful. Have you ever attended a 4th of July BBQ that had the American flag on the paper plates and napkins ? I bet you have and ate that Burger and potato salad from that plate .... disrespectful or just an American holiday ? Jamie A Hernandez Then maybe you can use that flag as a cheese cloth to filter out SOME crap from your future contaminated drinking water! Please!!! You make no sense. Protecting a piece of fabric and NOT the people. Smh! If you love the flag so much and what it symbolizes, explain why there are so many homeless veterans???? You think the government really gives a crap about you, me, ANYONE in this country?????? Heidi Chixx Capture the Flag!!! We used to play that, too! Donna Marie Why wasn't it folded properly or at least stowed in a respectful manner? There was no threat of bodily harm to any "officer" in that video... they had time to handle it in an appropriate manner. Carey Bowen They put more importance on a flag than the lives of water protectors. May God have mercy on you.😡 Jamie A Hernandez Maybe STAND ON YOUR HEADS next time you see an inverted flag waving, to help you cope, idiots!!! Jody Young Trespassing? Isn't that a felony? Angie Tenebrini The first one to fly the flag upside down was a veteran. There was a video about it. Ray Potter screw that false symbol Doug Johnston Better get in there and beat them up! Pete Avila What respect the flag touched the ground,then it was thrown on the floor of the boat nice try but being law enforcement and a vet you should no better then to talk or order someone to be a thief. Stephanie Smipp I believe the distress flag is appropriate. The sneaking over to steal it just makes you look bad. I wonder why they are in distress? Cheri Lynn MCSD, where stealing the distress call from the distressed is called bravery. Elisa Taylor Nice try at patriotism guys, are you trying to appeal to the veterans who are true patriots?? One thing you missed though is that flag being flown upside down is probably a distress call they are seeing and hearing loud and clear.. you need to ask your...See More James Corcoran Tubs don't speak for veterans, he hides behind his badge and gun. Probably would arrest and humiliate anyone who stands up to him. Better get Chuck Norris, they wouldn't arrest him even after he kicks their butts. Hannah Martin Morton County Sheriff's Department, be ashamed! Amie Xochi what a vile act of fascism. Lee Adams who can respect those who are violent to unarmed protests. the world is watching Brad Purkey Cuz 'Murica!! You are are such a patriot... NOT! You use a jingoistic brand of patriotism to criticize rivals....See More Brian Gooding It is a sign of distress, there we agree. It is there to tell the world that standing rock is in distress. Because those who swore an oath to protect its citizens have failed to do so and in place protect a pipeline. And in the end, you stole propert...See More Miguel Rodriguez Hes such a big hypocrite. They should be more Worried about the water and land, less about a flag. Acting like he's defending the Constitution. Sure just collecting a check without any morals. Brenda White If a water protector would have done the same thing. You would have shot him/her. Avi Copelan Duh! Chandra Bowman Did you seriously mention freedom of speech as you desecrated the right of another to state distress?!? There mustn't be an IQ requirement for ND law enforcement, unless <100. Jmkanosh Jemoke Seluella You guys are silly Kelli Mattingly This country was here long before that flag and the people who were already here when Columbus invaded are trying to tell you how disrespectful you are being. Quit standing on the graves of their ancestors and go home to your children. Michelle Ivester Wow...admitting on video that you guys are a bunch of thieves...nice job Morton County Morons! Pam Flattum And now they are stealing flags. They really do think they are above the law! Disgraceful! Brady Calma I can't believe that my tax dollars from California very likely find their way to your backwards county. Go to hell you cowards. Robin Chisholm #StandingRock #WaterIsLife #MniWiconi ...See More Brandi Miller Thank you for taking video of the Police Department committing theft and violating first amendment rights. Wolf Linderman Wow, what a bunch of heroes. Did "saving" that flag make you feel better about the brutality you've inflicted on the human beings? Alicia Staaf-Large I stand with Standing rock you, you are a bunch of paid off violent militia you are not even police. You should be ashamed of yourselves Brenda Quinn The so called rescuer let the flag touch the ground then he rolled it up and threw it into the bottom of the boat! Does not look like respect to me! Morgan French Gee an upside down flag...THATS the pressing issue... Korry Zepik The distress is that your people have been shooting people in the head from 12 feet away. You guys are psychopaths. No wonder the flag was flown in the distress position. Get some courage and look in the mirror. Annie Ellie Okay dumb dumby Annie Ellie Discount everything you say people hate you and what you're doing to the Native Americans you do not know your history did you even grow up knowing it Lois Barnett may your water supply never be threatened. may you never have to fly the American flag as a distress signal on your own land. may your human rights never be violated. may your woman and children be safe from murder, rape, and sex trafficking. May you wake UP NOW. Angie Tenebrini One of the first at Standing Rock to fly the distress fag was a retired US Navy Vet. Article with 6 minute interview. ...See More Emily Flower 😂😂😂😂😂 Korry Begay Ok you want us to respect the flag?! Respect the treaties first! Annie Ellie You are the probably ones that put it upside down and blame it on everybody else Jeremiah Cheechoo It's More like its corrupted by corporations like #DAPL. Aubrey Moschberger There is distress. The continued abuse of native Americans and the desecration of their sacred grounds and land. Naya Carolina Shut up Elizabeth Dora Wilmot-Hébert They have every right to fly that flag in that manner. They are in distress, they've been beaten, shot at, put naked in dog cages, endured water cannons in freezing temperatures, hundreds with hypothermia, one woman had her arm amputated from a concuss...See More Elisa Taylor Sometimes i wonder if these guys ever stop and think. Like really re-evaluate the things they are doing.. could that many of them be this ignorant?? I swore i didn't think it was possible but these guys just keep topping themselves don't they? On one h...See More Philip MaCrevis If it ain't yours don't not touch it Hillary Moore-Embry Sounds like you respect the flag more than you respect human decency. Sounds like they ARE in distress. Do you REALLY expect them to show respect to a conquering country's flag, one who has continually reneged on agreements, treaties, promises... our f...See More Philip MaCrevis If ain't yours do not touch it. Further more if theses lands are part of a treaty and are accessible as party of the treaty and the tribe is guaranteed the access as stewards the sheriffs department should honor that and stand down Elizabeth Lara And the constitution under the sheriff's feet as a cleaning mat. That's how he respects it. Him Marine , he must be a mercenary and very proud of it. Brian Jackaman Christine Bourgholtzer If only you cared about people and clean water half as much as you care about an upside down flag 😒 Please get your priorities straight 💧🌎✌ Melissa Lewis Idiots!! Only prayers will help these "police officers" Bernadette Massey It's easy to lie and make a fool of yourself while wearing a badge but the haunting of hate will exude on you by karma. All comes back in a full circle. Mark your words and all who violated constitution, human rights, safety and all those you have harmed by your prejudice racist employees and affiliates. You complained cause pipeline was in Bismarck and then it was moved on Standing Rock. Will Bernardo The truth about Standing Rock is that God is watching Sherie Groovysherie-Karma "Extreme danger to life or property"!!!! Both their lives and also the land and in danger!!! Goes to show you idiot interpret that code however you wanted to Harlan Tu This country is in distress. Civil unrest. Richard Esposito You stated you were standing on top of Turtle Hill--we have photo's of your personel urinating on that very hill-desecrating the gravesites of Native Americans. As a decendent of a Navajo Codetalker who was not allowed to vote until 1962 and could not legally practice his own religion until 1978 and was not recognized for his invaluable service until 2001-piss on your flag. Denise Michelle Treating a material symbol with more regard than human beings is not logical. Eddie Parks Thank you for doing what was rite! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Angela Griffith Only respect and gratitude for you Harlan Tu Debbie Mahoney There is nothing you can say or do at this point that would make me believe ANY of you are decent human beings. But obviously the police officers are ashamed of there part in this. There woul Debbie Mahoney Otherwise they would not be hiding their name tags and badge numbers Elizabeth Kingsbury Veterans are answering their call for help, in this time of distress. Terri Buffalohead I didn't see anyone taking a pic with the flag? But guess what? This country is in distress. Kimberly Nesbitt Your very presence on their land BOTHERS a bunch MORE people than YOU have on their HILL Lydia Robinvale Morton county sheriff dept have become a bunch of trolls. A bunch of very dangerous, soulless trolls. Josie Gehling Strannahan An inverted flag is a sign of distress not disrespect. And admitting that you stole the flag is the first honest thing that has come out of your agency. Thieves!!! Kimberly Nesbitt Poor cry baby .... You are more afraid of praying people than they are of YOU is that why YOU attacked before Veterans arrived ?? Eileen Nielsen you truly are unbelievable Robin Lyn Cork You absolutely can join, take off your badge put down your weapon and join, get on the right side. #waterislife #NODAPL #unity Demian Smith This man doesn't comprehend respect Kimberly Nesbitt So YOU trespassed and stole their Property yet again!!! Are YOU Sir deciding they are NO longer Citizens .... Again YOU don't have that Authority !!!! Sharon Morrow That sherif is confused.. Sharon Morrow That sheriff is an embarrassment to the badge Kimberly Nesbitt You disgust me with your shuffle the shells smoke and mirror attitude and behavior !!! What are you doing that YOU do not want the world to see ??? Why take their drones ? Carol Isaac You are the danger, sir. You need more checking of the law....beginnng with the treaties. See you in court. Kaylee Swan These men need to hand in their badges and taken off the police force... Hank Nativeboi Whiteeagle i waz there thanksgiving Cindy Banker God bless the USA and bring peace to all the people 🙏🙏 Oriole Yelloweyes-Ripoyla Ohhhhh SHUT UP... LOL Robin DeBoy It also states it's not to be used a backdrop. Keep picking and choosing. April Sebastian So sick, reaching for any excuses now! Get a different job you nutcase Yvonne Rose Passaro Jeffrey M Jee lmfao Deborah Moore Smith "Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." Seems accurate to me...See More Ang Leavell North Dakota "law enforcement" has done a huge disservice with the tax payer's money. #NoDAPL Laura Walker Our Mother Earth is in dire danger. If u want to argue the issue Deborah Moore Smith Oh, and your team just violated the first amendment on video. Good job. Justin Taylor I understand what the cops think. They say they are just following the law. What if the law said a millionaire could do any thing that want and he goes out and kills people. As a cop now do you follow the law written by the millionaire or the law of unwritten justice? Just would love to know from one of the cops that work there. Trish Campbell The flag has not been restored to its rightful position. It can not be restored to its rightful position by those that are causing the distress. This is a United State's responsibility. This directly affects the natural resources of a federally reco...See More Willow Moon Am I crazy? I happen to think that the atrocities of human rights being constantly and continually used against the water protectors constitutes a state of emergency and a violation of human rights. Some day you will have to answer for these crimes. Ev...See More Aliya Wasinzi Looks like we're gonna have to put more upside down flags up. Cause obviously they don't see our distress with just one flag. Casey Parry I cant believe you actually have yourselves stealing property on video. You get dumber by the second. Pam Flattum Return the flag you stole,thieves! I hope the over 3000 veterans that will be there by tomorrow will line the river bank with flags flown in distress! #NODAPL! #WaterIsLife David G. Doores risking being scalped at the camp for the flag. My Hero ~ Putting life and limb in harms way. Your the Best ~ Rebecca Meloy Yes. Distress. Rebecca Meloy But, ignore an American Treaty with an Indigenous Nation and Original American. Moglie Moses Thief thief you have it documented that you stole someone property. It don't matter what it was you stole someone else property. #unitednations Rhett Fasthorse #NODAPL Judith Spears poor poor police. they are triggered by an upside-down flag. that flag is like a soother for the wee ones. bless them. Katie Tomlinson Barber Bragging about standing on "Turtle Hill"...are you PROUD OF THAT? You speak about HONOR AND DISRESPECT.....LEARN THE MEANING OF THOSE WORDS!! This is SACRED GROUND.....WHAT THE SIOUX NATION IS STANDING TO PROTECT ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊ Deborah Moore Smith Flying the flag upside down IS utilizing freedom of speech. To assume you understand and can gauge the level of distress felt by water protectors is ridiculous. Just because you are not in distress, probably because you have weapons and now proudly plan to steal food and medical supplies, does not mean those other people are not within their rights to utilize the officially recognized signal of distress. Deborah Moore Smith Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. You have threatened th...See More Cheyenne Rowland Waste your energy on trivial issues fool! Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Cause they are doing nothing wrong. I hope the world will see how u violated their human rights! U blew the whistle Justin Sant Angelo Sounds like mr.police officer needs himself a safe space Sarah Reese Collins Sorry your feelings are hurt. Womp womp. Justin Sant Angelo They can treat a mere piece of cloth with "the respect it deserves" but cant find a lick of respect for their fellow human beings Billy 'Wldo' Harvey Cops...still doing "Uncool" things since high school. Linda Grundmeier They are in extreme distress Erin Lyn Katovich Why when I push "top comments" do things with only 9 or 12 votes come before comments with 38 or 40? oh, content. you guys are weak Brooklyn Gill Stole their Shyt Huh And if they was to do that to you? Andrew Kujan fleeeegh waaah cry loser cops Glenda Buckley If it offends ....then get off their land and leave them alone offend them just by being there ,and your actions are beyond belief ! The world is watching ! Deb MacKintosh You just admitted and documented with video, your overreach of power by trespassing, and theft of private property! You have no authority to do this, or be there! Jennifer Nouri Standing Rock woman Vanessa Dundon’s retina severed after law enforcement shot her in the face with a tear gas canister Published on November 25, 2016 in Freshest News/Human Rights by Meko Haze Vanessa Dundon’s retina was severed in her right eye after law enforcement shot a tear gas canister at her face Chris Oughton Main stream news over here in the U.K. Seem to be siding with the water protectors this morning. #BBCNEWS Lauri Aktahi morton county should just be sense deliberately proving to the world what ignorant racist inbreds they are Peggy Nies And why should this guy's opinion matter? Michael J Bradley Why don't you quit do the right thing stop the oil pipe line that's all you got to do Scottie Scanlon You are the ones causing the distress! What should really bother you is that you are an oil corporation's shill. Katheryn Ganene Culver Protect and serve Carissa Cassone Gallagher Wow... he is completely missing the point. They "rescued" the flag? Give me a freaking break!!!! You should be worried about your fellow humans and the planet you live on. How does this guy have a badge? Julie Snow Save the water Michael DèJay Poland Sorry but I think you should retire and take the rest of your staff who is working for big oil with you bc at this point it's pretty clear to the whole world you are no longer police but acting as armed security and military for a oil company I respect police and have friends who are police but at this point be real your mercenaries not cops Teresa Yager This is a state of dire distress. Stand down from the water protectors. Kim Zappulla Nonsense. What a blowhard this guy is. Let's talk about what you did to peaceful water protectors. Schuyler Falkena You hosed people in -32degree weather. Your right to talk about the Constitution is forfeit. Marti Reid Morton County Sheriff and all who are aiding you, YOU DISAPPOINT ME!! You no longer stand for justice! YOU ARE HIRED THUGS! STOP SUPPORTING OIL! You should protect PEOPLE! Jake Jones Talks about the great freedom of speech, doesn't see the irony of violently attacking nonviolent Americans using free speech. Jordan Boe Respect and wishing you safety. Nathaniel Guttenberg Yuck. I get you "have a job to do" but why js the job is more important than possessing basic human ethics and morals?! It's frikin piece if cloth btw but good job sherrif, you're a big boy now! Josie Green You are the only one disrespecting the country. People have the right to protest and by giving them that right they are obviously going to start doing stupid stuff, but I hope they understand that they are not laughing about the flag. They are laughin...See More Heather Alexander Like JFK JR said conduct a Cost and Benefits investigation on the pipeline and see how much this pipeline is going to cost the American people and then look into who is going to BENEFIT off of the pipeline. And guess what people this oil is NOT even st...See More Bren Dan Garbage Tami Santos There is EXTREME DANGER to our water protectors by Morton County goons!!! Jay Bear To Dear North Dakotans,...See More Josie Green I also hope you know that flying the flag upside down is a signal of distress, i.e. Loss of life or damage to property. Your cowardly gang is threatening the life of these people, you have blown someone's arm of. Maybe that's one reason for that upsid...See More Carrie Moran McCleary Why has this situation turned into a me me me look at me all bout the sheriffs office deal; again. News flash- it ain't about you. Wes Singer Distress! You'll only come down and beat them. Laughing? Y'all calling us dirty Indians. So how much you getting paid? CedarBough T Saeji Right-- it's a signal of distress. And you should be HELPING THEM, not the flag! Try standing up for people's rights instead! Taylor Em Diver I wonder if they know that this entire video contradicts the title of their "series". "Know the Truth" yet this is an opinion piece... 🤔🤔🤔 Tina Allard It doesn't bother you that we will have no clean water???? It's ok to have to buy ALL water from Nestle? If you are against Standing Rock you are against Mother Earth 😡 Grassroots Green Energy San Diego #NoDAPL Carla Conway Fleury Depends on which side of the barricades you're standing on.... the people who are for DAPL try Standing on water protectors side of the barricades, and feel their distress ..... maybe you might think twice about supporting the pipeline.... just saying.... think about James C. Miles Hmmmm... Gitksan Man a kkkountry without morals and creed destroying humanity is the problem in the few centuries. lie all you want it shows your inadequacy. James C. Miles There is one simple rule. Respect Mother Earth. Brian Butler I've got some fracking water for you to drink if you don't know what distressed is , you will after you taste it . Ernie Bennett Ohhh , Booo Booo !!!! Lisa Joubier You are a embarrasement for the image of Us ...World wide know your face(tv) yes you are famous ... not in a good way ... Ermine Greg #NODPL #mortoncountysheriffsdepartment Committed crimes against the people what you think your in another country Jill Poisson A Vet, you know a real solider, has his flag at distress because of the Mor(t)on Sheriff's Department violating the constitution daily and serving as a Oil Company's terrorist army at the expense of tax payers. Marcus Wright "Just doing their jobs..." ;) love and light be with y'all, the whole world is watching. Nate Colman You dare treat a flag with more respect than humans.. your children's children risk and a flag is.more important .. just sick Nicole Jay Gimme a frickin break.. going on about respect and one nation and freedoms when those peaceful protestors are being treated worse than animals. When you're done bowing down to the government and the big oil companies, I hope you enjoy a nice tall glass of sludge water they'd make for you. Candace Moore Does it bother you that instead of protecting your people and land you are protecting oil money? Andrew Ramirez Jr. #NoDAPL Chris Sutherland “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.” ― Theodore Roosevelt James C. Miles <3 Right friggin' on sister!!! Chris Sutherland “The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first and love of soft living and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” ― Theodore Roosevelt Chris Sutherland “Our true nationality is mankind.” ― H.G. Wells Chris Sutherland “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious” ― Oscar Wilde Brad Lusk They need a safe place. Chris Sutherland “Nationalism is an infantile thing. It is the measles of mankind.” ― Albert Einstein Chris Sutherland “National identity is the last bastion of the dispossessed. But the meaning of identity is now based on hatred, on hatred for those who are not the same.” ― Umberto Eco Sheila R. Jacobs Have you listened to your own words? Tonya Marsey Hypocrite!! Pray for his soul Siempre Luchando The cheap logic of treating a piece of fabric with ink, better than the earth, and,...See More Ben Haats All of the Mortons county sheriffs office should he jailed for their crimes against us citizens. You are not allowed to do what you are doing just because you have a badge. You all deserve to be sentenced to jail time for the water cannons blocking freedom of speech and stop all the freedom of press. You are bought out by an oil company and this will not be stood for. You ALL should be in jail. Melissa Monarch They need to try water cannons for six hours vs snowball. 🤓 They might enjoy that more? Patty Evans Know This Truth, please:. You speak of looking down on them from the hill and feeling disrespected because they're flying the flag in a way you don't approve of, but you concede they have the right to. ...See More David J Lewis This nation IS in distress! You're engaging in an ILLEGAL activity, in violation of the 1851 Sioux Indian/Ft. Laramie treaty. The ones who are instigating violence & breaking the law is DAPL & the enforcement agencies who are allowing the atrocities against Native Americans. #HonorTheTreaty #NoDAPL April Lunsford-Evans Sending love and prayers. My son fought for you to have the freedom to speak as you choose. I'm insulted seeing you assault people praying and trying to save our water. I think it is distressed when you tell your men to shoot water in freezing cold weather. That is putting people's lives in danger. Disgraceful. I want my grandchildren to have clean drinking water. Not another Flint Michigan. Mary Rafferty-Clark Why did you officers go OVER the barrier to get the flag? To Provoke more prayers? To provoke more drumming so you can hurt these people trying to save what is theirs? Their buried people deserve rest! The drilling better not have started, that would be a huge violation correct? Barbara Sabbath Words, empty words....... Rey Na you guys are helping destroy property (water) and you guys are helping destroy life by helping destroy water. our main life source WATER!! they rightfully flew that flag upside down ' Joey Ela Native Americans have been fine since before the united states was formed. We have even been fine pre columbus. These racist bias genocidal people never seem to get it right. Taking that crap flag like that is stealing from the Native Americans like th...See More Mariah Cuch Answer the call and stop harming property and people!!!!!!! NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE! Today look at the Veterans who sacrificed for the flag, they are there because YOU do not honor your oath or the flag which represents freedom. Troy Dubé i'm with dakota police and see this symbol usually means humans are in distress, but clearly the aboriginals aren't in distress so we with the police are gonna say this isn't a sign of distress. because these people are aboriginal that is why the symbol no longer means distress. Chewy Solo It bothers you because you know your doing wrong to people and violating their rights!! Tracy Dawn Get over yourself!! Rachelle Lapensee So.... You do not honor the Constitution or, the treaties, or basic Human rights, but you honor the very fabric that represents what you have failed to honor? Yes... Yes that makes perfect sense... Keep trying to trigger people to hate the ones who...See More Tracy Dawn Practice what you preach... Just because you can doesn't mean you should!!!! Get a heart and a brain!! Robinson Fingarsen You find people calling for help, offensive? They find getting shot offensive. RockShell Peters You are illegally occupying TREATY LAND!! You are the oppressors. You are the ones perpetuating violence. Video tells all, which is why you are attempting to control it. The US knows. Garry Lucyfer Wynn Theft is theft, the flag wasn't your property to take Lynette Glatt Way to go Morton County Sheriff's Department! So very proud of all you have done and continue to do! This was a nice video. JP Mitten You guys wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the head. These Gestapo still believe in the Easter Bunny. Susie Ferrell Roberts Try as you may Morton County you can't make a case for denying anyone their RIGHT to decide iwhat constitutes extreme danger..Go back to your history books... the flag represents the American PEOPLE..they are the deciders. Cassandra Mathis Corporations and flags are what really matter huh? Marge Miller Thefts Mary Lee Nielson The most interesting thing I find about about this piece is to go through the comments and see where everyone is from. Alonzo Betty Are we suppose to jump up and down with joy??? Oh look! He saved the day! Steve Shales Poor little snowflake had his feelings hurt when the flag was upside down awww Marie-Anntonette Berthelot You forgot the vet that hung it upside down us in distress butt heads. Ruth Tindall No projection going on there then. Gilly E Morris What a total imbecile this guy is !!!! Someone tell him there is no such thing as a former marine, idiot !!! It does show the piss poor emotional intelligence of these billy bob types to allow themselves to be angered by someone else's right to display the flag as a distress sign !! Karen Hansen You rescued a flag? No disrespect but you should be standing up for the people you swore to protect and serve, NOT A CORPORATION. Period, my opinion. My son fought for the rights of all U.S. Citizens not a corporation. Didn't see the Bizmarck folks hav...See More Allen Olesen The flag in upside down because you cited with the enemy and not mother earth! Are side is not for money but the next 7 generations! Clayton Claw What an idiot Shann Tryon Are you also proud of your inhumane mistreatment of the people at the Oceti Sakowin camp? Truthfully, the pride you feel is nothing next to your deplorable actions. Emily Stevens Oh, seeing the flag upside-down "bothers" you, does it? It hurts your precious little feelings, huh? I guess that's more important than all the actual BODILY harm you're inflicting on people who just don't want to see their lands destroyed and main sources of water irreversibly polluted. But carry on about how they've offended you via symbolic protest. Tom Pugh So this guy uses the word respect in relation to a flag umpteen times...yet not once does he use the word respect to describe the humans who are asking for the land, our mother, to be respected. Allen Olesen People! before flags! Shelley Dawn Deckard The world has been watching so we don't want to hear a word you have to say sheriff you are a fake paid off with dirty money Barbara Lopez Your Very being is not behaving like a human being and disrespecting all protectors. Shelley Dawn Deckard You say the upside down flag bothers you well guess what bothers us open your eyes when you are drinking oil instead of water you will understand why that flag is upside down Edwin Bomgardner Cops take personal property without a warrant. Trespass on private property without a warrant. Drag the flag on the ground then toss it in the boat. Real respectful. Davina Luna Bear The irony... Miguel Kobanakan Quinones If that bothered you go home Darrell Black Release more video.the so called law enforcement has video since day one 24/7. Gabrielle Goodsell Oh please. Spare me the lesson Morton county. The world is watching. No one knows sacrifice and pain more that our native nations. Peggy McIntyre Buentello They disrespect people like him. Cait Bridgeman DISTRESS!!! Get it? Peggy McIntyre Buentello Thievery Peggy Brucker Thank you for rescuing a piece of cloth! I am sure that cloth's constitutional rights are now protected! Putting a piece of cloth before human life is Sociopathic. Doc Wilkerson I'd say the nation is in distress and that is why they hung the flag upside down. But gotta save that flag, y'all! Paul Martinez What an idiot. Clueless. Susanne David Castro Let's not disrespect the flag, but tramping on people's human rights lol. That is what is wrong in America. People take more pride in a symbol than what it actually represents and stands for. Makes no sense. Meggan Wood You are all cowards. Aly Krystkowiak Daaaarrrrr. What an ignorant bubble you live in... Nicole Pacino What's his point? Haha Lorinda Myers So you're theives too? Awesome. Maureen Hogan Stealing is wrong! Add that to the list of unlawful things mcpd has done. Thanks for the video though. Leo Flores This is probably the most egregious video of them all. The hypocrisy of your words is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Mindy Miller - Cordell The truth is you are all COWARDS! Anne Varberg 1. Someone that easily taunted does not belong in law enforcement. 2. Yes, they have the right to use the flag in protest. Free speech is higher law than the flag code. Anyone who doesn't understand simple hierarchy of law doesn't belong in law enforc...See More Saul Serna Cowards Lisa Shortbull I can understand how you feel. But there is a lot not being recognized on a daily basis by Morton County which causes more damage than being visually helpful such as filming this video. I am an American and very proud of that. Both my parents were WW I...See More Marianne Dell You're being taunted and bothered while standing up on Turtle Hill looking down on these people? How ironic! Elaine Bishop He is correct the flag should NOT be upside down unless the United States 🇺🇸 is in distress!! Brock Sampson "Danger to property" you said it. Looks like they were flying the flag correctly. Teri Wilke They just violated freedom of speech this is the law. This flag was sending a distress call, totally appropriate for this situation. They trespass and steal too. Read law books olivia then you wouldnt look so illiterate. Anthony Hernandez Hypocrisy at it's finest. Jen Mallarapu #mortoncountyterrorists at it again Victor J. Rodriguez Morton County police are acting as terrorist Ryan Russek Maybe it's upside down because of your upside down way of treating these people. Terri Harper Oh my. There is National Footage already on this matter, and a number of them wearing/hanging like this are our Veterans. So do some more research in what it actually means when worn by a Veteran in this manner. Tiffany Sickler Really? What do you (Morton County) defend and uphold?!!! Not human rights or justice, that's for sure. Sandy Glendale He really is clueless. He doesn't know the whole world sees why the flag is upside down. The Vets say n responded to protect unarmed Water Protectors being, Maced, shot at, hit with batons, by his bullies, David W Honey Sr. This cope is A trained monkey Brian Snider Let us not forget that the indigenous people are the first Americans! They and this land are deserve and are owed so much, not this! Honor your oath to uphold the constitution! Stop protecting corporate interests! White dominated, kkk infiltrated, "police", have no place in this world! Connie Edberg Applause please Pat Poole Its everyone's flag and we agree with distress, but thanks so much for using tax payers money for the rescue. I guess you will get it one day. Please get it. The citizens of this country have spoken and we are with the people at Standing Rock. Joshua Boris Its only bothered you all because you all know you are in the wrong, you are the reasons for these flags being inverted, you are the only disrespect shown to these flags and this country and you should all be ashamed for the dishonor you have shown to ...See More Nancy Compton Brown You are cowards for what your doing to our people - your people - they are protecting the water and no doubt the very same water you will drink!!! I come from LEO family and I am ASHAMED of Morton Co! You are a disrespect to the badge - a badge of honor Matt Mauldin I don't agree with flying the flag upside down but it seems strange that Morton County Sheriffs Dept. is putting out a video like this to try and sway public perception of the protestors. No disrespect to them but their job is to keep the peace and make sure laws aren't being broken, not publicly judging people that aren't breaking any laws. Both sides are being very disrespectful/unprofessional in my opinion. Alexander Nemo "Universal sign of distress." My, someone has an over inflated sense of importance. Kenneth Rocheleau Morton County Sheriff's Department, you do realize that the US Flag Code is unconstitutional and unenforceable, right? As law enforcement you should know this. Debbie Fontaine "Extreme danger to life or property, freedom of speech"! They are speaking at Standing Rock, they are yelling and the government is doing everything it can to shut them up...DISTRESS. A potential pipeline leak in their water source is life threatenin...See More Evie Monroe Shoot and spray that flag too...hahahahs Rebecca Nonya All while your standing on their graves? Wow 😷 Jacqueline Rubie You are not trying to help them! Leave their land! It's not yours! YOU DISRESPECT US ALL K.R. Williams Sophia Wilanski certainly wouldn't agree. Matt Florence Rae Gielau this is wrong and I see both are in the wrong but the flag means a lot to America and the Indians should respect it Ryan Mowat that flag represents the colonists that murdered there ancestors and is now destroying there sacred sites, clean water, and the right to have healthy children. Jax Meyers #flagsoverpeople Robert Claborn Millennial crybabys, grow up, get jobs. You are a burden on society and whoever supports you. You're deadbeats. You're all embarrassing yourselves. David Cummer Well, now I can sleep at night... Adi Sattva They blowing the flesh off people with GRENADES and talking about a mere symbol needing to be "saved". That is seriously so white people colonialism right there. And I guarantee you they have no idea the depth of privilege and tyranny this focus demonstrates. Randy Roache haha Christina Billsie No way!!!! Susan McKay So that makes you feel like big boys now? Somehow that act sounds like something a bunch of self-righteous juveniles would be proud of. It does not send a message that knowledgeable, responsible adults were involved. Carola Polakov Freedom and respect? That piece of cloth, albeit a symbol, deserves more respect than The People that are trying to preserve their most essential right to not be poisoned? Vida Casas You honor and protect the flag, but you do this to people who defend the land and water (which happen to be kind of importantt) How is this justifiable? In what universe is this justifiable? Where do you come from? Nov 20 Police use Percussion Grenades Lori Bailey Schimke they are* Gwen Tallent Blackwell Would like him 2 hand in his badge or better yet b stripped of his badge & duties & fired. Nothing less! Lori Bailey Schimke YOU SHOULD ALL BE VERY VERY ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Shell Nelson Liar, Thief, FRAUD, Evil Vile Man! You don't really care about anything except SMEAR TACTICS and TRYING TO MAKE YOUR ACTIONS JUSTIFIABLE! THEY ARE NOT! YOU ARE AMERICAS DISTRESS!!! YOU BIGOTED LIAR OF A MAN! Jon Earp so u admit you're not only a loud mouth, u r a thief as well, not only did u take personal property that didn't belong to u, u coerced those around u to take part in stealing personal property Carol Tuplin Lying racist POS Susan Isabel Paul So protect the flag but not the water ? Ok Raychale Annamay They should be flying it upside down, they are under attack! Johnny Deardorff I would be ashamed and move from gun thug county, leave that county abandon their crap move elsewhere where you have real law enforcement Bandy Britt Joshua This is just wrong. WTF Bat Man? John Wetsit Buck Turcotte Michael Daszczuk You're proud of stealing something? Morton County Sheriff's department breaks the law...yet again! Chuck Obina You have honored nobody. You bullied, harassed and discriminated against Americans. Your job as police is to protect and serve, we the people. Dinah Leffert You are nothing more than mercenaries for Kelsea Warren. You have been paid by this oil company and the evidence is mounting. You live in another time where you used to get away with racism and oppression. Not this time. You won't get away with it. The world is watching... Karin Beverage Glad you documented it all so that it can be used as evidence of your further lawlessness! Maureen Hope Wall We should all be flying the flag upside down Esther Robin Fuavai disrespect are you f***ing kidding me. while you men are hurting water protectors your disrespected get out of here with that b.s. Gene Paul Krivchenia Hahaha Really reaching for validation. Michael Easton Well done sir Ray Larsen Does no one work anymore? Where do people get all this time to protest everything under the sun? Christine Gatlin The flag being flown upside down has been used by AIM since the '60s. It has been used as a symbol of distress by more than just the military. I would say being treated inhumanely is certainly distressful so not sure what you are "saving" the flag from. The protectors remain peaceful in the face of your unethical and inhuman treatment. Please don't hide behind a symbol, only you are responsible for your actions. Boss Godfrey I think you are sworn to uphold the law... what about that part?!?! POS!!! Lindsey Sutton They are flying it that way as yes a sign of distress but not to you, its to the rest of the world to help protect them from YOU! You are being bullies and accepting your paychecks every day for doing a job I believe you know in your heart of hearts is WRONG! I pray for you. Lindsey Sutton Also you are not protecting the constitution, you are all protecting your paychecks. Fran Crane No! They ARE in distress as their water supply is threatened! Michael Gonzales You thugs are the biggest crybabies in the world. Doug Gulley You who speak with the forked tongue, can you hear yourself? Lindsey Sutton Apparently a flag gets more respect than a human being fighting for your right to clean water. Fran Crane Get your values straight. Fran Crane The flag represents the entire country. Theresa Brown Wow really... Look in the mirror and you will see the real criminals!!!!! Angela Ewen This is huperbole Michael Begay Just another lie for their followers (sheeple) to feast on. Beth Gipson That FLAG is Inverted for a reason! Your the REASON! Melissa Penrose-Percherke What are you doing? That you taped this & put it on your media is very childish. I'm so insulted by you. Jean Bereti So anything they do ie: walk on the bridge or try to go to the places that are sacred you see as taunting but it's ok for you to take a boat (not a vandalized canoe) go to their camp and steal something from them because you don't like it. You don't th...See More Valerie Lambright The only lack of respect comes from the sheriff's department.....sounds more like the only thing you suffer from is hurt feelings while you continue to inflict physical damage on the protectors. We are watching from around the world and are cheering on the protectors......water IS life! Joanne Benner They are in distress...from the actions of law enforcement and corporate greed who threaten their very existence. #WaterIsLife McKay Christina What a crock. I've worked in the Security and Law Enforcement sector for 17 years. This is NOT a show of disrespect--our Native brothers and sisters ARE in distress and DO need help! William Shepherd Keep hiding behind your badges cowards Tilda Willie Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Karma will come back at you. Everything goes in a circle Adam Badlotto Wow this video shows just how incompetent and ignorant your police department is. The constitution protects our right to hang the flag upside down or burn it if we please. You have no right to steal someone's property. You just broke the law yourself. Maybe you should be more worried how you are treating American citizens rather than a piece of clothe! Colleen McGrath You couldn't speak the truth, especially wearing your uniform, because you would be fired!!! What, You guys getting tired!!! Getting flack over the overtime! Larry A Melton This Veteran is proud of you Sheriff! God Bless and keep all of you safe! Vonda Brandon I dont know why they even bother putting up another Facebook profile, no matter what theyre still acting like a bunch of asshles and putting it up on video. Every single video theyve put up only makes them look worse. Give it up Tonya Houston You stole their flag?! Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property Maia Duerr okay, so you're more bothered by a flag flying upside down than you are by the threat to water and land that this pipeline presents for everyone, including you are your families? your allegiance is clearly to the corporations you are trying to protect, not to any values truly associated with the flag. Willie Humphries This slave petrol is a beast. Tonia Moya The Morton County Sheriff's Dept must be removed!! The individuals responsible are not above the law and must be prosecuted. Crimes against humanity. Corruption to the highest degree!! Yes there is a state of emergency at Standing Rock and the source is Morton County law enforcement who are agents of Energy Transfer Partners and who are an enemy and danger to American citizens. The world is watching! Mike Wescott The very symbol that killed millions of native Americans aye. The very symbol that doesn't honor treatys Robert Emberson They don't feel the same as the natives apparently, when the water is threatened all life is threatened and the U.S. gov. Who was hired to protect are standing bye and siding agaunst its people its time to turn the flag to distressed hopefully someone who understands reality wull fix it, Stop the dapl Eli Karoline Kvendseth As you are attached to this pierce of cloth, so these people have been attached to the LAND for thousands of years. Richard Lazore Burn that flag !!!:) Casey Hall It should be upside down! There is threat to life! It's you! You are the threat! #NoDAPL LeAnne Klein That is very moving Sharon Redhorn-Chamberlain The sign of distress is for the water! Don't be an idiot, while you stand there in full on riot gear hiding behind a badge protecting a pipeline, oil, big corporation money. You make yourself look stupid after everything you've done, and NOW try and pl...See More Doug Jr Johnson It funny how Americans have this so called patriotic attitude yet they seem to not fully comprehend or completely ignore their own amendments and constitution. Only when it best suits them do they listen. If it truly represents your government and all ...See More Raine Nez The people that are putting up the distress signal are the one who selfleslly gave up family and their lives to let you disrespect their valor. You guys are embarrassing to that badge Rosanne Lucas Higgins How very childish. Missy Thomas Garrison This moves you? NOT EVERYTHING THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROUGH! GL Harrison You're toxic. I, me, my, no one else but you. If you are going to make a report of truth you might want to rethink the world evolving around you. One side is never the truth. Tastee Southern Cuisine They show us what they want us to see...Excuse me...Show all the footage where ppl were shoved and pushed around...u got me mixed up with a dead log...We are alert and aware of everything u guys are doing...Its cold out there...Leave those women babies and children alone!!!! If u can't help them. Don't hurt them...As u just said...that's not what America stands for... What else can u take from the Indians...? Nichole Estrada Winfield The Morton County Sheriff's Department are paid by the public to protect the PEOPLE NOT PRIVATE BUSINESS INTERESTS! Enjoy that Off Duty OT Blood Money Slave. Pelon Sanchez Haven't heard anything this stupid since I knew Kanye and Kim, you sir are a real idiot. Claire Partington Watching Morton County Police Department hypocrisy from Melbourne Australia . Jeremy Leonard This says the Sheriff who blasted peaceful people with water in below freezing temperature. This from a department that blew a woman's arm off with a percussion grenade. Arun Hiralall I guess a useless piece of cloth is more important than the health and safety of human life. Lol this country is doomed, the government officially owns and has mind control over more than half the country Luna Davis I don't think the word truth means what you think it means...the word you should be using instead is Spin. Nick Pokorzynski Sam Pap lmao Julius Born I hope you realize before we that flag the Natives ran this land. So your flag laws and whatever are meaningless. Sean Baumann You bother us!! Julius Born Go back to eating sheriff. Lee Lorenzo Lynch "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" give me break... who does this sheriff think he is my dad? Magi Disher Leone You stole their flag. Give it back. Cheryl Sievers-Cail Maybe a good read about what that flag represents is in order for Morton County Sheriff's Department. John Locke was instrumental in the forming of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Sean Holt Flag made in China.. Donald J Vickers Loud mouth puppet of the Government. Marlana Francis It's funny how they twist words to give a perception of righteousness.. they don't mean any of it! I watched the night they attacked demonstrators with water commons and heard blood chilling screams for hours and hours, in tears, aghast and helpless t...See More Margaret Villanueva Dire distress ... like having water sprayed on people including elders with temperatures in the 20s. That is life-threatening! Tootie Shafer Bingham Peters If he so knowledgeable of why though why was flying upside down can he understand that the people in distress they just want protection of having an inheritance of fresh water .safety and help. It was a signal where is his heart for the people Ray Maine And yet the "law" will standby and watch people walk on them and burn them,, Cannot do one and let other desecrations to occur, Trea Newsome "THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE Title 4, Chapter 1 states the US Flag should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property. It would be quite the stretch to make an argument that any type of political purpose would constit...See More Tamara Kay White Buffalo Isn't that stealing? Freddie Meeseewaypetung Standing around on sacred gravesites we talking about disrespect you guys are disrespecting when you guys are standing around and and sisters land or gravesite Craig Henry It looked like you let that flag touch the ground. It wasn't handled with as much care as you claim. Helen Kotsonis Good 😊 Freddie Meeseewaypetung What flag is just a piece of rag doesn't mean s*** to me Jessica Goodale Brown Veterans don't support rioting. If you think the government is against you lay down the pharmaceuticals or alcohol for awhile. I don't see them using grenades, pepper spray and any of the other garbage you speak of while retrieving this flag they are just doing there job so get a life Monica Vaughan This is so unprofessional. How dare you ascribe meaning to the protestors actions. How dare you interrupt their rights to freedom of speech. And how dare you foster an "us versus them" mentality. JL Robbins Question to the man speaking: "Was the guy standing in front of the boat, standing with a loaded weapon?" If so, that's a hostile take over of that flag; not a peaceful resolution whatsoever. You may be a Sheriff, have served in military; but you sur...See More Patrick Colgan So how do I file charges on you for stealing some one else's property? Jen Malcom Should have left it until the targeting of cops finally ends. To me, that is a nation in distress! Dana Behr Does this butt head spew spittle when he attempts to communicate? Pauline Gadwa As a native from Canada they shouldn't fly the flag upside down. However I support them all the way but they shouldn't do that to the flag. They should have respect for the flag and respect for themselves. Jen Kearnes Is he for real.. can he get anymore meaningless.. Liar is all I have to say.. his justification for all his miss treatment of peaceful protectors.. Tootie Shafer Bingham Peters Obviously he knows the meaning of why the flag is flying upside down. In distress of people, a message. don't care about freshwater and protecting their own land of the sacred burial grounds. Normally we don't build even on our grave yards. Building ...See More Peter Martin symbols do not give rights or powers. but hey you saved a flag right! lol truth is not here.ignorance however is abound. Dee Angelo Dawson boohoo omuh flag April Williams His words come from his butt, Charlie Skultka The whole world is watching ! Alicia Devries you guys are so disrespectful and awful people you law enforcement should be ashamed of yourselves for what u have done Susan Feller You wrap yourself in the flag, but you act like the Gestapo. Actions speak louder than words and your actions are screaming that you are racist, untrained buffoons out to create as much damage to unarmed people as you can. The world is watching. Neily Messerschmidt It's a sign of distress well they are in distress and you are not upholding your oath as that sign should mean stop what your doing and defend those in distress your causing this distress by standing for corporate oil over human rights . Cindi McCarty Smith There are many veterans there. They have that RIGHT!!! Susan Feller You don't seem to have a sense of priority. You wasted precious tax-payer resources to make a stupid point. Kaylene Erlenbusch Why all this hateful name calling? Are we really that full of hate? Wrong has been done by both sides. Maritza Feliciano-Potter It's deplorable how your agency twists facts & uses propoganda tactics to distort the truth & downplay the horrendous treatmemt of people who are defrnding even Your rights to clean water! Cowardice is all I see in your actions. Bailey Roberts There flying it as a signal of legitimate protest against the blatant disrespect and disregard shown to their tribes and the treaties regarding their land. They're not just fighting for themselves either, they're fighting to protect a water source that millions of people rely on. Kieran Conroy Stealing someone's flag because you don't agree with the distress your officers are inflicting on them is petty and unjust. Faith Addicott The Earth us in dire distress. These peoples future is in dire distress. Their water is in dire distress. Lisa Diamond Prayers on Eagle's wings for a spiritual and moral awakening! Maureen Lasher Why are u so worried about a flag that is being flown legally and properly, signaling distress? U seem very proud of yourself for "rescuing" the flag, but what about the people it stands for? ONE NATION! Marcy Sparkles My blood is boiling! I have limitless respect for those in Standing Rock with the fortitude to remain non-violent. Justin Balen Bothers your whiteness Wellington Hamilton Lemmer Some how I don't believe the Sheriff really has the first people and their supporters well being at heart. Do your petty BS after the vets arrive better still attack, them and really get bad press David Penrose Jr Shows the double standard in this country. They'd never touch that flag if being held by anyone else. Rick Todisco The murderous mercenaries of the amerikkkan slave government it seems are also thieves. That flag was being flown in distress as a freedom of speach protected under the constitution and the bill of rights, each and every one of those slave mercenaries should be charged with misdemeanor theft and made to return or replace it. Lisa Kortan North Korea Parrish' Tapia Rhoda Do you guys even read these comments Kieran Conroy It should be noted at least some of the upside down flags were carried and posted by Veterans, keeping their oaths to aid Americans in distress. Expect to see more this week as they peacefully deploy en-mass! Joy Scudder Taunted by a flag? Native Americans at Standing Rock deserve respect for protecting the water rights of our country. Marlene Kelly Take your own advice!! "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". Lisa Kortan Iko, iko! Lol Karla Dickman It is displayed properly... upside down. There is extreme danger to lives and property. Michi Truong You are not hired to judge. if you are willing to trample human rights because of your views about how things should be instead of what the law says... you should NOT BE WORKING IN LAW ENFORCEMENT as well as the people that think like you. Because of ...See More Robert Isbell Steve Braman Angela Koch Ding dong, is anybody home? The flag is being flown upside down by Veterans who have served their nation to protect peaceful people from the likes of bullies like YOU....have a heart and stop pandering to the oil's putting peoples lives in danger, hence the upside down flag Melody Wright It's not for you.... It's for Obama to stop DAPL.. G YOU GUYS FORGET SO FAST Kerry Burch Soooo... you stole property that does not belong to you? I am so confused... Steven Kirk Go mace your self!!! Marie EshkibokTrudeau Sheriff, your doing the same thing. You are causing distress amongst a people, red, white, black & the yellow people. Just listen to yourself. your a lost soul. Linda Cedillo I don't understand how you can say there was no distress when a woman loses an arm, people are being sprayed with water at 40° below weather, percussion bombs are being thrown, people are getting 4th degree burns from being maced and pepper sprayed. An...See More Carlene We Peltier Yawn Michelle M Molden Ascheman Thank you Morton Co for upholding Old Glory John Smith he just admitted to condoning theft Kieran Conroy If Russians occupied America, and began taking our resources, land and water I suspect a whole lot of white people would express "distress." Why should Native Americans, who serve in our military in greater numbers than any other race be shamed when it happens to their homelands yet again? Debbie Beatrice Henderson You Sheriffs need to go & side with the WATER PROTECTORS!!!! YOU NEED TO PROTECT THE WATER because if you don't there will be no USA!!!! Debbie Beatrice Henderson You you cops helping the oil company are hypocrites... Clint Anderson Do you realize that you have just admitted to the world that you committed theft? All the while professing how much you honor your oath, the Constitution and the law. Unbelievable! This officer or whichever officer stole the flag(s) needs to be prosecuted. This is blatant theft. You are now a law breaker and an oath breaker rather than law enforcement or an oath defender. You should be ashamed of yourself. Sonja Silver You are paid by us to protect and serve. Disgraceful that you are abusing brave first Americans to protect big oil. You will be exposed for the cowards that you are. Jennifer Bunn-Limon They are the distress! You can't go down there to help? But you can go down there to steal a flag? This is the most childish thing I have seen! Please stop taking everything so personal! It's not about you! It's a cry out to the America people! How do you think your actions are going to go down in the history books? Sheriff of Nottingham? Robert Morgan Why the veterans waited so long. Tom Corinne Baker Too bad if it bothers you, the sheriffs are a bother to people who only want clean water. Quite whining this is how the Lakota people feel about the USA right now and I don't think any one blames them you are oppressing and abusing them , using excessive force in the name of the law. Johna Kaycee the upside down flag stands as a reminder of the constitution that you break. you are not welcome because you have committed treason against the american people you are sworn to defend while under tyrannical command. Tom Corinne Baker You are stealing ! That is theft and you use your badge as power to do this ? You are all an embarrassment to law enforcement as a whole. Quite puffing up your chest and looking for a fight. Go home and do something useful instead of bullying people Trista Crass A flag flown upside down also means "this country is garbage and needs to get right". How did officers not know that? #gobacktoschool Johna Kaycee maybe what really bothers you is your conscience and the upside down flag is a reminder of your sins Trista Crass Next up " Morton County responds to 'bullet hole' decals and pirate flags? Lulu Potts You stole a flag? Good job, idiots. Dan de Lion Where is any video evidence of any violence by protestors used against you? Duh :) Nadine Honwytewa Espinoza SMH Really!! The Nation is in DISTRESS , n ur making that possible n you sit there n complain. OPEN UR EYES WE HUMAN CANNOT DRINK OIL. Aaron Schneider Stick that flag so far up your behind Morton Co. Sheriff Mary Yoon It's a flag. Not an arm or an eye or a burial ground. Flags are replaceable and, in case it's escaped your attention up there in ND, this whole country is in dire straits. Nadine Honwytewa Espinoza 1975. Flag were flown upside to show our NATION UNDER DISTRESS. It means help not destroy!! Nadine Honwytewa Espinoza YOU CAN HELP BY BACKING OFF N NOT LETTING THE OIL PIPE GO THROUGH!! Arleta Lovern Definitely signs of distress-happening at the camp Craig Rutan Çuz blowing off arms and spraying people with a fire hose in 20* weather, and using tear gas (which is BANNED FROM USE IN WARFARE) is definitely a proper thing to do to anybody,and clearly causes no distress, dire or otherwise right? Ryan Blaschik Yeah by all means treat that flag with respect but treat the citizens like dirt. It completely makes senses when you put it that way. So glad you cleared that up for us. Andrea Reese All they protect is corporate greed! Lillie Kite Your voice and actions speak destruction and anger. You have no peace in your heart, do not spread this sickness that you have. Your eyes and mind are blinded by this sickness called HATE. Paul Novoa The stupidity of humans is amazing. Scott Wilburn Way to go, Deputy Dipshit!



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