Inter Crypto Pact <br> of Mutual Friendship and Support <br> <p> Preamble <br> In todays modern world technology is all around us, dev teams are in a race to bring their newest products and developments to the world. In this race, many times passions for ones project can lead to criticism of others work. This type of undue negativity is detrimental for the industry as a whole there for be it resolved that the signatories to this Pact hereby agree to enter into and abide by the following articles: <br> <p> Article 1 <br> Parties agree to recognize and respect the value of the work and time/effort placed in the creation and development of their respective projects and while we may have personal and/or political opinions of specific projects we agree to show due respect for the time and effort placed in it's development. <br> <p> Article 2 <br> In the spirit of mutual friendship all parties agree to treat each other in a friendly manner in any area whereby a negative statement could result in a reaction harmful to that projects market value price, attracting development talent and/or potential Investors or Investment Capital <br> <p> Article 3 <br> All parties agree to promote known truthful statements and advise one another in regards to suspicious and/or suspected criminal activity in regards to any other crypto entity, CDT, Cex, or crypto related service and refrain from promoting known FUD and undue negative statements without valid evidence of suspicious activity <p> Article 4 <br> All parties recognize the inherent fact that we are all individual parts of a greater whole and seek the greater development and protection of this emerging crypto technology industry in whatever facet it takes now and in the future. <br> <p> We sign this pact in a mutual spirit of goodwill and cooperation for the betterment of humankind and the disruption of systems detrimental to the aforementioned spirit


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