Dogecoin Moon Flyer by exosequitur, published Apr 26, 2014 Description: An easy to fly canard glider in dogecoin livery takes you to the moon in comfort and style! A spaceship themed glider that flies as good as it looks, the Moon Flyer is super stable in pitch due to its canard design. Pictured model was printed in blue from layer 3 on up. Plastic: ABS Layers: .2mm Fill: 25% Perimeters: 2 Solid Layers: 2 Orientation: (IMPORTANT!!!) first layer lengthwise (0 degrees to fuselage), altrenate by 90 degrees. A 45 degree (or non right angle) axis will cause asymetrical wing warping under load (WHICH IS BAD). Build Notes: Allow to cool before carefully removing from build platform. The wings are easily deformed during removal, and must be absoultely symmetrical for proper flight. Removal with a very thin plastic spatula (print one!) is preferred. Test fit and trim if necesary prior to final assembly with glue. Use a drop of CA (superglue) adhesive to glue the flat edge of the launch hook into the canopy, with the hook facing the long end of the canopy. Test fit the foreward stabilizer on the front fuselage. The bed (smooth)side should face up, and it should fit down into the fuselage, aligned by the guides on the stabilizer. When it fits correctly, use a drop of CA adhesive to hold it in place, while holding in in firmly (the angle of the stabilizer is critical). Insert the canopy/hook assembly in the slot. Once sure it fits correctly, secure it firmly down in place with a drop of CA glue. carefully trim aexcess material from rudder assembly and the slot in the bottom rear of the fuselage. Carefull slide (while flexing) the rudder assembly into place, making sure that the two locking tabs engage the fuselage. An optional drop of glue can be used when you are sure everything is firmly in place. Once everthing is in place, check again for symmetry and straightness, adjust as needed. Flight Notes: Launching is by hand or with a 1/8" (3.5mm) rubber band. Rubber band launch is reccomended for best results. Test and adjust by hand launching first. A slight elevator - up reflex is required for flight. This is built in to the angle of the foreward stabilizer (canard). To correct turning or spiraling, differential aileron bending is preferred. Carefully bend this in with finger pressure, but avoid creasing or excessive strain. A gradual test/adjust cycle is recommended.


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